100 Replies to “Jordan Peterson’s Ultimate Advice for Students and College Grads – STOP WASTING TIME”

  1. Maybe being unproductive is a good thing. I remember how the internet was supposed to make our lives so much easier, but it seems like the number of work hours demanded of employees has increased rather than decreased.

  2. we do what we like to, love to do, we are not working just simply, maybe we do not want to work, how can you talk human like an mechine? i work all day everyday, but sometime i have a break, i want to do nothing, it doesnt mean i am wasting time, i mean, yes, we are not working, and so what?

  3. he said 9 billion people and he corrected himself by saying 7 billion again he is like after it reaches 9 billion people it will decline rapidly .. what does he mean by that? makes me wonder

  4. honestly. take away the grading system. people will produce way better work, papers, projects, and all that. cuz what mostly holds people back from doing what they should do is the fear of not achieving the best grade. take away the grade system and the fear of not achieving the target grades, people will do exceedingly do well in the field of their choice.
    just my opinion.
    im one of the people that are in a university because of parents, majoring in something that does not necessarily mean job opportunities for sure. i hate it, don't see the reason and meaning in continuing to grind myself to complete the courses that will lead me to nowhere. i know that it's largely on me for not having enough courage to resist my parents' demands and major in something that i can be passionate about and brings me the most job opertunities after graduation, but my parents already payed stupid amount of money so that i can study what they wanted me to study and i can't get them the money back. im even from time to time, contemplating fleeing from my parents after graduation and just quietly killing myself,, cuz im just sick and tired of grinding after grinding and grinding.
    i can grind and grind and grind my self to keep going if there is any hardship in the field of my choice but, not in the field where someone else chose for me to go into. anymore.

  5. Yeah but what is wasted time? Maybe you live for work? Maybe you live for money? What is waste? Someone looks at another and thinks what a waste. Maybe the other is looking back and thinking the Same. It’s all about your own thoughts and not another’s. I work so that at some point I won’t have to. Perhaps though I’ll never live until that point in my life. Perhaps that’s waste. Never live your life on what others think.

  6. If you ask that question; what am i doing to myself on a regular basis to absolutely screw up my life? Youll get the answer so fast it'll make your hair curl. Very true and just as well im a bold kunt. This man knows how to drop a truth bomb the the heart. A good voice for these fuckd up times.

  7. Guys just make a new youtube account and subscribe to make up channels… Ladies same but subscribe to manly channels like Clash of clans or fortnite,or whether is considered pc manly these days lol it works

  8. 50% me parece mucho yo e llegado a dar 30% o el 20% y a los 14 años me podía considerar nihilista, por eso estoy aquí supongo, aunque e mejorado bastante pero falta mejorar.

  9. Good points – but, when you end up with a higher education and wait tables, the determinism of the neo-liberal era wins.

  10. I think that guy doesn't know that many people are making much more money then him just by playing video games.

  11. Because some idiots just don't stop wasting my time!
    Well? It's not their time to waste! they don't have the right to it!

  12. Works for me: I find it helpful to have sheets of paper and a pencil as I read. As I read, I scetch crude drawings that exagerate ideas in order to visualize concepts and important data. I also enjoy tripping out making fantastic or dramatic scenarios in my mind ( this can look like a waste of time to others). In certain cases, I might take long walks and think about what I am trying to learn. Lastly, it is nice to have chats with lay or professional people about things you are learning. There can be many spinoff from this too numerous to mention.
    I used to teach poor minority students who were failing in college. Everything Dr Peterson teaches is correct. I love his sincere father-like caring for students.

  13. so much wisdom in there :Dmaybe a little bit too much to follow all of his advices. but i think, that its nice to watch something like that and he is obviously right in many ways!

  14. The problem is the choice you have, to do or not to do, because you get feeling of freedom in the meantime of decision. On the long run, this make you to loser. Never believe that you could loose yourself and find again.

  15. I worked out the other day I've spent around a year of my life (8000+ hours) playing video games, and tomorrow I'll be just 20 years old. That's 5% of my entire existence, wasted on the computer. If I had spent that year reading, or writing, or doing anything at all productive, who can say what kind of person I would be now? I know it isn't easy to break habits but I definitely need to try, or God help me.

  16. no I didn'T waste my time, they wasted my time, they ruined my education they ruined my applications they ruined my chances to get anywhere, they ruined every contact I ever had, and they made sure I'd be so fucked up I wouldn't be able to do the things I wanted to and that would've helped me get anywhere ever
    I didn'T waste it, they did

  17. Wow, most of the points he counts are also mentioned in that Stephen R. Covey book. I guess it should be expected because they're generally applicable principles. I respect him for trying to make society remember them.

