4 Replies to “Marion County Military Academy closing its doors for good”

  1. My name is c/pfc Carter and this has changed all our lives at MMA and we were family and now my brothers and sisters I'll never see again and it's like a death of a hero the ending of a saga a tragedy to all of us but we go down without a fight and if we the student body have anything to with it we won't close down

  2. I am C/PVT. Seth Durbin and if all goes well this school will NOT be shut down for good. I will NOT lose the family I have gained by enrolling in this school. I am not welcome by students at my home school. At M.M.A. we are a family that loves one another, that is willing to do what ever it takes to get this school to reopen. If Marion county wants to take my family and school away they WILL take it out of my chest where I buried that love in my heart.

  3. I'm C/SSGT from lake weir high school I knew this fake military academy would get shut down a school like that doesn't expose kids to a real school environment like lake weir did with me as I played varsity football and am a member of the Track and Field team long story short mma was trash

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