Operations – A Career in Higher Education Means More

My name is Sarah Mulholland and I’m head
of school operations for the School of Engineering at the University of
Manchester. There’s a huge amount of variety in my role and no two days are the same. What I like best about my job is working with people, huge different variety of people from academic staff, researchers, students and professional services staff. It’s such a wide variety of different types of people and it makes my job very interesting. One of the projects I’m working on at the moment is
getting us prepared for our move to the Manchester Engineering Campus development. Just seeing the amount of investment and thought and energy going into something this exciting has been fantastic. I feel very privileged to be part of this. I have a fantastic team, we have lots of
different people from all over the world. Everybody’s different, everybody brings
something to the team and that’s what’s so wonderful about working in a big team,
everybody brings something different. I get a huge sense of purpose from working
at the University. It feels like you can actually make a difference,
working in this sector, from the fantastic research that you support to
just watching the students come in and achieve the best that they can be and go
on to do something fantastic, so yeah a huge sense of purpose. The university environment is very
supportive of work-life balance, flexible working. You have to work at maintaining
a good work-life balance, but the support is definitely there and that ethos is
definitely there. When you go into a career in higher education, you come in with the skills that you have but the university will develop you, you
know the teams will give you that support and that development you need to
increase your skill base and experience. I’ve been very fortunate and engaged with a huge amount of development over the years. I think a career in higher
education does mean more development, it means more opportunities, it has a real
purpose. You feel like you’re making a difference. It is a fantastic place to be.

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