Greater College Park

The future of the University of Maryland is
tied to the future of our surrounding community If we are to be rightfully
considered as a premiere university in the nation we must build a dynamic
ecosystem of academics, research and innovation. A place that attracts new
start-ups and businesses, where people want to live, work and play. That is what greater College Park is all about. President Wallace Loh, together with city,
county and state partners, has made it a priority to revitalize the surrounding communities. The jointly developed University District vision seeks to transform College Park into one of the premiere college towns in the nation. Introducing Greater College Park. Greater
College Park is a vision of the future. Nearly one billion dollars in investment,
both on and off campus. The University of Maryland is a great place to work and the City of College Park is a great place to live. College Park has a lot to offer and
exciting plans for the future. Dynamic academic spaces, a public-private research hub and a vibrant downtown community. Four new state-of-the-art facilities will
inspire breakthrough research collaborations, provide next generation
learning environments for students including hacker makers basis to spur
innovation and service centers for interdisciplinary study on areas such as bioengineering, health and human performance, computer science, and augmented reality. The University of Maryland Research Park
is expanding to bring together university research with private and
public firms to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem unparalleled
anywhere in the state and a new innovation district right at the front door of the campus will usher in a new era of retail, public space and
public-private partnerships. We truly have one of the greatest research universities in America, now it’s up to us to create that great research university town. We have a real opportunity to get companies who are starting on campus to grow and thrive here and that can be an anchor to more
people living here and supporting new restaurant opportunities, new shopping,
new retail, new recreation amenities and really creating that full ecosystem
that leads to a really truly world-class university community. Downtown College Park is booming. Baltimore Avenue is one of the hottest development areas in the state. Anchored by a new four-star hotel
featuring new restaurants, a spa, and even incubator space for university startups. Calling it a hotel is a misnomer. It is really a fantastic mixed use project. For the first time we are changing the typology of buildings that are happening around College Park. Route 1 would be an enjoyable, walkable street a few years from now. The arts play a critical role in transforming College Park into a more vibrant, livable community. Just a few blocks south of the hotel is an exciting new arts project
that will provide space for a new restaurant and poetry slams, performance
and films. The art house is a great example of how we create opportunities for campus and community to come together and we’re very excited that we are at
the forefront of doing something that really, literally, is not happening anywhere else. Both the city and the university are bringing art to the boulevard and that will enhance the
quality of life, it will bring different communities together and enjoying an aesthetic event together is already an active community. New housing and retail projects are
underway, including a Target Express, a new concept in only a few select markets in the country. An abandoned restaurant will soon make way for a park with room for trendy food trucks. A new thirty-seven acre village featuring a high-end grocery store, hotel
and new retail is also under construction including a bridge that will connect these new amenities with the university’s Research Park. A revitalized college town associated with a campus is something that a contemporary
faculty member is interested in finding because what that means is not only is
their life at work high quality, but their family life can
also be high quality. The vision for College Park comes from true collaboration with city and county officials to improve safety,
transportation, education, housing and economic development in College Park. A great college town has arts, it has culture, it has music, it has creativity, it has innovation, it
has great minds. It’s a place where you learn not just at the institution but you learn just by living in that community. Dynamic academic spaces, a public-private research enterprise vibrant community everywhere you look. Exciting things are happening. Together we are building an innovation ecosystem that will enhance our community and drive job creation and economic development, throughout the whole region. Together we will build a greater College Park.

26 Replies to “Greater College Park”

  1. I Love the Project and Think it is a Great Step Forward, but I do Believe we Need to Keep the Maryland Golf Course in Tact! It is a Real Differentiator and will Complement all the New Brick and Mortar.

  2. OMG No more stench from Hungry Herman's filling the air? Today's kids have no idea how to rough it at college .. this video  shows they will be pampered and groomed to be elitists even more!  UMD B.S. Journalism–Class of 1983

  3. Excellent video to see the new and exciting things coming to the University of Maryland. So proud of my fellow Terps and so proud to still be a part of the UMD community. I've welcomed UMD students to intern with me for the past 12 years. 🙂 Go Terps! Roblyn Hymes, Class of 1982.

  4. Look, this conceptually these are great themes. However, the introductory video is nauseating, as it is so blatantly commercial that it seems the sop to "creativity" is cheap and transparently fake. It broke my heart to see the promotion of target express as a great new idea RIGHT NEXT TO video of the destruction of the little tavern (an abandoned restaurant) , a place where there was huge creativity in my time at CP. This has to be a human scale project for it to work.

  5. A dynamic and exciting vision. I am glad to see more of a focus on the arts, but also sad to see the tear down of our beloved Little Tavern highlighted, which was a key piece of generations' of night life in College Park. Let's all work together to balance the development of an organic, creative community with the large-scale commercial development. (UMD '88)

  6. when will all these innovations be fully completed? i am going to college next year and have a list of choices

  7. Hmm–I'm disappointed in the lack of there not being a charming, historic college retail village adjacent to such a prestigious, massive and OLD school. Very surprised. All the new retail looks like "bland urban pedestrian mall anywhere." All the demo is 1960's urban planning. (I'm a city planner.) Kinda sad. Not quite sure why colleges need to keep "growing". Will all colleges have 500,000 students in the future? Is that the goal? I don't get it. Oh–maybe it's Gov. Hogan–who has no taste and his favorite word is "more" regardless of what it looks like or what it does.

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