7 Replies to “ICE: Undercover video shows students at fake Michigan university knew they were breaking the law”

  1. Maintain legal immigration status by knowingly breaking the law does not make sense.
    By using and hiding behind a known flawed process to remain illegally, now that is more accurate and correct.

  2. Criminals are caught red-handed and the MSM lackey above leads off the story like this: That the law ENFORCEMENT officials have "come under criticism" — as if THEY were the felons. This happens 1000 times a day every single day, and no one even notices. This is why we have pollsters asking their first question: "Are you going to vote for that wife-beating unindicted b*stard in November?" — and then on election day itself, the guy wins — and they have the nerve to complain that the voters who were asked that obnoxious, slanted "question" (a flat-out biased statement with a question mark at the end of it) lied to them and voted for the guy (who won).

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