Jason Lo – Western Sociology – Graduate Student Testimonial

My name is Jason. I’m a first year
masters student in the Sociology department. My arear of research interest is political and fiscal sociology. I like looking at taxes
political theory, political sociology as well as a bit of a Marxist theory. I
chose to come to Western because of my supervisor Dr. David Calnitsky. So Dr.
Calnitsky’s work, does work on universal basic income, political
sociology, and I got much of my theoretical foundation from some coursework with him. And I think what the way he looks at UBI and the politics of UBI fits how I want
to look at taxation and how taxes can help answer some big questions on the
welfare state for industrialized nations. My graduate experience has been fantastic.
I’ve had really good support from the faculty members as well as even other
graduate students. It’s a very tight-knit community. Professors are always willing
to help. I’ve consulted with a lot of professors outside my supervisor and my
supervisory committee. I TA an intro sociology course and it’s really amazing
to be able to run tutorials and lead tutorials. Seeing all the students learn
is a an honor and say it is a treat. And this term, I really like I
really enjoy teaching, and so this term I’m actually teaching one of the active
learning spaces at Western. So it’s a new type of classroom where I get to run
a lot of activities that are nice. It’s really nice to see students being
engaged in the activities and seeing them move around, collaborating and
having a chance to work with them to really apply the lecture material in

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