International Orientation at Anglia Ruskin University

My name is Karen and I’m from Malaysia. My name is Simao, I come from Portugal. Harshad Dhoot, I am coming from India. I’m Laura, I’m from Finland. My name is Austin Cutler and I’m from the United States. XinXin Zhang and I came from China. Jonas and I’m from Sweden. I landed at Terminal 2, just made my way to Terminal 3 and there were people in Anglia Ruskin shirts. They had the signs up so it was easy to find Anglia Ruskin people. And I found them and then I made a bunch of friends then we just ended up sitting down and talking while we waited for the bus. I haven’t been in England before so it felt good to have someone waiting for me at the airport because I had no idea where to go. You feel more safe when you know there is someone waiting for you. Arriving here, also very good staff and very good direction, telling me where to go. We come inside, get some free lunch. Really good lunch. [laughs] They take you to your accommodation and they tell you how to check in and really help you with your luggage again so that was really very appreciated. So the Students’ Union works alongside the International Office. We are aware that moving can be a very stressful and daunting time for many, the main aim of the Students’ Union is to make our students feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible. – We are here for international students on the day when they arrive so we can help them get settled and moved in. We have lots of events within the first few days of Welcome Week to help you meet other people and get involved in things. I got my ID card, it was really, really quick. I’ve unpacked a little, I’ve collected my BRP because I’m Malaysian so I’ve got a special Visa card. Collected my student ID and then now there are these international students who are taking me out into town to go get my stuff, like bedding and things and that’s really very nice. It’s good to have someone who knows the place and can show me around and can just be there for me. It was really helpful. I feel welcome here. And it’s been two days of international orientation days. Now we’re going to take a campus, city tour. I was actually impressed, as well as very happy actually because I was quite nervous about making new friends. – It was very smooth. Easy, very nice people. Very nice crew, all of it. – I really like the campus. It’s really nice, really state of the art. Modern. Bright. It’s a lovely atmosphere. Looking beautiful, all the greenery. And a clean country I can tell, very clean. I’m just very touched by the great services and help I received from the staff and the students here. It’s comforting to know that you have people that are looking after you every step of the way.

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