Ocean Mapping at the University of New Hampshire

[Music] There are lots of reasons that we should
care about mapping the bottom of the ocean. 75% of our planet is under the
water. So understanding those habitats is critical when we lay fiber optic cables, communication cables, safety and navigation, climate change. For thousands of years the only way was a hunk of lead at the end of the rope drop it down figure out how deep it is. Now suddenly, in a big fan across a swath of the seafloor
we can send hundreds of very very accurate little beams down and get
hundreds of measurements across a wide swath at one time. We were very fortunate
to be able to build a new vessel a 48 foot catamaran, purpose-built for
mapping. We now are evolving to the unmanned
platforms so we have the 15 foot diesel-powered autonomous vessel. We also
have a number of really neat facilities here in terms of acoustic test tanks and
wave tanks, even our autonomous vessel we can work on it in the shop, lift it in
the crane and put it into our big acoustic tank and actually do a lot of
testing right in the lab. We get students from all over the world really. They come from a range of backgrounds. They come from earth science backgrounds, from all
kinds of engineering backgrounds, computer science. That’s kind of what’s
fun about this place is that we can amalgamate people from many many
different backgrounds all focused on the single problem of ocean mapping, and it
is just absolutely exciting to explore because every time we explore the
unknown we discover new things

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