Ok Tested Vs Delhi University | Do You Know These Full Forms?

(Because they have access to information now. Yeah, yeah. So they are smarter, but they’re also dumber.
I have a gut feeling that we will win. Who will win this quiz? Us! Of course us, dude. If we have to face Stephenians then
the game will be harder. Personal Identification Number. Something Something Number. Yeah. Personal or Permanent? Personal Information Number? Maybe it’s that. Personal Identifica– Oh f**– It could be that also. It’s Personal… There are three Biharis in here. Did none of you
prepare for UPSC? Do you think I would prepare for UPSC? Everything is either Personal or Permanent. But yeah, it is Personal Identification Number. Should we go with Personal Identification Number? Yeah. Let’s go with
Personal Identification Number.DLF– Who? The building group? Yeah. I dunno. I dunno. Don’t you think D is Delhi?
No. D is for Delhi? D is not Delhi. D can’t be Delhi. D can’t be Delhi. It’s not global.
– No, it’s not.
– That’s why– That’s why in NDTV, D is Delhi. He says it could be ‘Darbaari Lal.’ What is Darbaari Lal? There is a Darbaari Lal Foundation.
They have schools in Delhi. – It’s not land.
– Why would someone have ‘Land’ in their name?
Because it’s a– I know, but they don’t wanna say
that we have land. So clearly we dunno the answer. Development– Can we get lifelines or something? Darbaari Lal Foundation, or… Dahi aur Lababdaar Faluda, I guess. Fund? Is it Fund? No, it mustn’t be Fund, dude. No, but Fund would be like:
“Everyone, FUND this.” – Everyone funds it.
– Yeah. Developers of Land and Farms. Darbaari Lal Foundation. It’s very desi. Our true baniya answered this. Delhi… Land.. and… Finance. – Thank God.
– Ohh. – We would never have got this.
– Oh, we’re far away from it. I said Delhi– I said Delhi. Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK.
You win. F**k, man. – What the f**k is PVR?
_ Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality.
I dunno what it is. Private… Video or something. Video… I don’t know what the V & R is.
Public Virtual Reality. PVR! PVR Cinemas. Oh, PVR Cinemas. I KNOW THIS! PVR right? The movies… Priya… Patna via Ranchi. Roadshow something. Last one is Roadshow. Village Roadshow!We haven’t even gotten the answer. – That’s the right answer.
– Priya Village Roadshow. Yes. Public Video Repository.
Yeah, let’s go with that. Sounds very intellectual.
So we’ll go with that. Okay. Bro, what a show. I thought ‘Priya Gold Biscuits.’ Everyone says I don’t participate.
I do participate. I have a brain too. Killed it, bro. Kill. Security Exchange–
aw man, we’ve all studied this in school. SENSEX is… What are you doing? I know this. Okay, sorry. Something Something National Security Exchange. I know it’s Index. It ends at index. I guess. Yeah. SENSEX is Indian. SENSEX is Indian. SENSEX is Indian?
Yeah, meaning– Why are you confirming through me?
I’m a Science Student. No. I’m saying SENSEX… I failed Accounts three times
in college. Yeah, Stock & National Exchange Index. Securities & Equities of the National
Stock Exchange.I’ve been saying this all along. He’s laughing. Bast*rd. Sensitive Index. Goddamn it. Can I kick you?
He said Stock! At least I got Index. – Yeah.
– I knew that it was Index. F**k. WHAT THE F**K?! You’re a Commerce student, bro. I’m like what the f**k?! Equities, Stocks, Security.
Commerce Student. Graphic Imagery Something. – Graphic–
– OH, AAKANSHA! Graphic Interface… Face.
FACE! FACE!! – C’mon.
– Graphic Interface– Graphic is confirmed, right? Graphic Interface– Graphic Image. – Graphic Imagery…
– Dude, I did this for my NET. Even I did it for NET. First word is Graphic.
Graphic is proper, yeah. – For sure.
– I dunno the rest. The second one, I think, is image. I feel it somehow.
I dunno. Even I think it might be image.I dunno what the F is.
Graphic Indifference. Shut up. Yea– Graphic Image Format. Graphic Imagery Format or
Graphic Image Format. C’mon, we’ll get points for that, right? It is Image Format. What the f**k is wrong–
It is Image Format. Okay, Graphic Image Format.
I never thought I will
have to think about that. At least we’re getting paid for this.
They’re not. – Graph–
– Yeah, that’s true. (insensitive laughter) – Intermediate?
– Interchange Format. Okay.
Intermediate. I’m going to go to a party and say:
“Leave the greetings…” “What’s the full form of GIF?” “Tell me the full form of DLF.” You keep going to the DLF Promenade Ambience.
Now tell us the answer. I think it’s Information Module, yeah. Subscriber Information Module. It is not Systematic. But this–
(Casting a spell) It’s Microchip. It can be Microchip. Let’s lock it. We trust this guy. If you ask this to individual DU students,
they’ll all get it. If you put them in a group and ask,
they won’t get it. Is it Information or Identity? Subscriber Identify Module, I think. So I think we’ll change the I, like… sometime back. S & M are correct. But definitely Subscriber and Module. I don’t trust him with this. System Identification Microchip.
– This answer came from all of us.
We all contributed to it. System Identification Microchip. – Let’s go with–
– Identity. Subscriber Identity Module. Yeah, let’s go with that. If these DU guys are answering
these questions right, please send us their CVs. They’re not of any use,
but still send them. Our first article will be this.
“We Bet You Didn’t Know The Full-Forms of
These Things.” Anti-meridian and Prime Meridian. Anti Meridian, Post Meridian? – Yes.
– Haan. Or is it Prime Meridian? Sorry, Post Meridian. Not prime meridian. Anti-Meridian and Post-Meridian. Whatever he’s saying. Anti Meridian and Post Meridian. You’re talking about the lines, right? – Tropic of Cancer. All that right?
– Yeah. I’m sure. Shut up about this. – Okay, let’s go.
– Please. – We’ve been shut up
so let’s go with it. Good job!WHAT???!!! – We saved some respect.
– Not bad. – Not bad.
– Not bad. We have a rapid fire round! Yes! – 20 seconds. One question.
– Josh, 20 seconds. The 20 seconds will start
when the question ends. Universal Resource Language. Unique uhhh…something Location. Unique Registered Location? It’s Locator. Locator.
Universal Resource Locator. It’s Locator. Registry Location. Registry, are you sure? I dunno about Location. I’m just throwing out words right now! I dunno about Location.
Unique Registry– Is it Unique or Universal
Unique? It’s Unique. Universal Resource Locator. Yeah. That’s our answer, I think. Unique Registry Location.
What do we win? – What do we win?
– What will we get? Hampers! YouTube Views! Who is paying?! Because they’re into Academia and constantly thinking of those things… that’s why they must’ve
gotten the answers like that. Let’s do this quiz five years down the line
and then we’ll see. Akshay, don’t be a sour loser. That was very well done.
Congratulations, guys. Well done.
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