Janne Jaloma – Drummer of Dark Funeral | Drum-Technique Academy

and the first big topic today is going
to be hand technique your hand technique Janne so okay let’s start with the basics
again and identical grips with both hands I do that a lot to practice uncomfortable tempos for me
which varies right right now like I’m when in the slower tempos I just know
like when I have the rebound of my kit somewhere like this can get
awkward for me yeah to get the right velocities and stuff well it used to be
way worse okay yeah like now when I’m sitting in this it’s fine yeah but before I started
doing those kind of workouts I had this almost uncontrolled moller thing going on
now it’s not uncontrolled anymore but it used to be and there wasn’t that long
ago honestly awesome yeah you know I really like that approach because you
know we got some students who have the issue that especially for long a blast
beat section their thumbs starts to hurt basically you know they applying too
much pressure yeah that’s they used to be a problem
with mine too yeah in the beginning as I was doing like all this developed into
this so my my thumb is out of the way and then I don’t have to and they do the
same with both feet it’s identical and I do that from like 165 BPM straight 4 4 that’s how I start doing it and I keep
doing it for as fast as I can awesome
alright so important takeaway for everyone we talked about that one today
already it’s not really heel toe no what you are using

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  1. Here's an excerpt of last weeks FB-Live Lesson with Janne Jaloma (Drummer of Dark Funeral)

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  2. Nice to see a video from you Marthyn. Your videos have been rare these days! This is a really interesting video. I like how you are in there sitting with the drummer. This is great. I never heard this band before, but this drummer is a savage. Happy Holidays buddy.

  3. Yesssss finally a video with this guy, he's so fucking amazing. I wish there were more drum cams of him on youtube. I've seen him twice now with DF and he's flawless live, perfect replacement for Nils

  4. Kind of a janky, short interview tbh, with unnecessary cuts and edits. Let's see the full, unedited video and let the drummer express his full intentions, uncompressed! Thank you!

  5. Great video!!! Hey which type of the drum tech mesh heads are on the bassdrums? Is it the real feel? Or the drum tech design?? And do you prefer the drum tech patch on them or not? Does the patch effect the rebound or is it better to have it without?

  6. Hi, I am an absolute beginner on drums. Is this website good for getting complete beginners started in playing aggressive music? I don't know which stick and feet technquies to start with etc.

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