Know Your MBA Admit – Male Chartered Accountant | GMAT – 680

Welcome to the fourth video in our video series titled- What are my chances that Shrikant and I analyzed profiles that people have written in asking about what are the chances of getting it a school. So today the profile that we want to look at is a finance professional. A male chartered accountant, has three years experience working for Deloitte. 680 on the GMAT, he is looking at some s tretch schools and his dream schools are wharton , Booth and london business school. And he says also open to schools that are slightly lower but in the top 20, so it’s very clear that you want to go to a top 20 dream top three and then he is saying, you know, maybe some schools Extracurriculars, he has written a couple of things like for example is part of the Rlocal rotaract club. And he also seems to have done a couple of minor things but overall nothing remarkable on the extracurricular because as you understand, you know, as a chartered accountant, you probably did Articleship three years , anyways your life is squeezed out of you, you don’t have a proper college,D you don’t get all that and post that if he’s working Deloitte as a CA, B probably working in bombay so he has to commute, so you probably spent like an hour or two hours all the road. It’s not possible for people to have like there was extracurriculars. So that’s what it is. So what are your initial thoughts. Initial thought is that this candidate will have a very hard time convincing admission committees to get an opportunity. First of all, the 680 in the GMAT is a straight away, it won’t cut it out. They would even read his profile curve with a 680 because typically B- schools use the GMAT and as first level of filtering . And this score with three years experience, he wont be considered so that’s straitaway out. The good part is that he comes from a CA background , that background is always very sought-after not just and its sort B-Schools because a lot of companies that come to these b-schools for engagements either internships or whether its final placements and they have a lot of finance based roles. Typically people who have done a CA, who have a CFA level are given the highest order of priority. So for him, if for him the biggest angle is he has to work on his gmat score. Obviously, GMAT there’s a problem with this extracurricular activities also because if you’re applying to a Tier one, two, three that level of college if you’re applying to you need to check all the boxes. It’s not just one or two will work for you. Everything has to be there. So from that angle, it looks really hard apart from this CA angle there is nothing much to him that can be enough attribute as a possible. So I think my take would be as you said a lot of times, you know, when you’re working with clients in the top 10 kind of US schools applying from india Chartered Accountant hyper competitive pool. So many chartered accountants end up looking at MBA as an option. So I think that’s 680 has to be at least 30 40 points higher. Yeah, at least as a minimum, but I would say probably you should retake get to 730-740. the second thing that I can also realize is though he has written deloitte, he has to probably talk a little bit more and not hide them because II know for a fact that in india if you want to take Deloitte, Ernst & Young and what happens out here KPMG, EY if you take these top auditing firms and look at all the chartered accountants, I am pretty sure there are few hundred supplying every year. Yeah with a very similar profile. SDo it kind of looks nice to have deloitte and chartered accountancy, I think what you mentioned CFAcould make a difference. Yeah, I think that’s one , higher GMAT would make a difference , differentiating what he did could potentially write and this is where I think this is one of those profiles where the diversity and the leadership part the two parts of the profile would really make a difference if he’s able to dig deep into some stories. So we worked with a candidate that I worked with a candidate who has you know, similar a background and one thing that he was very proud of was he said the day I juggled the articleship, he was going through a personal turmoil at that point. He has lost his father and you have to kind of, you know, take out the home and on top of that you’re studying for the CFA exams, right? And he said that one year two years of my life was a pressure cooker situation, correct and that you know shows his tencity, his ability to bounce back, his mental resolve. So i think somewhere he probably needs to pick a different angle also to showcase. This is our local narrow track. Is there any is there any space to play on it or do you think it should just be left off or just mentioned somewhere in the application form but not developed any further. If I am looking at it from let’s say am in the admission committee and I come across this profile, this Rotaract , he mentioned if he’s able to call out specific events and they were part of sound good Hopefully something that is of a big scale. It’s something very localized and it’s something I’ve done just by group of friends and doesn’t have money angle to it. It’s just done for the fun of it. It’s just something I should be mentioned because people show you do something. outside of work, but apart from that they would be hardly early critic in my head at least correct what this guy needs to be very careful about is that some people who are not engineers and we’re applying from india to b-school. They somehow think that they already have an advantage because they are not engineers, right? So my story is only different from diversity profile . But the angle here is that this candidate will not be measured against the engineers his will be measured against by the story of other CAs, correct? T here as you rightly mentioned that a lot of seniors also who will also apply to this field today. We won’t be the only one so if he is able to articulate very clearly that in his two or three years in his company, what did he do that changed the game or at least try to change the game that is going to be far more important. It should be complacent just because i’m not an engineer whatever takes its not worth it at all.So that’s my point of view on it and on the extra character parts, whatever I heard first impressions work. okay – if you have taken to the next next level, you should be doing something and then talking about it specifically because of the kind of schools he wants to apply to. I think you know, sometimes when I talk to our candidates about the stories, I usually tell them that there are these meat and potatoes and then there is greedy. correct. So s what may happen is that the gravy is just a background of the story. He says oh by the way, he is in here is the main thing that I have to tell you mentioned it, but it’s like in the background not actually the main story that you want to develop and I think sometimes people get so fixated with the top names. So for example the schools that is big Wharton, Booth, London School- of all of them good in finance he has probably then googled finance schools , probably picked that and you know to be honest from his perspective, that’s what he knows , so this is what are you looking at. But I would seriously advocate go out research and I think one simple thing that you can do and I just usually give them 2 or 3 simple exerciseFrst I tell them go to the website register, you’ll automatically start reading l eads. The schools also try to woo you because they are going to send you information locally get educated. The second is we mentioned this earlier about linkedin. A lot of schools also have the student ambassadors that are willing to go out and reach out and talk to maybe reach out to someone in these schools and the third thing which you know, a lot of people ignore is follo w them on social media, right? Just subscribe to our youtube channel looking at them up on you know, what are the kind of events that are happening just getting dark sense , gets you to know more about the school because now, now these are the schools and he’s saying is okay to the top 20 but each of these top 20 schools are different in their own ways and you know one thing that I usually maintai n is doing an MBA is the second most important decision in your life after deciding to get married. yeah, right. So in terms of investment and time energy money, why wouldn’t you want to know about the school s right? So people are sitting in India, you know, and this seems to be a good school. I say, you know actively go encourage learn more about the school. I think he should expand his range of tools. I would definitely add schools in the 10 to 20. I would say even with an improved GMATEA score he could also look at other geographies, maybe europe and southeastIndia. So some of the things we agree that this is in itself not good enough for now, but have good potential to improve GMAT score and a couple of other things . So with that we’re up this video and in the next video we’re going to have a profile with someone who has extensive experience and who now wants to come back, you know, and

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  1. Not sure If I agree with the statement that he would be filtered out at 680 GMAT. The team will still review the application and look for other reasons to admit him.

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