My Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony at the University of Oxford | Vlog

what’s up everybody so here I am an
Oxford University getting ready for my graduation for my PhD and right now I am
at the Radcliffe Camera and the Radcliffe Camera is basically the big
symbol that Oxford has for all its press and basically any publication you see
out there that’s about Oxford like flyers or whatnot you’ll probably see
this camera right here and so yeah I’ve clocked about five to six years of my
life at this University about to get my PhD now tomorrow in the afternoon at
2:30 and I’m super pumped about it of course to graduate you need a gown so
that’s what I’m gonna go be getting right now and so let’s take a walk and this is it yeah I’ll try it on can I
put this somewhere? between mid calf and ankle been calf and
ankle and is there we’re just we’re like this on a date or just hangs open okay
and calf but just okay thank you hey so I picked up my gown ready to go
for tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you at the ceremony so right now
it’s graduation day and I’m here at my college Wilson College and I’m about to
walk in and go through the motions pretty much Wilson College is a graduate
college so it’s the mostly masters and PhD students and what happens inside
right now is I’m gonna go and sign up and take some pictures listen to the
head of the college talk and then we’re gonna head off to the Sheldonian theatre
afterwards so here we go now I just picked up this which is
pretty much… can you see it? it’s pretty much the schedule for a day inside I have no
idea what’s inside the gradation ceremony tickets so basically we only get
two tickets per graduate and we can give this to people that isn’t bad are gonna
go in and watch you graduate this is for the Sheldonian theater this is from the
Wolfson College Alumni Office and it’s pretty much alumni stuff inside you have
wolf from Wolfson all right you guys and also you have a package welcome to the
alumni community that’s what I am now instead is more stuff I’ll look at it later
so right now we’re going on to the signing of the graces and as you can see
I got a crowd people behind me because these this is my family this is my
nephew thank you yeah that’s my nephew Tobias and right
now we are going for the signing of the graces where it’s gonna be held in the
hall and that’s where we’re headed right now sign of the graces is uh I actually
don’t know what that means I think it’s they’re signing stuff
thank you yeah so basically you’re signing stuff and we are in the college right
now take a look they’re getting cold yeah it’s pretty cold it’s like it’s not
so cold not so cold for you you guys are tough parents in the back wife in
the back basically the whole crew is here it’s a
big affair so this is kind of hard right now too so it’s kind of hard right now
oh no help you you’re going on camera got a light I’ll tag you I’ll tell you
I’ll tag you hurry up that’s my daughter Cadence say hi Azure Here we are signing of the graces I’m about to introduce our dean of degrees he is going to explain to you a little bit of history of the Oxford degree ceremony but it’s probably a little bit of unusual compare to the graduation ceremony at pretty much every other universities
so do please listen it’ll help you to experience the ceremony which
does take place mostly in Latin I would like to explain a little bit of the procedure Especially for you our new graduates I would like to congratulate everyone on
you of course most of all the graduates who are about to be acknowledged for
your scholarship but also those who supported you through those dark and
difficult hours of writing your dissertation what we do in Oxford as
Megan said is not quite a degree ceremony as you know them from TV and if
you haven’t come for a degree ceremony in a traditional sense what have you
come for well the answer is it’s a ceremony of admission to an ancient guild all right what I just picked up is this
which is the basically I’ll put this in with my gown which is this bag here and
I also actually receive my degree certificate this is my diploma and I’m
going to open it there you go that’s it very
straightforward and simple just a piece of paper and yeah I got a frame it
alright so that was the signing of the graces and pretty much the college
president and the Dean came out and gave us instructions for a days pretty much
telling us don’t be late and or else we’re not gonna be able to graduate and
yeah but pretty much is just a very nice warning that we got to be on time hey
guys so here I am outside the Sheldonian theater waiting for my serum on
graduation ceremony the Sheldonian theater is the one right here right here
yep they’re going up higher higher it’s not working there we go
alright so that’s the Sheldonian theater and I’m waiting for my graduation
ceremony to begin what happened at the college was pretty much the President
and other members of the faculty inside congratulating us told us that we’ve
joined a community of truth seekers and you know often the Sheldonian theater
the ceiling what we have is pictures of people pursuing a light in the middle
which is truth and falling away on the side is ignorant some dark image
thing I actually haven’t seen it myself actually I’ve been in there but for the
matriculation so that’s when the schools got started but now yeah I should pay
much attention to it and it’s all gonna be in Latin so there’s no one like
unless you’re fluent in ancient Latin there’s you really don’t know what
they’re saying but anyways here I am waiting in the
rain while not really in the rain I’m at the library across where everyone is
avoiding the rain because it’s cold and miserable halt they’re all gone
they were there and I guess they’ve all gone and line up and I should probably do
a tour for my audiences everybody so here I am inside the
divinity school ready to be waiting in the rains for my graduation and pretty
much it’s a nice building the video school look at the ceiling pretty
awesome but there’s a lot of us right so much that my gimbal is out of control sitting around is waiting
a mortar cap on the left side and we were just to keep the noise down
emulation theater ready for my graduation and it’s exciting and looking
forward to it so I’m sit it in the there are some master students
coming they’re going to get to sit on the higher place Oxford is not a place where what its
student may rely on being told what to think
so it is not easy to get a degree of any sort here and those who teach and
research in Oxford know–this and the ability to distinguish the true from the
seemingly truth these are the qualities that you carry out from here with your
degree the ceremony is in Latin you may be inclined to think this old-fashioned
fate only for those hopelessly out of touch with the modern world let me try
to persuade you to the contrary this university has been in existence for
over 800 years I’m not speaking simply of the longevity of an institution but
primarily of the long continuity of an ideal through long history and shifting
circumstances the university has sought values of intellectual honesty
independence of thought unprejudiced inquiry into the nature of things and
truth imperfect there which generations test of that has sometimes proven to be
causa who use congregate see honest esther Trottier conquer and Tory can
generally congregate Ione doctoral Magister on Andrew Snyder
Beatty Jonathan Tam Charlene Waller College Oda Wolfson
Alice Carentan willow Ariane Cruz gomez so now just finished went into the Sheldonian walk out and got change and now we’re about to walk back in that’s it for graduation I’m full of
tyre here and I’m outside of the Divinity School and the Sheldonian
theater with a whole bunch of other people and people are just taking
picture of shaking hands and say congratulations and all that good stuff
with graduation there’s one thing you have to do and it’s hit the Oxford
University store which there’s a lot of cat stores in the city and there’s only
really one official one right one University of Oxford store and here we
are inside the store and although the Randolph is a
well-known hotel in Oxford under South in fact when the Clintons came to Oxford
for their daughter’s graduation this is where they went these days so
here we are in the Randolph celebrating and enjoying
good times with families and so yeah always been grateful always be
thanking with people that have been on the path on the journey with you and I
couldn’t have done this without any of them

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