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– [Man] Two thousand years
ago, in the town of Nazareth, there’s a young girl named Mary. – One day, God sends the
angel Gabriel to Mary and he says– – “Highly favored one,
the Lord is with you.” – And as any of us would
be, Mary is frightened. – So the angel says to Mary, “Do not be afraid, for
you’ve found favor with God.” – He tells her that she
will give birth to a son and she is to call him Jesus. – That he will be called
son of the most high, and his kingdom will never end. – In Mary’s mind, there’s no
way that this is possible. – So she questions the angel and he answers her saying– – “The holy spirit will come upon you “and the power of the most
high will surround you.” – And without knowing– – And without understanding– – Mary takes hold of all the courage she can find
within herself and she says– – “I am the Lord’s servant, “may his will be fulfilled through me.” – [Man] Now, put yourself
in Joseph’s shoes. – His bride to be comes to him and tells him that she’s pregnant. – By the holy spirit. – And Joseph, being the
gracious man that he is agrees to break it off quietly. – Not long after he plans to do this, he’s visited by an angel in a dream. – The angels says, “Don’t be afraid to
take Mary as your wife.” – “She will give birth
to a son named Jesus.” – “And he will save his
people from their sins.” – As soon as Joseph wakes up– – Despite the shame and criticism that
would come from others– – He puts away his pride– – And takes Mary as his wife,
just as the Lord commanded. – When the time comes
for Jesus to be born,– – There was some shepherds
living out in the fields. – Keeping watch over
their flocks by night. – Suddenly, an angel of
the Lord appears to them – And the glory of the
Lord shines around them. – The angel sees how frightened they are and tells them not to be afraid. – And they are told the greatest news that
has ever been given. – “In the town of David,
the Messiah has been born.” – “They will find a
baby wrapped in clothes “and lying in a manger.” – In an instant, the shepherds were
surrounded by heavenly hosts. – As they all joined in saying– – “Glory to God in the
highest and on earth.” “Peace to those in which his favor rests.” – So the shepherds gathered their things– – With hearts full of
excitement and anticipation– – They set out to find the savior. – I can’t imagine what
Mary must have felt like. – I can’t imagine being
Joseph in that moment. – It had to be so hard to drop everything like the shepherds did. – To often, we can get so set in the plans that we have for our lives. – We can rest in our own assurance– – But more times than not,
God likes to wreck our plan. – All three of these stories
have something in common. – They followed the will of God. – Having no idea what was to come. – Putting aside their pride. – Their fear. – And their own plans– – To become apart of the greatest story that has ever been told. – This Christmas season, we challenge you to take a leap of faith. – Open up your heart to the plan that God might
be trying to reveal to you. – It may not look the
way you wanted it to. – I’m sure that’s not how
Mary pictured her life going. – I bet that was far from
what Joseph had imagined. – But God’s will for them– – Was a plan that is still
changing lives today. – So even if you don’t know– – Even if you don’t understand– – Just like Mary– – Just like Joseph– – Just like the shepherds– – Drop everything– – And begin living in your greatest story. (light instrumental music)

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