  18. First of all, it doesn't matter how much time you waste in a day, its called downtime. We can't expect to work 14-16 hours a day like this genius is suggesting. Why don't we all use urine collection bags too, the one hour saved from bathroom breaks can be used to work some more. He needs to do some more critical thinking before WASTING his time making YouTube Videos. He could be working instead

  19. Its 4th december 2019 and i'm 16 years old at the moment , i have wasted my enough time this year , my dream is to become a professional game developer but my first goal is to get 85 to 90% in my final exams coming in the mid feb 2020 so from now on i won't waste my time and will achieve my dream i'll read this comment daily so i won't get distracted and you guys also comment down below so i won't get distracted and feel motivated
    Thanks ✌️✌️

  20. I don’t care how good your point is, misspellings are unprofessional, and make you less credible. I’m not a native speaker, and I know the difference between you and you’re.

  21. Everything you've done in life has led you to this very moment where you are reading this comment. stop wasting time watching self help videos and take action. before you know it, you will be 70 years old looking outside saying to yourself "I wish I done something.."
    no, I'm not wasting my time writing this comment because everything I'VE done in life has led me to this very moment to tell you all this. why you? because you are something special. remember, there are no such thing as coincidences. just the illusion of coincidences. also, cheers to those who see synchronicities with numbers. big things are coming.

  22. I don't feel bad for watching SNL videos 3h a day, I feel bad because day is short. And somehow it seems to me that this journey is way more fun than finishing it and working any kind of job 8h a day, if I could I would be free student and explorer whole life.

  23. What the fuck have I done this year? Man, I feel like I've got to do sth with my life right now. I'm saying bye to YouTube and social media for a couple of months

  24. Patience is an abstraction contrived by the ego to comfort the fool who has, once again, rushed in. Extemporaneously held as virtue and gaining nothing from the repetitive strain to do so – save the injury.

  25. Peterson was knocked out by Slavoj Žižek for quite a few reasons repeated in this speech.
    But he is so right about too much internet and lost time. Log out.

  26. What this man failed to mention is that many people had to go through college to get the high paying jobs they have, meaning they also weren't taught how to think, so rarely are you going to find someone that according to him 'knows how to think." The problem is not personal, its systemic. there is something SERIOUSLY and FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with our entire perception of education as a whole. I dare say that if grade schools and high schools were more efficient and actually taught you how to teach yourself and others, and how to learn instead of just regurgitate, college would be unnecessary. The only reason people value things like laying out proposals, giving presentations and writing reports is because its hard to do. Its hard to do because ironically enough we go to school for 20+ years to learn how to do it, yet you arent taught much about how to do it. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos. These men are seen as very highly gifted because they realize the system is BS, and learned to learn on their own instead of relying on a broken system. Its still broken because everyone knows that if it were perfect, we'd all be geniuses by age 18. we'd all know the inner working of our respective passions, be able to teach others, and put the system out of business. the system relies on people like you and I not questioning it, or at least not actively resisting. If you don't go to college or have a clear plan people start to worry, because we've all been conditioned to believe that while we all take our own path, they're all just offshoots of the same road. School, more school, work, family, send kids to school, retire, die. It SHOULD say learn, teach to learn, love, die. Humans are naturally curious beings, putting them in a room with a specific set of tasks and no clear end goal in sight is the WORST thing you could do to someone, because people arent very good at planning very long term (more than a year or 2 in advance outside of 'this is what I INTEND to do.') ask anyone what they're up to in 6months and thay'll say "oh I have no idea I can't see out that far," or "not sure, probably work, school, kids, etc." but not much more than that. You've essentially brainwashed them into thinking they have to go through life like a dark room, groping in hopes of finding a wall to hold on to that MIGHT lead to a door out, but usually falls short, never truly knowing if and when hey'll reach the goalsthey spend their ENTIRE LIVES trying to set up and achieve. The best among us know to carry a flashlight, and teach others to make their own.

  27. I spent hundreds of hours on youtube where i first discovered it. I just wanted to consume more and more content. it didn't make me feel bad but eventually I did need to stop consuming other people's work and start thinking about myself and my own life. social media makes jealously so easy today.

