Life at Cambridge University: Fees, Scholarships + Campus Tour πŸ”₯

They know everything about Cambridge University as their University to very close to it. But the fees of Cambridge University is 3 times more as the fees is around £30,000 (after housing) Yours is pretty affordable right? Its around Similar to mine but now its fully funded in Masters. Cambridge is Top 10 in the world for CS and Math. What’s the ranking of Angila Ruskin? Top 50 in UK according to THE ranking Intercontinent food. Food from every country is present here. Why this University is also known as Cycle city? More than 50% of the people ride bikes here. No one steals cars, phones but within seconds you may loose your bicycle. We are at the punting place and here pollution index never goes above 1. because not many cars here and no factories. so that’s pretty cool Universities big directors and professors also come via bicycle no is shy about that. Biggest confusion people walk on left side here. it used to be right side earlier. I have never been outside US/Canada since a year All the colleges are connected via bridge so you can just cross and go. This is the second oldest university in the English speaking country. Professors used to go to one college via boats. Imagine yourself as a CS or ME student. Depending on your major, College and Curriculum and subjects I came from Atlanta’s 0 degrees but I am feeling more cold here. You already know that .A lot of Bollywood movies have been shot in London Problem: Sunset is at 11 pm in Summers but at 4 pm in Summers Distance between cars and buses is way too less. I was surprised cuz I am used to being in US where distance is much larger They are very well trained. The turns they make are very perfect. Rigroust Training. I haven’t seen such a steep turn in some of the Punjab roadways buses You all know that you can manage without car but what about public transport. what’s your opinion But if you want to go somewhere far then nothing works

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  1. You always talk about CS, MEDICAL.
    but majority of people do MBA after anything.
    So please spread information regarding MBA

  2. Love u man, ur the best vlogger man. Wish u the best bro and keep up ur your YouTube vids, I'm sure I will be watching them.

  3. Bhaiya apke vedios ka chahne wala hoon..plz is tarah Abhi itni frequently vedios dal dalke jo adat begad diye ise rokiye ga mat …adat begad chuki h..

  4. You have amazing communication skill….also you edit video so perfect….it shows how you love your viewer…one can never tierd to see your video… thanks much… enjoy everything

  5. My Hindi is not great. Can you tell if three of them are studying computer science in Cambridge. And are they studying undergrad or post graduation? Did they get into Cambridge from India or they studied in UK before? Thank you

  6. my whole family watches your videos on regular basis i think you are the first person or vlogger which i'm able to see with my family we all really appreicate your work and can you suggest software for windows for video editing ?

  7. Bhai in college ka fees bahut jyada h Bhai mai afford nhi kar sakta isliye Maine mahnet karke jee advanced clear karke IIT kharagpur me admission liyaπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  8. I have been to the punting tour..i was there in April of this video ko dekh ke memories fresh ho gayi!! Keep it up πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

  9. Just asking the fees you talked about are they for masters? For i wanted to do my bachelors from there and the fees are astronomical.

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