Niya | Graduate Spotlight | Valdosta State University

So, my name is Niya Daniels I am a senior
Criminal Justice major Aerospace Studies minor and I’m super excited that
December 14th I get to graduate from Valdosta State University.
So, I actually commission in the same day I graduate as a second lieutenant in
the world’s greatest air force and I’m a personnel officer, so basically I’ll be
helping the airmen get situated deployments, promotions, demotions, and
everything so I’ll be an officer in Air Force heading to Maxwell, Alabama. So, Ms.
Sophie, she’s an Air Force ROTC detachment she is our secretary but
she’s like our second mom here and she’s been a light of my life she taught me
that I could be resilient and that’s why I got it tattooed on me and I think
that’s something I I could take forever like those friendships those bonds and
everything they really supported me to get through this journey and I could- I’m
forever indebted I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve made here and there’s
people that support me. I’ve grown so much while I’ve been in college in
ROTC and other organizations community service and everything and just being
here has been really been a home away from home and I’ve made so many friends
friends that are gonna be in my wedding and I see in my future and they just support
me I support them and it’s just been overall great experience here for the
past four years.

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