Graduation Party Ideas from Dollar Tree

Hi guys. I’m planning a graduation party and I asked
my friends the party planner here if she could help me out. Well I’m harley the party planner. But you do plan be most memorable get togethers so I was hoping you’d give me some advice on how to make this graduation party a great one. Well that’s why I brought you to Dollar Tree. Where memorable can easily be affordable. Now to make a crap party
memorable your going to want to personalize it by
incorporating your schools colors and Dollar Tree carries these colors
everyday but I just found out there doing
something really cool this year. Every store has expanded there color
selection. Go to’s school color
finder to see what new colors your Dollar Tree
stores carry. What if I want more than what’s in the store? Easy Shop the entire expanded color selection and more. Ship
it to your home or your Dollar Tree store for free in
store pickup. Look at these. Isn’t that cool. If you really wanna shout
graduation you can use Dollar Tree’s new graduation
patterns. Not only do they have plates, cups and napkins they also have
centerpieces, signs, banners, everything you need to celebrate your new
grad. And everything is really a dollar? A dollar or less less. Some folks claim to be the best party store around but for my money Dollar Tree is really number one. Like these. Did you see this serve ware? These are
nice. I can even reuse these. Oh an don’t forget a document frame
for the Diploma. I always hunt around the store and am surprised with what I find and remember to check they always have creative party ideas. Hi again. I’m excited to show you how Dollar Tree helped me with this grad party first I found these invitations from one
dollar and look they match everything else I got
at Dollar Tree. I’m also going to put matching balloons
on my mailbox and this sign in my yard so that guests know where the celebration is. So you saw all this and we were at the
store but did you know they also have snacks
and drinks. Do you want to pay three dollars for chips or one dollar? I’ll go to Dollar Tree. I also
found creative a graduation party ideas at like these hugh
cap and tassel cupcake and some fun markers to decorate the
graduates car. They have this new graduation page that
has some awesome ideas. I was also able to put
together this balloon centerpiece and personalize with the school’s colors
blue and white. Doesn’t this look great? I’m a huge Pinterest fan And am always repeating what I
see on Dollar tree’s Pinterest page but I’m gonna take some photos
everything I did for some pints of my own. I can wait for everyone to see them. if you’re celebrating a grad this year make it memorable still still keeping it
affordable let Dollar Tree help you personalize your party.

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