I Graduated High School At Age 12

Hey I’m Mark and I’ve always been really smart that’s why school was boring It was just too easy for me. For example, I never paid attention in class. Instead I scrolled through my textbook right before a test and that was enough for me to get straight A’s in all my exams of Course, that sounds great because who wouldn’t want to get easy A’s but there were plenty of moments when I wished I was like everyone else for example I never had any friends because I skipped six grades and all my classmates were much older than me at the same time I didn’t have much in common with kids my own age some teachers Let me read novels during class But most of them wanted me to pay attention Even though I knew more about the subject than they did and they hated it when I corrected them Everyone always congratulated me on my grades even though I never worked for them I liked hearing how great I was but it would have been better if my teachers had pushed me harder because I never developed any discipline when I graduated high school at 12 I could have gone straight to college but instead I took two years off and played video games Eventually, my parents forced me to go to college and I chose math as my major. I was still only 14 though So again, I had no friends to make things worse I skipped most of my lectures because it was easier to read my math textbook on the day before the exam Than to listen to the lectures of my professors. So instead of working hard and developing self-discipline I spend most of my time playing video games However, I still got 95 to 100 percent of points each exam when I graduated Valedictorian I almost felt ashamed of myself because even though I had a brilliant academic record I had never put any effort into my studies I was just lucky I was born smart and because I’ve never worked hard in my life I’m one of the laziest people on this planet after I graduated University I thought about becoming a mathematician but I couldn’t be bothered to go through all the interviews So I moved back home and started gaming again. However, after a few years my parents got sick of me doing nothing So they threw me out suddenly. I was forced to get a job and I decided to teach myself programming I quickly passed an online programming course and that was enough to get me a job at a tech firm, but I hate it I’m supposed to work eight hours a day But I spend most of my time Watching YouTube and surfing the net I do just enough to hit my targets so I don’t get fired, but it’s so boring Even though I make OK money I know I’ve let my wife and my whole family down I had huge potential and I threw it all away because I never learned the importance of hard work I mean I could have discovered a life-saving drug climbed the corporate ladder or built my own business But instead I was lazy and now the people I went to college with are all more successful than me Even though I’m more intelligent, I feel like I wasted my life I constantly look at my friends with envy and I hate it when they post about their latest promotion of their amazing career I could have done anything with my life if I’d only worked harder because if you’re born intelligent You’ve been given a big advantage, but that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t use it, if you’re lazy like me You still won’t be successful because if you want to achieve something great at some point, you’ll have to work hard for it I’ve been thinking about setting up my own programming company, but I’m intimidated by the amount of work involved instead I have to put up with my manager Fred. He’s a nice guy, but Totally incompetent and drives me nuts his decisions make no sense and he never listens to my advice But then I guess I’d be an even worse manager than him because I’d never get anything done today I live a life of regret and resentment and it’s all my fault Thank you for listening to my story and please subscribe to this channel

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  1. I'm kinda the opposite because I have to work really hard just to get a good grade because I'm not from the Netherlands and the language is really hard for me because I often forget things. Sometimes I would stay up all night just to study for a test, but sometimes I still fail and that sucks. ;-;

  2. I can relate a bit to him i skipped 2nd grade in elementary I'm 14 now and I don't really have friends either because my age,but I don't get straight A's. Nope I'm not even close. I'm lucky if I get an A but I am hard working person sooo…

  3. Being average or below average teaches you how to work hard but being above average teaches you nothing of the sort

  4. This is the opposite of possible inteligence but lazy i like your style but if your one of the laziest people in the world u mist be fat af

  5. Dont feel sorry for you if your really that smart you would of realized your wasting your time and changed. So many of my friends are smarter than me but if you talked to us everyone says im the smart one its just i used my time wisely i can code be a mechanic sports analyst etc. Its also never to late to change your habits. My parents let me do whatever i wanted at first i played video games but then i knew there other more interesting things that will actually help in life.

  6. bruh this dude was 12 and graduated high school and didn’t even try, when i put my heart and soul into studying and i only get 85-100 in my classes 😢

  7. "Hi Im Mark,And Im Really Smart."

    Wow can't believe it


    Wow clap for mark he actually IS smart!

    i hated people like you, but at the same time i cant hate on the gifted

  9. This is me no joke I get straight A teachers mad love mathematics except I am in middle school and one of the youngest in the school don't worry I am 11

  10. Him: I graduated high school when I was 12

    Me: I went to jail at 14 because I burned my house down cus of a daddy long legs

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