Graduation at York St John University

Today is our graduation day and it has been absolutely amazing. It’s an achievement, I’ve had ups and downs but honestly I’m so happy that I actually got here. You know how all this hard work and this is it, so yeah we just came to enjoy it and just get our certificate. It’s absolutely amazing I’m not gonna lie.
A long wait from July to November but it’s definitely worth it being in the minster today. I feel so proud of the students today. I think if you ask any academic that is here today they would tell you this is their best working day of the whole year. One of my favourite things of being a lecturer is seeing people come in when they’re new freshling peoples
and three years later they are fully grown up, mature, confident, wonderful people, that
are going out into the world to make a difference. Our families are here and all the students
are here and it has been absolutely amazing. It’s just been an absolute thrill from the
get go. Coming to York Minster and to the graduation ceremony adds an awful lot to the day. The Minster is a beautiful place, I can’t think of anything better to graduate in. You get to graduate inside one of the most historical landmarks in the country. It’s something special, it’s something to behold. Studying in the UK is much more than just learning languages or translation, because I can learn history, I can learn culture, and I not only learn,
but feel everything. It’s a great experience. From York St John I’ve learnt a lot of independence. I moved away from home and balancing everything like that, I feel like I’ve found myself through York St John. After three years of studying it absolutely feels like I deserve this. I have studied really hard and it’s been a rewarding feeling today like you get gratification from all that you’ve done and I’ve absolutely loved it. I can’t take back any moment of my three
years. I’m so happy that I got to experience uni life, uni life in York. I’ve had the best three years of my life. To people considering going to York I’d just say “do it”. The city is beautiful, York St John is beautiful. To me, the opportunities I’ve been presented with whilst studying in York, it’s just I couldn’t recommend it enough, I really couldn’t.

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