Guidance for Graduates: JB Peterson: From 12 Rules for Life

Graduation is highly significant for young people because it is a death and a renewal at the same time I mean, it’s a good way of learning, too,
about life because, you see, when you graduate, simultaneously, you have
attained the pinnacle of something. But by the same token it instantly transforms
you into a beginner at the next stage of your life. When people say, “What do you want
to be when they grow up in our society” they usually mean: “What career are you going to pick?”. It’s really not the way the question
should be asked or conceptualized. You should really think about
what sort of character you want to have. I would say you should surround yourself with people who are aiming up and
who want the best for what’s best in you. Unless you want people that
will excuse your pathologies and make way for your weakness
and lead you down the path of perdition. So you’re going to take care of yourself, you’re going to take care of your family, you’re going to take care of your community. You want to grow up and be
a responsible, forthright and honest person. It’s the best way through life. There could be a lot more to you than you know, highly probable, and you should act as if there is and then you should go out there
and try to do, if not great things, at least honest, productive,
meaningful, engaged and positive things. That’s what you should be aiming at. There’s nothing in that except good.

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  1. The production value is spot on!! Esp the end lol love it. I’m starting my masters in Toronto this year!

  2. His alt-right white supremacist side really comes through in this video. The left wing media are a truly honest and reliable bunch

  3. Keep doing these. Despite some fans not liking the self help brand, the truth is as a psychologist and professor you have the credibility to do it. Next Dr.Phill? Lol

  4. I like what you say in the video but it feels really over-edited, and a bit cheesy with all the stock-clips of laughing people

  5. I won’t be graduating till next year, but JBP is one of the reasons I’m a 30 year old undergrad lol

  6. Peterson also appeals to liberal progressive men like me. Men, especially young men, have been under assault by the extreme left for the past 3 decades, but unfortunately the extreme right doesn't offer them anything either. Both extremes turn into lunacy! In my book, Peterson speaks common sense. I may not agree with him on some things, but he makes a whole hell of a lot of sense as an authentic thinker than most of the science-deniers on the extreme right and left (right = climate change and ecology; left = essential biological differences between male and female). We need more middle of the road discussion to heal our country.

  7. Great message, dr. Peterson! However, you are one of those speakers that do not require background music to Inspire or motivate. Your words are plenty.

  8. I always have to laugh at that last seconds, when hes standing in front of the wall and his URL is showing, because that looks so damned stage that it always throws me off, because hes always seems natural except that scene :'D

  9. i am reading this book. Its good and carries so much more than what i expected. just one discomforting thing is, he every then and now relates everything with whats written in bible or other scriptures. I really like reading stuff where logic is enough and one doesnt have to take reference of any religious books. Adam and eve, their talks with god, and many other catholic names and stories, which a non-christian is not familiar with, or an atheist is not interested in.. that is a bit of kill joy in book. the moment i am diving deeper in meanings , some biblical reference ruins the flow. other than that, many things are so relatable and eye opening.

  10. Well spoken, but the music sort of took away from the honesty of the message. It was a bit cheesy


    1. Be white
    2. Be born to wealthy family
    3. Get a useful degree
    4. Forget the rest of the 9 steps

    I love my white privilege. Ain’t ashamed of it.

  12. For me Graduation was an awful time. It was at that time I realised I had basically been lied to since I started high school, and also realised that the industry I had just spent 3 years training for had completely flipped on itself in about a year. I had always been sceptical of claims made by schools and the universities themselves, but the reality is actually a lot worse than I predicted.

    Had always been told that you go to uni and at the end you will be able to get a higher paying job. Well in NZ the average graduate salary is miles below the starting salary for a police officer, hell even NZ soldiers get payed more. Projected salaries after 5 years are still well below what you get in the services. This is only going to get worse while the countries immigration policy stays the way it is. Now the government has essentially abandoned all funding for advanced and technical fields, and instead is focusing purely on housing construction and tourism to accommodate the ever increasing number of "skilled" migrants arriving in the country. We have so many nigh-on dead industries in this country its insane.