  28. 3:40 very valueable statement! But I tried this a lot in my life and EVERY TIME it made me hugely depressed, because I saw that, if I plan out my day perfectly so no time is wasted, how little time I could put on things I actually cared about. 90% of the day was set because I had duties to fulfill (out of a variety of reasons) and only 10% after a long day to do what I actually want and do the other stuff for. 10% – after a hole day – so you don't even have much energy left. Realizing this over and over again along my carreer as a software developer brought me into consuming excessive amounts of cannabis (and it's not even legal – I'm in germany – still got multiple delivery services using whatsapp for anything prohibited – prohibition makes everything profitable and advertises it). I even changed my job, worked on work/life-balance but in the end its always the same: You have to work the timeframe you are most capable of doing something almost every day to keep the life that allows you to do just that – and sometimes you buy something to act for yourself that the time was worth that thing you just bought. I hate it. I am a creative mind who wants to educate itself and produce all sorts of content (music, videos, art, software, games, solutions, ideas,..) – But there have to be DAYS between some hours of productive work that are just filled with society bullshits which generates money – I usually idle 95% of the day in every industry in every level (junior dev – to – senior software architect with leading roles of decision) – other people would have to learn and apply my solutions or changes so I can't progress much faster than others since we have to work as a team. I'm so slowed down by everyone arround me – I felt like dying since I was 12. I seem to have a high IQ (146+-6 with 17 years of age) but most companies just need a very specific neeshe to be filled or someone who just does what he gets told without questioning or anything.


    I imagined killing myself way more than ways how I could actually solve problems of my surrounding world – which I never thought would be possible until I was in school for the first months and realised that this daily routine of having to go somewhere won't stop until my death. Even vacation or unemployment was just very limited, since any other option was so unacceptable that death would actually be prefered. I love life. I enjoy being in nature. I try to be a as good person as I can be and I try to be an idol for myself. But the society I have to integrate in just kills anything good thats in me and I feel like life is just a time where you defend yourself from everything around you and everyone wants to take from you and doesn't care about you.

    I feel alone – while hearing constant construction machines, loud neighbars and obnoxious people in the "professional" (money making) life.

  29. It doesn’t matter if you are 15,20,30,40,50,60… it’s never too late to start. Okay, you wasted time? Don’t waste more self-blaming or feeling bad about it. Begin doing your purpose, those without purpose have just not experienced enough and tried enough things to fail and succeed a million times and THAT shows you your purpose. You DO first, you reflect on yourself, and you Improve and do more better, smarter, faster… you are LEVELING UP! You are so powerful regardless of your past and mistakes… Leave it all behind and open up your mind to a new persoective💙

  30. I don't care if I waste my time or not. And neither should you. All is vanity and vexation of the spirit. Unless you think the Bible is a lie. The purpose of work is to provide us with leisure. I provide myself with leisure and not at your expense. Not to express vanity, jealousy or arrogance. The true waste of time is accumulating money to buy unfulfilling things. If you are so inclined to want to influence people, and I like what you say, I'll work an extra hour or two and throw a few dollars your way as a donation but overall I've reached a point in life where I don't have to work much at all.

    Still, I'm not going to get on your rat-race machine of unrest and malcontent. I do like to study the essential things about life: history, psychology and geography are things I love. I need Liberal arts majors to write me good books so I can become enlightened. Reminds me of an old Arabian military leader quote: “There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance.” -Ali ibn Abi Talib

    Another cute quote I like:

    "My young men shall never work, men who work cannot dream; and wisdom comes to us in dreams. You ask me to plow the ground. Shall I take a knife and tear my mothers breast? Then when I die she will not take me to her bosom to rest. You ask me to dig for stone. Shall I dig under her skin for her bones? Then when I die I cannot enter her body to be born again. You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell it and be rich like white men. But how dare I cut off my mother's hair." -Smohalla Wampum

  31. Why did he say 51% and not just 50%, it would have gotten the same point across. I wonder if it’s a psychology thing.

  32. Wait, wait, wait. Be careful kids. You can work 24 hrs a day and earn a hella lot of money, but believe me, you don't want that. You NEED to rest, to procrastinate to be a mentally healthy person.
    P.S. Ivy League student after 3 depressions.

  33. i'm 19 years old, and in 4 months i'm going to be 20 years old, i play video games quite often but i wan't to study, and learn a lot of cooking things time to fix myself day 1 hour 0 23 december 2019

  34. You're 1 of 7 billion people
    Your brain has 86 billion neurons
    Each neuron is crucially important to the brain. Each person is crucially important to the human race.

  35. I admit that I wast almost my time in doing nothing or just checking messages and after I feel bad about my self and regret all the things I had done pfff what a bad feeling

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