Graduate & Doctoral Hooding

Hoods will be provided for use to graduate and doctoral degree candidates during the ceremony. These hoods must be purchased or returned following the ceremony. The appropriate hood color will be placed over the graduate’s head from behind. Graduates should bend at the knees if necessary to assist during hooding. The person hooding the students will place the hood so that it rests snugly at the neckline and flatly on the graduate’s shoulders. Loop the safety string to secure the hood in place and fold the tail of the hood to expose the colorful lining of the hood. The hood color indicates the degree that you have earned: Light blue is for Doctorate in Ed Leadership and Educational Specialist Royal blue is for Master of Accountancy White is for Master of Arts Light blue is for Master of Arts in Teaching Royal blue is for Masters of Business Administration Brown is for Masters of Fine Arts Pink is for Master of Music Gold is for Master of Science Light blue is for Master of Science in Education and gold is for Specialist in School Psychology Congratulations on completing your studies at Western Illinois University

11 Replies to “Graduate & Doctoral Hooding”

  1. I never noticed the intricacies of graduation because I was so stunned by the fact that I am graduating that time. LOL.

  2. Congratulations to all of them. Wondering how these graduate students continued their dreams after they graduated.

  3. When listing the hoods, she said Doctorate hoods in alphabetical order by subject and then Master's hoods in alphabetical order by subject.  That is why some were mentioned twice.

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