Graduation – University of Winchester

Distinguished guests, graduands, ladies and
gentlemen, a very warm welcome to you all to graduation And to Winchester in October. Where John Keats was inspired to write his famous ode to Autumn. Graduation is one of
life’s great occasions, It is time for celebration and a time looking forward to new adventures. Wisdom consists of doing the next thing you have to do, doing it with your whole heart
and finding delight in doing it. So, our hope is that as you leave us that you will go with knowledge and skills but even more importantly with wisdom together with a zest for life and further learning that will ensure your lasting success. It’s exciting to crown it all in a graduation. Yeah, celebrating finally being qualified. It’s a lot of work for a piece of paper but that piece of paper means a lot. For the last three years you
have a been a part of our community, you can be proud of what you have achieved and can look forward to what I hope will be the start of an exciting new chapter in your lives. Ladies and Gentlemen I ask you to join me in congratulating our graduates. I’m really
proud of him, it’s very fantastic, he’s done so well I wish him all the best. ONE

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