    And that's if you are lucky enough to even get a graduate role since the sheer amount of competition has made it nigh on impossible for anyone who wasn't in the top 1% of the class or didn't sell themselves out for unpaid internships to get these positions. This is only going to get worse now that the new government is making tertiary education free. I can almost guarantee that quaternary and post-grad education is going to become a new standard, which means you have to spend more money and more time in education.

  13. Just saw Dr. Peterson in Chicago. I got to meet him after and he is exactly what you would expect. There is NO duplicity here. He is a great man.

    Bravo, and keep up the good work.

  14. I'll see you tomorrow in Denver Dr. Peterson! Thank you for turning chaos into order.

  15. Sir, I am an admirer of your intellect I consider myself an intellect as your self. I am writing this to you without the expectation of you reading this.

    The whole truth is not visible
    We can choose to use visible light.
    Behold the gods who tremble
    Upon the intellect's might.

  16. This is an ad for the book. So buy the book! Jordan needs and deserves our monetary support. For all he gives us, it's more than a fair exchange.

  17. These videos are so cringey JP! The music… The stock footage… No me gusta

    The message is great though

  18. Okay, whoever produced this needs to change the music ASAP. I can't think of anything more antithetical to Peterson's soaring rhetoric than the kind of music they sell pharmaceuticals with.

  19. You are an embarrassment. After that discussion with Matt Dillahunty you should withdraw from public life if you had a bare minimum of human decency.
    Of course you won't do that, because you don't have any decency whatsoever. You started your "project" with a lie about the bill C16 after all.

  20. For man to be truly free he must exile himself from societal constructs and normative paths such as this one. Follow what you yearn for.

  21. Jordan: The term "right wing" has come to mean "nasty". Here's the truth. On the left are collectivism, totalitarianism, the subordination of the individual. On the right we have individualism, natural law, property rights, liberty. The so-called alt-left are really somewhere on the left side of the continuum. As are fascism and national socialism.

  22. I love watching the transformation of the production of your videos, and the type of content over the course of this past year on youtube and in other public forums. You have helped me greatly, sir. From one Canadian and Human Being to another, thank you.

  23. I've always known you can buy stock corporate images of industrious office workers. Never knew they made videos too!

  24. Jordan Peterson is controlled resistance being forced on people as real. He is there to take over the real resistance.

  25. So I've seen some news reports that have labeled JBP as a cult leader who 'exploits his viewers for money' did anyone tell those idiots that he started uploading videos in 2014 and that all his videos/podcasts are free. I am sick to death of the media painting him as an ALT-RIGHT conservative…..

  26. Jordan Peterson will you do a interview on Ron Paul's show on the non aggression principle?

  27. I had a dream last night that I went to see Jordan Peterson speak. I shamelessly hit on him. He was flattered but obviously did not reciprocate. Then he drove away in a Trans Am.

    I wonder what that means other than I think he is the coolest?

  28. Jordan: You have stated that you reject ideologies and that people should avoid getting involved with ideological groups, that they should live their own lives, taking responsibility for their lives and striving to do the right thing. I don't know if you realise it but that makes you a libertarian. Which means you are far right (using the correct definition of the term).

  29. When it comes to your shadow self and incorporating it, what do you do if you think your shadow self is actually dangerous? To others and to yourself, what if in the past you’ve done things that are very illegal, and are finding it har dot find a balance between being a fake but very very very nice person, and someone that might smash every window on your house?

  30. Your interview with Bill Maher was True, True, True. Peterson you are spot on my friend. Please please please come to Australia to help us before we get out of control. This bullshit from the "Educated" left wingers is in our schools, universities, local councils, and into our work places. There is an under-current building up where people have had enough of this bullshit and have begun standing up to this crap but we need people like yourself to get the balance back again. Please please please come to Australia

  31. Hmmm, I never went to my graduation. No desire in sitting through a long ceremony plus having to go a thousand or so miles was both too expensive for myself and my family. Wanted to preserve funds for my little brothers continued college experience. Even graduated early to cut down on expense. Man life is a struggle though.

