Medical Assisting Associates Degree Graduate – Raquel Tiller

Raquel: Hi, I’m Raquel. Just a few years ago,
I was an unemployed single mom of three teenagers. I’d had a variety of jobs, but never really
had a career and I had a very uncertain future, but I found that National College gave parents
like me an opportunity to go back to school. They even worked around my schedule and made
it possible to attend classes full time. It was a challenge, that’s for sure, but it paid
off. Right after graduating from the Bristol campus with an Associate’s degree in medical
assisting, I landed a great job. National College understands the challenges of being
a single parent. Going to National College was an awesome experience for my family and
me. It can be a great experience for you, too!
Frank: We’re so proud of Raquel and all she’s accomplished. Juggling school and parenthood
takes hard work and commitment, but at National College, it’s possible. We understand the
importance of flexible scheduling and we know how to help parents make it all work.

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