100 Replies to “New DPD Recruit Resigns Days After Graduating”

  1. This is the new communist – islamist UN police force.

    Be careful aboriginal , French, English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, black people's of earth….

    These police are not here to serve you . They are here to profit on the crimewaves encouraged by forcing different races to violate eachothers cultures and demanding things (equality) that they have no right to.

    It's all fake .

    My advice to all races. Close your borders, require all Muslims to leave your countries…and arrest all communists…even if they are your friend. And fire all the police and army.
    And remove all politicians that are democratic and for open borders or associate with these.

    They are guilty of fundamental warcrimes against ALL races on earth.

    You can bet they are trying to confuse all of you; deceiving you by central banks and money scams.

  2. Please these people quit cause civilians are seen as the enemy and the police is for protecting the blue brotherhood not civilians

  3. Stop paying for the fucking illegals to be educated, housed & fed. Maybe you'd have enough money to make cops come to YOU!

  4. Always about getting that sweet govt job money and power socioapathy. In LA cops and first responders let a homeless guy drown as they watched from the banks during their union negotiations. FBI. Is corrupt law enforcement in total needs an overhaul

  5. Just make them sign a contract. They have to work for the city for 1-2 years and if they decide to leave they need to reimburse the tuition. Companies all across the country do this. Or go the army’s rout sign up for a tour of duty get trained for free and locked up if you desert

  6. Pay is a stupid argument. They know exactly what they will be getting paid when they leave. This is not difficult people. Does the military send people to boot camp and tech school only to allow them to up and leave when they siphoned all the training and education? Not a chance in hell. Military funded by tax payers. Police Academy funded by tax payers. I will let you put two and two together.

  7. So dumb, ppl quit the military right after being trained so why us this so surprising? It's a tough job and sometimes ppl don't understand that when they sign up.


  9. Sounds kinda nuts to not have totally independent training facilities that the students pay to learn, like everyone else.
    At least put them in a binding contract, like the Army, that if they pass the training at a certain level, they would have to complete 4 or 5 year contract in the workplace. If not they need to be financially responsible to the taxpayer. 🤔

  10. Tell you what you need to do. Make the recruits pay their own tuition. Trade school students who take 2 year courses have to pay theirs…in most cases. The smaller municipalities can pay more because they know Dallas will pay for their students and there is no precedent keeping the students with Dallas. There certainly are legal means of requiring students to remain with Dallas at least for 4 years like the military does for students they finance trade school and college for. Every other profession pays for their tuition. Vets, truckers, welders, electricians, draftsmen. Even barbers and hairdressers have to certify themselves to get work in their field . Why should firefighters and police officers be any different? There is no shortage of sociopaths out there aching to get a gun on their hip and lord it over the rest of society. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part…..Alpha male and females craving authority go for police and firefighting and if paying to get certified were required…. there would be a line to get a job. If nothing else…. bill the recruits if they take off for else where. Seems to me like stealing if they knowingly plan to go somewhere else after they get certifieds. Nail their credit record with the Academy bill.

  11. The big problem here is EDUCATION. An officer should need at LEAST a 4-year college degree. They need to KNOW the LAW, and what civil rights actually are. They are bullies because the majority DON'T know the laws of our land…and you CAN'T possibly learn that in 6 months. They should be able to RECITE the bill of rights and be able to recite ANY law a citizen asks about. Then…they need to abide by those laws. They need to be trained on how to de-escalate a situation instead of overreacting to a situation. If they had some quality education, that would solve the problems we have today. The thugs and bullied kids in high school probably wouldn't want to put the time in, to GET a proper education. The police departments are hiring from the bottom of the barrel…so that's what we have to deal with. There are NO "good" officers, because they refuse to report the bad apples, from fear of losing their jobs, for doing so. When an officer doesn't know that we CAN film him, or, that we DON'T have to show our ID, just because they demand it, (for NO reason), that we CAN walk down the street without being stopped and ID'd, that they CAN'T beat a handcuffed person or slam them down on the pavement…that's a big problem…and they NEED to know that. Their new "catchphrase" for doing so? "Someone called in and reported you". And they'll badger you over and over again to get any reaction from you as an excuse to arrest you. Then a whole gang of them will surround you, only to intimidate you. Enough is enough of their stupidity.

  12. How about a financial contract for the training. Stay with the city who trained you for a certain amount of time or pay a portion back.

  13. Even in the trucking industry they can sign a pre-contract making the student a potential hire financially liable for the training receipt JB Hunt does it Snyder does it Swift does it generally have to sign a contract to be employed with them for a year sometimes too there's no reason why Dallas PD can't do the same thing if they were going to be on the hook for $90,000 to go someplace else they would stay for at least a year

  14. This happens in California education all the time. People from other states come here to get their teaching credential because it's much more rigorous than in other states. Once they get that credential, they go back to their own state, and their almost automatically given a credential for that state as well.

