Honest Graduation Song

When we graduated high school we were close as could be Said I’ll come visit you and you’ll come visit me I keep telling my new friends ’bout you And all the crazy high school things that we used to do When I looked at a map your school was kinda far I’d love to go visit but I don’t have a c ar If I, got worried about the plans we didn’t make We’d both be totes be chillin’ hard over thanksgiving break Cause we’re bffs, we wont break that bond Even if two your I’m’s I don’t respond Can’t help it that we rarely speak Busy scheldule man I can’t talk this week And it was me and you, but now my roommate too His name’s Jim and you really gotta meet him dude He is really lucky that he’s in a band We’ve got inside jokes that you won’t understand But dude we’re friends for real As we go on I remember That one thing we Did together College gave me A different outlook We’ll always be Friends on facebook So freshman year has ended and we’re home again for summer I saw you at Starbucks, you were being quite a bummer You were whining ’bout how we never chilled all year And trying to get me to come out for a beer You’re a little bit funny but you’re blind to see That we’re two far different people than we used to be So I still write happy B Day on your wall And be nice to your mom when I see her at the mall But please don’t ever call Dude I moved on Please don’t get pissed I’ve got new friends And you’re not missed Now I’m leaving Take a good look You won’t see me ‘Cept on Facebook When we’re sitting at a funeral few years from now Some guy we knew died and we’re both back in town (In Town) I’ll wander over and I’ll say hello Heard you got married, how did it go? Things are tough lately, lost my job in L. A My life is somewhere between bad and ok I heard, I heard you’re doing really well Know anyone who’s looking for help? Dude I’m sorry I was distant But I never Met to dismiss Our great friendship Hard as it’s been We can still be Friends on Linked In Dude I’m sorry I was distant But I never Meant to dismiss Our great friendship Hard as it’s been We can still be, friends on Linked In

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  1. I am in university and I always reminisce about the good times I had in high school and the friends that I have made whilst in High school. However, we sorted drifted apart after graduating.

    I can relate to this song.

  2. I remember my friends from highschool, but I acknowledge I was the weird guy. I don't worry that my highschool friends all moved on.

  3. My senior year I started becoming friends with some new people. My old friends got jealous and we started to talk less. I was still sort of friends with them till we graduated. I stayed friends with a lot of the drama kids but slowly we talked less and less. I ended up losing contact with many of them but then I reconnected with old high school friends. Eventually I had a falling out with all but 2 and now we are too busy to talk. I don't mind though as we are all very different people now an shave new friends. I have found that it is much easier to make friends in college and easier to find people you have more in common with.

  4. Then you make new friends in college, graduate again, and it’s even harder to see them because your families don’t live in the same city 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I can’t wait to get out of High school, but leaving my friends and my house and free living scares me. I do and don’t want to grow up.

  6. You ever get that feeling that you want to go back to visit your high school but at the same time you don't want to.

  7. I won't have to worry about this, because I had no social life in high school. My friends never wanted to hang out with me and didn't actually care about me. All I had were phony classroom buddies who left me alone every weekend and never texted me, so I will be graduating alone and flipping my middle finger on the way out.

  8. Class of 2016 here and depressed more than ever. All I've been told by adults was to cherish your time in high school. Yet, I and basically everyone never did. I really only miss having no responsibilities. Those were the days.

  9. i clicked on this video thinking i'd get a good laugh, instead i got bittersweet memories 'bout my old high school buddies flooding my thoughts. and i both hate and love you for it.

  10. dude this made me sad for two reasons. the let go friend is me, and i guessed half the fucking lyrics before he sang them.

  11. I try to get back with old friends, but their are just times when you just aren't able to stay good friends in its just aqward having a conversation

  12. watching this back in 6th grade: hahahaha that's so funny!
    watching this now: shit dude i need to call my friends.

  13. I know i won't stay friends with everyone in highschool forever, but what u will do is cherish the time i do have with them till it ends

  14. This is crazy. I first watched this when I was in eighth grade, and now I'm graduating high school tomorrow.

  15. Its been 5 years since my highschool
    I got a job and i got married
    But im still best friends with a friend from highschool
    I knew him from third grade

  16. At least in today’s day and age it IS easier to stay in touch with cell phones and stuff, not saying it’s likely, but it is easier. I just finished my first year of high school and it’s depressing to think I only have 3 years left of being a kid.

  17. Me and my classmates have been friends since the first grade and we are now going into grade 10 we’re all still in the same school and we might stay together until we graduate and might not

  18. Just when I thought 'how will they put this thing that this guy is looking for a job and now thinks of his old friend as an opportunity?' and THERE: you change the social network in the chorus. And it was GENIUS =)

  19. Class of 2008 here. I dont talk to any of my friends anymore. I stopped talking to my best friend because she moved after graduation but now im doing good and she is a stripper in another state

  20. I was 13 when I first saw this video. Now I'm 22. I'm still good friends with my best friend from that time, but this video rings true. She's a brilliant, successful academic. (She's probably the singularly smartest person I've ever met, and I know a lot of smart people.) I went to community college and I'm training to be a teacher in the same place we grew up. We're still close, but we've definitely gotten more distant over the years. Our lives are just very different.

