MBA Graduation

It changed my life. It was one of those
things that reminded me of why I want to be a CEO. [MUSIC PLAYING] This was my first time
taking classes online. I wasn’t sure how
that was going to go. I’m used to a more
traditional class setting. It’s really a great experience. To be frank today, it’s
my first visit to Amherst. It’s a great environment,
great campus. I managed to meet my
professors, many of them for the first time, and
it’s a great experience to match these
faces to the names. And I actually took pictures
with every one of them, and I thanked them in
person for all the teaching in the past four years. [MUSIC PLAYING] Please welcome the
graduating class of 2017. [CLAPPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] This could actually work out. This might actually happen. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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