  15. Only took her 1 day to realize Dallas is a democrat shythole that's filled & ran by Fuk'd in the head affirmative action entitled cultured parasites that destroy neighborhoods, cities, states and even countries. Factual Truth hurts

  16. Legalized theft in Dallas—and I’m not exaggerating for effect, is just one example of what they expect cops to put up with…Dallas, wake up, your elected officials are robbing you, not your cops!!!

  17. How about writing into their contracts that they have to reimburse wages and parietal costs for training to the department if they are terminated or quit before completing a year’s service. Don't forget to terminate those licenses. There, fixed the problem.

  18. They try to say pay is the issue. I think the culture climate in Dallas is the real reason. Anti-police local government, black lives matter killings, hostile environment. I'd leave too. Dallas is a crime infested hell hole, with politicians working hard to get the minority incarceration numbers down. PASS!

  19. What are these officers/recruits learning after training that is forcing them to make the choice to quit? Policies that aren't disclosed during the training? Expectations by local politicians regarding enforcement or disregard of certain violations? Regardless, "recouping the cost" is not the responsibility of the tax payers OR the former graduate. Personally, I feel it should fall to the hiring official who interviews the recruit and deems that individual to be of the desired caliber to represent DPD. Don't put your misjudgment or lazy vetting on anyone but yourself. Clearly DPD is doing a lot of things wrong as an institution and I don't blame the officers for that. I blame our shady representatives for using glossy, ambiguous verbiage to mask their true agendas, both personal and political. Across this nation politicians of both parties somehow go from public servants of modest income, to wealthy elites who posture self righteously while consistently being found to be corrupt. No public servant should be able to wield influence of office long enough to leap income brackets with the level of income they're reportedly earning. The whole system smacks of deceit and corruption and the public won't allow them to place the blame on those brave enough to stand post. Society as a whole has gotten WAY too comfortable with shirking personal responsibility.

  20. Seams to me if Dallas wants to keep it's recruit's then DPD should pony up and pay their police what they deserve. Fact is Dallas and other large cities have more crime, more danger and more gang activity therefore requiring police to be more proactive and work harder in the end. Hate me if you want but you can't be mad at a person for wanting to better their situation besides corporations always want you to be loyal to them but when the time comes are almost never loyal to you as an employee.

  21. The fix has been resolved in other areas. Establish as a precondition of employment, that (X) years of service are required after successful completion of the course. If the employee willfully resigns prior to the successful completion of that time, the training fees and wages paid will convert to a loan at specified rates.

  22. It's not just Dallas. There are no contracts that state that after the acamady that they stay in the police department in ANY state.
    There SHOULD be a stipulation that they serve in the city that trained them for a set amount of year(s) b4 quiting. It's not fair to the tax payers.
    My source is a friend that worked for the Daytona Beach, FL police department.
    I think if they go through a certain city's or state's paid training, then if they don't serve at LEAST a year, for that department or have to pay at LEAST for the training they have received.

  23. This happenes all the time all over the place. Some people finally realize they don’t wanna do the job when they actually get on the job. Paper work sucks!

  24. Maybe if cops stopped violating people’s rights, they wouldn’t have to settle so many lawsuits. That money comes to a lot more than they spend on the lost recruits. Why not worry about that instead! That’s something they can do something about, AND it would protect citizens!!

  25. Plot twist… Maybe these are the few officers that actually have a conscience about doing the right thing and when they find out murder is required to be part of the TBT gang(thin blue thugs)…they bail!!

  26. 0:45 & 1:05 Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the latest batch of government sponsored murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, civil rights violators and criminals. Be proud of what your mayors and police unions are giving you in return for your tax dollars.

  27. Contracts need to be drawn up! Problem solved. It’s not rocket science. Commitment is a character trait dying off. That or have recruits foot a portion of the training cost.

  28. How about a contract signed before they start training. Way to go brainiacs.I guess trucking companies are smarter than city govt. they do it everyday.Sign a contract stating they’ll work for company 6-12 mos.and they’ll train them to get they’re CDL.

  29. Just write up in their contract. If they leave within 1 years they have the pay for their training. Trucking companies do it. As well as many other industries, that have competition for their product or service. As for the comments concerning pay. Police are paid from revenue from property taxes. people don't like property taxes and constantly vote down tax increases to pay officer better, or to hire more officers.

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  40. The cities hiring these new recruits should reimburse the PD for training them. It's obviously an excellent training course or they wouldn't train there.

  41. 1 year minimum obligation or repay 100 percent of the training cost for graduated officers… also in agreement with State certification not to count any partial training until all of it is completed

  42. Wages talk for sure. If your putting your life on the line, I sure as hell want the pay support to one day lose my life as a police officer. Better start paying higher wages. . Period……

  43. That’s a good idea. I’m going to Dallas to become a Cop and then going to the next city that will pay be more once I’m trained up.

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