  21. this is the song is very true, and that's why it hurts so much, I met a girl in my senior. she was really sweet girl and she was easy to talk, when we went our first date, and I kisser her, and then later on, she tells me that was very first kiss, it was a very special moment and meant a lot to me, we were dating but we never made official, but we did do the exact same thing if we official, I did have feelings for her, but I felt she could to do better, we had some incidents that it was very personal and it also embarrassing. but I never told anyone and always kept everything to myself. but during that time, I met the girl of my dreams, she was beautiful. and she was so sweet, I knew why I fell in love with her b/c of how she was, I got her number and the next day I call, it was a basic getting to know eachter, but last only 5 mins, I was sad and didn't think she ever call me, but she did, and when I seen ner name on my phone, I was driving but pull on side, I was so shock and the rest was history, but my friend who was just dating. but we both agree if we want to some body else we agree, but like I said, she deserve better, I told her, your going to get married to some one you truly love and have 2 kids and a job helping people, mostly likely children or teens, but she was really sad I was dating somebody. and I do the biggest mistakes I ever did in life, I brake my lady so I wouldn't hurt her feelings, but I realize, I loved my dream girl and im suppose to be other but I was to late, she said she didn't have feelings anymore, and she ends dating some one else……..and now we are the present. I lost my job at the worst time ever, I invest a lot of money, before I got fired, and the invest was a huge bust, I lost everything. I was depress I became a drug addict. I tried to to talk to other people but I couldn't, One day I pass out and my family takes me E.R, I lost of blood due to my drug of choice,..one day I remember the girl I was dating. I go to her facebook nad I found her, I sent her message with my number. then she calls me back, I was happy to talk to her after all those years. and everything I told her whats going to happen, she got married and had 2 kids and help teens. but she seem like cocky and even looking down on me, I ask her fi I can see her one more time, 5 mins and a hug, she was made excuse about not to see me, I kept texting her and send D.M. maybe I did over due it, and I know it shouldn't done it too much, but I felt I wasn't some guy she met at bar or a party. we had a great thing between us and never once got in a fight, aleast tell me if you don't want to see me, im going to hurt regardless, but she didn't she block me, I treated her very best, and give up something that always with me and it haunts, I come to find out she 5 mins away,..I cant even explain how I was feeling………..they way I look at it now, if your high school, middle school or even 6th grades, that friends you have and even your best friend, mostly wont split apart and go different directions, so much so, if you guys ran to each other, either very small talk or just pass by not saying thing. and I believe if that girl met another guy, that guy will destroy her lfie and embarrassed her so much b/c she tell everybody

  22. This came up on my old YouTube playlist and I'm shook. Used to think it was sad but kind of funny because it didn't relate to my mate and I but now she hates me so, shit got feels.

  23. I know I'm gonna get tons of hate for this, but what's the name of the actual song this is based on? I remember the tune (which I love, it's so soothing and melodic), but not the lyrics.

  24. I'm in my last year of college and most people have already started to get distant. This is so sad , this song is so true. 😣

  25. Freshman in college. I've lost contact with most of my high school friends, and I rarely talk to the ones I'm still in contact with. To be honest though, I'm perfectly fine with that. A lot of my high school "friends" weren't really friends to start with, but I still cherish the memories I made with my real friends who are few and far between, but when it comes to friendship quality > quantity.

  26. My older sister actually managed to maintain her friendship with her childhood friend from middle school and they're both graduates now

  27. I never really made friends that I felt attached to in high school, except two. The first friendship began in middle school and ended the first year of high school, due to that person moving and dealing with personal issues. The second friendship began in middle school too, then was rekindled my junior year but already begun to fizzle out even before graduation. So I spent summer vacation alone and after some last minute preparation, I got into a university ten minutes from my house.
    There, I met my best friend who was doing duel enrollment, so she's a grade lower than me, but we have been best friends for nearly 4 years now and attend the same private college states away from home. I lost all contact with my first friend. My second friend still likes my pictures on Instagram every now and then, and I do the same, but that's it. I don't know if I'll ever meet either of them again, but I hope that they both succeed in life 🙂

  28. Most of my friends are people I've known since I was 12, others I've known since I was in my early 20 s (I'm 30 now) this song isn't always relevant. Its harder to get together, but we are still there for each other.

  29. Accurately descripted. Honest Graduation song. If you've found this depressing, it's because you my friend suck at seeing life realistically.

  30. Class of 2009 here, ya this is very true, it still hurts sometimes because of how close my class was with each other.

    The joke will be on everyone that walked away, just about everyone, when this song plays at our reunion with a bunch of other sad songs mixed in.

  31. It is sad. But what most of us didnt realize was during highschool you are litterally funneled into a building 7 hours aday with shitloads of ppl yourage from all over the county. Once u graduate the excuse to see your freinds is gone. An if the bond isnt really strong just that inconvenience is enough for many freindships to wither away.

  32. F#@king Canon in D?!??! Er- I'm sorry, Canon in A to avoid copyright strikes… Well, what should I have been expecting?

  33. I think it would be more interesting if the guy helped him at the end. Like, there are great friends I haven't talked in years, but if they really needed help and I could help, I would.

  34. I'm coming up on my 10 year graduation anniversary… Between both high school and college I have two friends, both from high school. One actually from elementary school, the other was someone I met in high school and we've been reconnecting over the last year.

  35. None of the friendships that I had in high school were very strong. Not depressed and angry because of the song itself, but because I didn’t get a chance to live that kind of normal high school life.

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