12 Replies to “Hillsdale in DC | The Steve & Amy Van Andel Graduate School of Government”

  1. An then there was the last chance, hillsdale College to, straighten out your misdirected FBI deap State masonic HIGH SCHOOL FBI
    edumacation for better or worse till death due us part !!!

  2. The Devil's kingdom. Government belongs to the Devil and his freemasons. Freemasons don't build buildings, they build governments for the Devil. https://youtu.be/B_uSYhSW-7k

  3. This college is a conservative bubble and fans of Trump. The videos they publish would "sound like sense but for the warning in your heart." Please consider that when consuming their videos.

  4. City States
    Wash. D.C.  =   Military      British Crown Colony and Corporation since 1982 – Rothschild controlled
    London      =     Money       Rothschild Controlled
    Vatican      =     Mind  
    The 3-City State World Empire  (16 min.)

  5. How come your cowards turned off commenting on your post about marijuana use and violence? Jk, the thousands of more down votes tells me why. 😂 Nerds.

  6. This school shuts off comment sections of its videos so people can't crush there propaganda !! How can a learning institution remove free discussion?? Where is the video about alcohol violence and mental illness , ? The donors to this school cant have there company's being bashed

  7. Alex berenson | marijuana, mental health, violence

    Why are the comments off? Wouldn’t want any kind of open discussion about your propaganda now would we?

    Seriously what problem could possibly arise from having comments on? There’s no reason there’s no justification.

    It’s sad

  8. Hey hillandale college remember making a video about weed and the comments was disable. Yall are sad because while you guys judge weed, I bet you guys get drunk, and smoke cigs but dont see a problem with it 😂 clowns

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