Green Templeton College

Hey there, welcome to Green Templeton
College or GTC for short. My name is Spencer Tong and I’m a second year DPhil
student in medical sciences, today I’m going to be taking you on a tour of our college, which is a graduate only college, it’s one of the youngest colleges at the
University of Oxford, we have around 600 students who focus on studying medicine,
social sciences, MBAs and more. I’ll just see if my friends in here. So I’ve managed to interrupt one
student studying in the library, and this is Suz and she’s gonna be
discussing the graduate common room and the committee that’s involved in all
aspects of college life. Hi, I’m a second-year a masters student
at the Oxford Internet Institute, I’m studying social science of the internet, and I’m a here at GTC in the graduate common room and we’re a big
committee of different people organising all the events for college students. Me personally I’m doing external entertainment, so I’m doing everything where GTC
students interact with students from other colleges, for instance, exchange
dinners, cheese and wine exchanges, or common parties. So welcome to the GTC library, we’re gonna be a little bit quieter here because everyone else is studying. The best part about the GTC library is that it’s open 24/7, you can borrow medical equipment here, as evidenced by it my friend, also studying medical sciences. Any book that you want you can
request it from the librarian, and that can be sorted out here as well. So welcome to the stables bar. So in the stables bar we host BOPs, which stand for big open parties, and there are lots of
events for everyone to join in on. So this is the GTC hayloft, if you want to come up here and play board games, foosball do a little bit of quiet work, it’s a fantastic place for all those things. Similarly we also have space for movie nights. One other cool thing about GTC is
that you can get grants for conferences or student-led activities from schemes such as the Annual Fund which is very generously supported by our donors. So welcome to the principal’s office. Our principal is Professor Denise Lievesley, and one of the best parts about the college is that Denise’s door is always open if you want to have a
chat, if you want some tea, if you want to just get away from Oxford,
this is the best place to be. Denise do you mind? – Hello Spencer
– Hi there how are you? Happy New Year – Happy New Year to you, did you have a good time? – I did a little bit studying so it wasn’t the best of times but we’re okay, we just passed transfer.
– Oh brilliant – Yeah thank you
– That’s really good news – I’m really excited, but today
we’re actually gonna be making a short video about the college, and I thought
it’d be great if you could say hello to everyone thinking about joining GTC.
– Great well Green Templeton College is the newest of the Oxford colleges, just 12 years old, and we’re a graduate college for about 600 students who come
from all over the world, and it’s a great place to be
– Best place to be – I love it, yes, and the students are the life and soul of this place, it’s
really really wonderful. I talk to the students and get excited about the future that they’re going to create. – Well we’re trying and one of the best parts about Denise’s open doors is that often once a term we can come in and discuss how things are going in our labs or in classes, and it’s really nice to have
someone who’s really invested in your well-being at GTC, and whose doors always open, always really welcoming so thanks so much for letting us come and say hello. So for all the musically inclined students
here we have a music rotunda which has a various assortment of instruments, we’re gonna go in and see if
we can find any GTC musicians. And the answer is no. I’m gonna sit like this…. so. So this is the GTC music rotunda, the string quartet and the choir all practice here but all GTC students
have access to it, all you need to do is book it at the porters Lodge. So here we have the two tennis courts
that are available to all GTC students again all you need to do is book it at
the lodge. Right behind us is the squash court, and now we’re going to head to the gym. So this is the GTC gym, it’s super
well-equipped for a college gym. There are more than enough machines for
both boat club enthusiasts and novices. The college gym is free and everyone can
use it until 11 p.m. at night. So this is the the Radcliffe Observatory which was built in the 1800s it’s actually a listed historical site, so super
important and central part of not just the college, but also the entire region which is called the Ratcliffe Observatory Quarter. So this is the GTC dining hall,
it seats around 40 people and is set up in an informal way
where there is no high table and everyone sits together. Formal dinners happen once a week, but lunch service happens every single day and I might be biased but it’s the best food at Oxford. So this is the GTC common room, also known as the GCR. Here you can study, you can read, there are newspapers that are always provided here every day as well as free coffee. You might be wondering what this gong here is, but every single week right before formal meals, one of the kitchen staff will come here and hit the gong, which I will not do because there are people studying, to tell us that it’s time to come downstairs and eat the best food in Oxford. So one of my favourite parts about being at GTC is the fact that it is a graduate only college which means that all 600 students have a shared sense of purpose, which makes for a really strong community, really informal, casual, setting for everyone.

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