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  1. I am so jelous about raspados no where in Las Vegas sell the shaved ice with that flavor or fruits of Mexico garcias. Mis gueritos favoritos

  2. Although I was not able to study at UNAM because an strike started in 2008, I would had been very happy studying there. I recall this frase from a movie "The place where people meet to seek the highest, is holy ground" and I can say that UNAM is the height of bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies in Mexico. ¡Bendita nuestra Máxima Casa de Estudios!

  3. Hi, I’m mexican, and I study there (UNAM). Sorry if my english is bad 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I just wanted to say that your video was great, I’m so proud yo study accountancy in UNAM, the best university in México and one of the most important in Latin America. Come back soon guys 👍🏻

  4. Gracias a este tipo de universidades muchas personas que no teníamos los recursos para pagar una escuela privada pudimos salir adelante en nuestras vidas y obtener una educación que nos permitiera desarrollarnos laboralmente y competir incluso con egresados de escuelas de prestigio.

  5. Queeeeeeeee una de las mejores universidades es gratis no manchennnn!!! Yo soy chilanga criada en USA y tuve q esperar 15 perros años para poder legalisarme y despues acabar con una deuda de alrededor de 25000 dolares al gobierno😩😡😂 hasta mi madre ubiera podido costiar mi vida en mi natal Mexico ya me entro la depre

  6. Well… I’m from the 6% of people that managed to get to UNAM this year, I’m super proud.

    And that mall is sooo near my house 😂😂 (Perisur)

  7. Also do not forget minimum wage in Mexico is the lowest in the whole American continent. $88 pesos/day roughly (U.S. $5/day), so those 20 pesos/taco mean you can only buy about 4,5/day.
    So everything is "cheap" when you are making $/€/£ back in your country and spending your money in pesos for "cheap" stuff.

  8. You could also take the "PumaBus" to Centro Cultural Universitario and it´s free <3 I really miss my University #HechaenCu

  9. Just in front of that mall there are some pyramids You should visit them and the museum! It's called cuicuilco

  10. Hey guys, I lived in DF for four years and considered going to school there….but the degrees don't transfer over internationally! At least not a nursing one….

  11. Gringos sometimes appreciate more than Mexican l was living in Oakland CA. And the truth is there many things ppl from up there will love from Mexico and others not really but sure everything depends on how people want to leave for instance Whit someone else support Whit food stamps etc. But problem sometimes is resolved Whit a job Whit ok pay and family support. America is great but not I'm back and Mexico down let me down at all. Thank you guys for the videos

  12. UNAM, previously named only Universidad de Mexico, and before that Universidad Real y Pontificia de México, is THE oldest university in America. It was founded in 1550.

  13. La UNAM, la mejor Universidad del país, la Universidad de México; hermosa, imponente, enorme, incluyente, avanzada, con investigación, arte, cultura, humanidades, ciencias, deporte… Lo siento mucho por los que no tuvieron el honor y privilegio de estudiar aquí, pero comprendo que por eso no saben lo que significa formar parte de la mejor universidad de México. ¡GOYAAA! ¡UNIVERSIDAD!❤❤❤😻

  14. La realidad es que en cuestiones Culturales, Historia, Leyes, Política y hasta arquitectura si quieren sigue siendo importante, donde se quedo obsoleta es en investigación y desarrollo Tecnológico. si fueran tan fregones rifarían en ciencia de la computación. bueno ciencia de vanguardia en general, haber cuando le llegan a MIT. no puedo creer que hasta los sur coreanos que casi apenas lograron su independencia tengan Samsung Hyunday etc. y México con lo mismo viviendo de la píldora anticonceptiva que ni siquiera quisieron desarrollar, y de la tv a colores obsoleto que hasta penita ajena da ya mencionarlo haber México el mundo espera algo grandioso es para ahora que no! espero que si.

  15. Hi Greg and Hillary!!.
    Super videos!!! congratulations!!!!.
    I am from Mexico city and I watch your videos.
    By the way…. I improve my english with your videos
    Les mando un abrazo!!