  32. Love u man! You are one of the missing puzzles in the voices puzzle of the world. Thats why we are so thrilled about you. It is a clear distinct voice among noise.

  33. I love the videos, but if I'm being honest, I'm not a fan of whatever agency you hired for media like this video. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of optimizing for youtube and how often these kind of videos do well. That said, the stock footage, image thumbs, etc. kind of give me a general vibe of inauthenticity.

  34. Peterson awesome as always, but the cheesy music and stock footage really cheapens things :/ It's like watching a commercial for an investment broker or something.

  35. Just graduated from High School! Absolutely terrified, but I'm also ecstatic to become a real part of society.

  36. My youngest daughter just graduated with her first degree. I forwarded this video to her. Thank you.

  37. Dr Peterson, I don't know if you'll see this but I wanted to say thank you. Your 12 rules for life helped me to get back on the horse regarding my dissertation and finishing my doctorate. In addition, cleaning my room has become an indispensable ritual which has done wonders for improving my daily drive to get things done. Thank you.

  38. I’m going into my senior year at undergrad so I can feel the beginning of the next major hurdle being set up, whilst juggling my current positions various obligations. I see the horizon with a great deal of joy, yet I also know of the hardship that will likely come of my choices. I plan on acquiring a Ph.D in history (not sure where i’m going yet but I plan on taking the GRE soon and starting the application process this fall for my masters program) and I’m trying to make friends and mentors in my field (and others) whom will challenge me mentally and strive to really critique my work. It’s been fun so far, so really the whole new world thing feels just like the old one, now just with a few new dynamics. Perhaps it hasn’t set in yet, or I’m just naive, but I certainly don’t fear it. I’ve been working on myself steadily as i’ve gone through college and I’ve heard from friends and my mentors that it’s night and day from how I started, so I hope that’s good. I look forward to the professional world and that of the adult. Maybe, just maybe I can write something worth reading in my profession and really challenge the current status quo in some places. Slow and steady though, and maybe I may come out of all this as a better man than when I started. Thank you Dr. Peterson, your work inspires me and I hope I can approach my field with the same level of gusto as you do yours.

    Edit: Man i’ve gotten wordy.

  39. This short, succinct video comforted me quite a lot just now. Having graduated just over a month ago, I feel like I've been swept to sea. Was it the right degree? What if my motivations for said degree weren't true? What if there's no work in said industry? But all that doesn't matter. So long as I'm honest, productive, meaningful, engaged and positive. And so long as I keep moving forward from yesterday.

  40. Jordan can you please do a video explanation over the film taxi driver I think that'd be really chuck full of good material to go over

  41. Jordan,
    I attended graduation on Saturday and the speaker was a far leftist (Guzman) who was introduced by a student "dreamer". Guzman wrote the rebuttal to Trump's State of the Union address, and during the grad speech she talked mainly my about how she's pro-immigration (including illegal), and literally said during her speech that "black lives matter!" and "climate change is real!". She also hated on Trump and spoke highly of Bernie. I couldn't believe it, it had nothing to do with graduation. It was like some campaign speech meant to brainwash us. I also found out that the speaker last year was Tim Kaine. The school is Northern Virginia Community College. I wanted to tell somebody because I don't know how to "complain" to the school at the moment, but I feel like my graduation was hijacked by a leftist brainwashing session. I'm not even necessarily a Republican either, but the point is that her speech had no place at a graduation ceremony. And those of us who didn't mindlessly cheer have no voice in the matter. Those of us who don't agree with illegal immigration and who don't believe in all the leftist falsehoods had our graduation stolen from us because the whole ceremony represented all the things we don't believe in, instead of celebrating our achievement of actually graduating. I was just appalled at how straight forward it all was; she didn't even try to hide the extreme leftism

