Institute of Technology – Keith Lueneburg

I’ve always been interested in electricity
but never learned a lot about it and when I was in the army as a helicopter
mechanic I did a lot of troubleshooting of complex systems and a big part of that was electrical and I didn’t get a
good grasp of how all of that worked. So I wanted to go into an electrical major
and engineering major and I chose computer engineering. I’m a really hard worker. My background in the army was quality control
where I’m working with aircraft so I know the importance of attention to detail in a safety critical environment. I’m a good leader. I can work well with others
and I have a passion for engineering and creating things. My senior capstone project for the computer
engineering program, I’m working with a group of four people total on a robotics platform for artificial intelligence. We’re trying to simulate a small mammal. So
we’re implementing a variety of different senses. We’re trying to simulate sense of smell, simulate hearing, simulate sense of touch. The robot is going to be driven around using motors and wheels and we’re using a
micro controller to read the sensors and drive the motors and that’s communicating to “Raspberry Pie” which is
the brain of the robot and all that data is transmitted wirelessly to a server. I think right now if I had to choose a dream
project, it would be to design either an engine control system for a race car or a telemetry system. I’m just amazed with
some of these high performance race cars, the amount of telemetry that’s generated and used by the team to analyze
performance. I would love to dig into that and create something so complicated generating so much data and working with tons
of sensors. Right now that’s a tough thing to nail down.
There’s so much out there. I would love to work in the automotive or
aerospace industries. I like companies that have a product with
some sort of mechanical aspect like a car or an airplane, helicopter, something like
that. My other top choice would be a chip designer
like Intel or NVidia, working with digital design

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