Miami University | Love & Honor

“How much more lovely “the dull gray block
upon which we walk “when interrupted, broken“and torn at the corners“Showing instead
a patch of earth“How much more lovely
these old red bricks“Found ever framed
by oak and beech and cherry“How much more lovely
to walk out of your door“and bid good morning
first to the walnuts
and maples
“Because the sun is still
struggling to make his way“through their loving arms“And the
dreamy haze of promise
that accompanies each day
“How much more lovely.” MALE STUDENT 1:
I was walking through
academic quad.
That perfect moment
where you seeall the sun’s glistening
through the trees.You see students walking
and meandering through
these different paths.
It felt like,
at that particular moment,
I belonged. We have this
history whereSuper Bowl winning
quarterbacks, presidents, have walked these
same sidewalks, and I was one and the same
with them. Miami really is unique
in wanting you to
design your education to get what you want
out of it. FEMALE STUDENT 1:
I expected there to be
some type of blueprint
for what I was supposed to do
in college.And the thing is,
there is no set way
to do things.
There’s so much more
here at the school.
You will get
out of your education
what you put in. You have faculties that are
fighting for you everyday to make sure that you have
the resources that you need.A good teacher
listens well. A good teacher understands
what a student needs.FEMALE STUDENT 2:
Because they show
that they care,
it makes students
want to learn more.It makes us want to
create that connection.College wasn’t easy for me,
and I don’t think it’s easy
for anybody. Especially if you don’t know
all the ins and outs of it. FEMALE STUDENT 2:
Whatever advice I need,
he’s always there.
I don’t know if he knows
how much he’s affected
so many of my friends and myself, at all. And I think he does it
because he truly cares. FEMALE STUDENT 3:
I want to be a teacherbecause of
the teachers I have.This is what I wanna do
for the rest of my life. DR. DAVID C. HODGE:
Miami students are
an amazing group of people.
They really attack life. They’re involved
inside their classes.They’re involved in
many kinds of
collaborative initiatives.
And they combine these skills
in the most amazing way.FEMALE STUDENT 4:
I really wanted to
be in engineering
because I wanted to
be a role model
for young girls.
Showing that we can do
what other men can do.Miami, they allowed me
to take classes
outside my major.
Learning is like
a continuous spectrum.
It’s not just
sitting in a classroom,
learning one thing, but you have to
apply it to everything. There’s always something
that makes you wanna be
a part of Miami. The “work hard, play hard”
mentality of Miami is grades come first, but at the same time,
this is college.
You have to have fun. Fun moment?
Every moment,
every weekend. FEMALE STUDENT 3:
You can’t wrap
your mind around
what it’s like to
live in the dormsand know that
there’s 250 other people
right in your spot. If there’s a night that
you wanna go out,there’s always someone
willing to go out. There’s definitely
a “work hard, play hard”
mentality. FEMALE STUDENT 6:
After a week ofstaying up until
2:00 in the morning
doing homework,
I think you’re allowed to
stay up until
2:00 in the morningdoing other things.(BELL TOLLING) (INTERVIEWER READING) That’s a good question. It’s come to mean
a lot more to me. MALE STUDENT 3:
Over 90% of studentsin the architecture
department study abroad.It can offer a way to travel
and go to a unique place
like Ghana, Africa.
When we first struck ground
is when I really started
to understand why I was there. You’re living and working
in a small village
outside the rainforest.You look to your left,
and there’s the site
that you’re building on.
And you look to your right,
and then there are the kidsthat are eventually gonna be
enjoying the building
that you building.
Before I studied abroad,
I felt like after I graduated,I’d either go to graduate
school, or I would work in
an architecture firm.And then, all of a sudden,
I go to Africa and experience
something that
is so much broader than
anything that all these people
do at school.
It really helped to shatter
the notion that I had to do
what everyone else was doing. “Love and Honor
is a phrase that comes
from our fight song. (STUDENTS CHANTING
INDISTINCTLY)It has a lot of meaning
as a part of a way
to cheer and celebrate.
But when you say
“love and honor”
to another individual,to another Miamian,it’s about intellect,
it’s about character,
it’s about heart.
It makes us a special place.(STUDENTS CHEERING) FEMALE STUDENT 7:
People know each other.People are there
to help each other
and support one another.
I’ve had the ability to
make a difference. We’re working with different
people here,
and engage and interact. And that was when I realized
that this is why
I wanna be here. People might come in here
with their own stereotype,but Miami’s
what you make it. Going to college is less
about the degree that you get and more about the experiences
that got you that degree. Go outside your
comfort zone, take chances. Step into situations
where you could be vulnerable. Now are they gonna
fail sometimes?
Absolutely. You’re not gonna succeed
every single time. But that’s part of
the process. Being able to
fight back… Getting beyond… MALE STUDENT 2:
…move on and accomplish it.That’s the heart of Miami. I could be who I was,
where I was,
and I needed that. I really needed that. There are so many experiences
that Miami offers that I feel like
you just can’t have
anywhere else. And the fact that they’re
situated on this campus, and with these people,
makes it so much more special.I mean,
it’s been the best years
of my life.

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  1. I was REALLY excited to come to Miami as a freshman last year, but I can't help thinking I've missed out on the Miami experience. I was hoping to join a frat so that I could be a part of a team (not very athletic so sports weren't an option), but I was sick (bed-ridden) during rush BOTH years and missed my chance. Green Beer Day was also not nearly as fun as I had hoped it would be (had class at 8 AM) and I ended up just riding my segway up and down high street passing out some of my drawings.

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