  16. This is why we are looking to move to Mexico City in the next three years so my stepson can attend UNAM ! My sister n law and my niece both graduated from there along with one of my stepson’s science teachers at the middle school he attended here in Waco, Texas. So I know it’s a great education and it can get you a good job back in the states if he want to come back here to live in the future, but why would he want to do a thing like that!

  17. If rocio durcal was "la española mas mexicana" you guys are "la gringuita mas mexicana" and "el gringo mas mexicano" 😁😁😁😁

  18. I am so proud of me ‘couse I almost understand the whole video !!! My English is improving or you are talking slowly !!!!!
    I love UNAM and my two daughters studied there.It is so nice you visited that excellent amazing university!!!!!

  19. Herradura tour rocks. Was just in GDL in August for FREE International Mariachi Festival and took same tour. You bring Mexico's beauty out in your videos! Keep your videos coming so more will be interested in visiting this beautiful country of my heritage.

  20. I completed a one year school in Florida and I’m already in debt just for that year, $11,000 and I get paid minimum wage. My family in Mexico can afford to go to College and I live in California and can’t afford to continue my education because it is incredibly expensive and I definitely don’t want to get more student loans

  21. Cuanto cuesta la inscripción. 25 centavos… Muy bien. Es sumamente barato por no decir gratis.. Pero que es 25 centavos… Wauuuuu

  22. Only high IQ college kids can get there ..very high grades…most kids if they can graduate go to other countries for masters degrees …

  23. UNAM is the mexican and latin american Harvard, my home, my new life and my beautiful years coming to me nextly, played association football (soccer), studying communications sciences, in the School of Polytics Sciences and Socials, i´m very happy there, for your history and your tradition, GOOOOOOOOOOYA UNIVERSIDAD!!!!!

  24. gringos que publican acerca de mexico en ingles, sí ponen subtítulos en español, les garantizo multiplicar por 4 su número de suscriptores.
    cuando veo uno de sus videos sin traducción le doy dedito abajo.

  25. The big problem with unam is that it's very affordable only if you already live close by. There are no unam mobility scholarships or anything like that (people do get scholarships elsewhere, but it's a whole deal). It's very centralized.

    There is also the issue of "pase reglamentado", where people who attended unam-affiliated high schools can waive the admission exam and enter by having a certain gpa. Those high schools are always inside Mexico City, it's another form of geographic elitism, where people from the rest of the country have to fight for the few remaining spots. In my experience people from pase reglamentado didn't value the unam as much as outsiders. They certainly didn't sacrifice that much to get there. My 2 cents.

  26. No todas las universidad son gratis solo la UNAM Y EL IPN PORQUE SON UNA DE LAS MEJORES ESCUELAS DE MEXICO pero ustedes deberían exigir a su gobierno educacion superior gratuita

  27. You guys,you must make a video with another foreign youtubers as Ale Ivanova from Russia,Seo Ju Park from Korea ,Bo Johnson from US and Erick Fonseca from Mexico thats works for RT … people that living and works in Mexico and make funny and informative videos …

  28. My doctor here in the states(Chicago) got her degree from the Universidad de Monterrey she is from Texas she lived in El paso while studying she saved a ton of money and is just a awesome Docter.

  29. Yes we are proud of University City. And it is free after several
    attempts from the government to charge. The students went on strike to defend the gratuity and autonomy…

  30. since mejican are very ignorant people, espero que a los extranjeros que estudian en la unam les cobren por la educacion

  31. Hola, cuando regresen al Estado de Guanajuato, no se pierdan de visitar la Ciudad de Irapuato, Gto. y ahí pidan que los lleven a la nieve de Don Ramon, la mejor nieve de raspa que probarán en su vida, y en lo referente a tacos visiten los Tacos de Furber que están enfrente de la Preparatoria Oficial de Irapuato estos tacos solo son por la noche a partir de las 7 pm más o menos . Saludos!!!

  32. Nowadays we usually say that ¨Who doesn't study is because doesn't wan't¨, there are lots of eduacational opportunities which can be affordable for most of student around the country and UNAM has been the most recognisable University so far.

  33. Free
    I study law
    And is on a public mexican school and heard about that it is free There make my wallet want to cry literally

  34. Publics universities in Mexico are free?? Not, it's not true, just UNAM is free the others publics universities are not.

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