  42. Dear Jordan i have been watching and following your YouTube video all the way and recently i realize that your power of responses to critics has decline. I believe this happened due to your fear and bombardment of accusations . You were at your best with in front of cathy newman and your recent interview with british channel was not as good. I believe you need to over come the fear of being harassed by accusations and stay peaceful and dis-attached in your mind as you were with cathy newman. second thing is that when you have been asked about donlad trump presidency your respond did not show your point of view and then those who against you can use it against you. long life my friend

  43. Woman are irrational and inconsiderate, they have a capacity for logic but it is not their modus operandi, that is to say that they must exert effort to be logical as it is not their factory setting. A logistical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional: woman are easy compromise. Their decisions are based on their current emotional stat rather then the abstraction of logic. It's this proclivity to change so quickly which causes them to act inconsistently and contradiction.

  44. 'What do you want to be when you gow up? '…….. Let's try – 'Who do you want to be when you grow up.' Honest, responsible, forthright, productive, and then when you can, enable others to do the same. That would be a good thing.

  45. Jordan B. Peterson, you are helping a lot of people immensely – you are doing great, great things ! Thank you !

  46. Dr. Peterson again thank you thank you for the wounderful words and honest encouragement. ( Oh, and I like the music.)

  47. what sort of character you want to have. You want to grow up and be a responsible, forthright and honest person, now that hit me right there.

  48. MONSIEUR PETERSON s'il vous plait; here's my message & humble request to you.
    Thank you sir, you have my respect; now, unfortunately, I feel a "Peterson fatigue" about to occure @ large… it must be but human.
    In lue of circumstances ie: your devotion in all the correct instances & ability from interest to absorb.
    A respectable portion of Canadian  population would like you to retreat & learn the workings of our government, from end to end. Choose a party & run @ once to govern the PM's office.
    I don't want to see you until the ballot box; take this seriously.
    You have a RESPONSSABILITY to lead monsieur. To deny your service to Canadians will not serve you well I'm afraid  :/
    You, along with the state of the geo•social•political scene of our times, have made this your destiny; in all facets.
    Fighting this is redundant, now retreat, get well & learn. For ALL of our sakes, learn, embrace in peace the rogue waves of work, concern & reaponssability.

    Trugarez Monsieur,
    your Canadian Breton, lobster @ large.

  49. Graduating this evening. Idk where I'm going or what I'm doing but I know that wherever I'll go or whatever I'll do I'll fight, kick, and struggle to become the absolute best me I can possibly imagine. Thanks for the vid JBP. Less than two minutes and it helped more than anything else.

  50. Good advice for us all …thank you y gracias, Doctor Jordania Bartolomeo Hijo de Pedro El Magnifico!!

  51. Wow trash, giving money to youtube promote your aberrant garbage ideologies lmao. Can't believe I've seen this as a advertisement. Absolute waste.

  52. Please circulate this, its not being discussed anywhere and it should:

    My old university is offering “female only” lectureships and senior academic position in the mathematical sciences. Now I am a postdoc, i know how few these jobs are world wide let alone in Australia. It just adds to the stress of being an academic by being actively discriminated against. Not some gut feeling, my great grandma couldn’t vote so that effects me, air-conditioning is too cold, oppressed kind of way. Actual “we don’t want you because of your dick” oppression.

    The sciences are not safe and now compromised in the hiring practices. Why do a PhD if your male? It is just going to be harder still

  53. Wow. Do something meaningful. Be honest. Hang out with people who want what’s best for you. Wow. This whole time I’ve been living a meaningless, dishonest life and hanging out with losers who hate me. Man ive been doing it wrong!!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Also, ive been drinking a little anti freeze everyday and spending more than I make. Should I stop that? I’m could you make a video or write a book where you tell me not too? Wowwww.

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