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Let’s form two lines, kids. You look great. Congratulations to you all. ( students cheering ) GINGER:
There’s a big difference between the things we want and the things we wish for. The things we want are usually
pretty superficial– a new outfit, an invitation
to some cool kid’s party. But when we dare
to make a wish, it’s usually for something
more important and sometimes more elusive, the kind of thing that
you can’t really control, but you hope
will come true, like holding on
to your best friends forever or seeing your dad show up
at graduation. ( applause ) When we came
to Lucky Junior High, we looked funny,
we walked funny. We built cocoons
around ourselves until we could figure out
who we really were. We made friends,
we lost friends. Transformation is never easy,
but it made us who we are today. Butterflies– all of us here today
are butterflies. We come in different shapes
and colors… including Cola Number Five. ( laughing ) But we all have
one thing in common. We stand here today, poised to spread our wings
and take flight. According to Native American
legend, you can tell a butterfly
your wish and it will take that wish
up to the heavens and grant it for you. I taught her that. So make your wish, butterflies– all of you. ( crowd cheering ) ( applause and cheers ) Don’t let her get too far away
from me, okay?

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  1. After 2004, Nickelodeon would never be the same again.

    Spongebob's 1st movie came out, and that was initially supposed to be a series finale.

    The original Rugrats aired their final episode in 2004.

    Hey Arnold aired their last episode in 2004 (I know the movie came out in 2002, but there were still five episodes that had not yet aired and they premiered on the main channel so I count Hey Arnold).

    The Wild Thornberrys ended in 2004

    Rocket Power ended in 2004

    And As Told By Ginger with the Wedding movie, and this graduation ended in 2004.

    Symbolically, with five of these six ending, and Spongebob's decline, so did Nicktoons. We still had Danny Phantom (which premired in 2004, All Grown Up from 2003, Jimmy Neutron and Chalkzone from 2002, and Fairly OddParents from 2001), however, after Avatar, which debuted in 2005, the network went through seven nicktoons that failed to see a third season, after only having two from 1991-2005.

    Not every nickelodeon show that debuted after 2004 is terrible (Avatar, Loud House, Harvey Beaks, and iCarly was good too in my book), but the shows were less well marketed, and the network's ratings slowly disintegrated.

    I feel that the finales of 2004 was a sign that Nickelodeon "graduated" into a new phase. The phase from 1991-2004 was the "golden age", followed by a few experimental years from 2004-2007, and eight or so awful ones. However, the network is slowly improving. It may never scale the heights of the 1990's and early 2000's because TV isn't as popular among younger demographics as it used to be. However they are starting to move in the right direction once again.

    As for As Told By Ginger, this was a very underrated show from Nickelodeon. No one ever reviews it, or so it feels (if Scout Fly, Phantom Strider, or Saberspark ever read this, I would like to hear what you all think of it).

    I think it is one of the Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows of All Time. It had some heartfelt moments such as this one, and characters that complimented each other. The show also had great morals, great animation, and one of the best theme songs I've ever heard.

    Just curious, what do you guys think? Do you think Nick declined after 2004? What do you think of As Told By Ginger, is it underrated?

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day, and to those of you who are graduating congratulations and I wish you all the best of luck in life!

  2. My favorite moment of As Told By Ginger is release it on DVD now! Shout Factory or Paramount would be nice

  3. Apparently, there was half a season left to air after this episode. I don't remember seeing it; I DO remember this episode being billed by Nick as the series finale….

  4. They have on graduation gown and caps I thought they were graduating high school. They have seen nothing yet. Highschool hits you in the face like a bus.

  5. This episode means a lot to me since I graduated in 2004 still my all time favorite Nick moment I'm Cartoon History

  6. I watched this Cartoon 7 years ago without really understanding it. For some horrible circumstances, I couldn’t finish school and I had to leave my country. Now that I live in the USA and about to graduate, as a young adult, I finally understood this Cartoon! Although I’m an Otaku and like watching Anime, I think that this Cartoon is better than a whole bunch of Animes!

  7. Remember when cartoons didn't force morals or equity down the throats of children, but somehow everyone was represented? Remember when it was just good, entertaining, television that was fun to watch, With characters and life situations that you can actually relate to?….yeah I barely can either……
    But luckily we have NickSplat!

  8. I would prefer this speech any day over the shitty cringy one from my graduation. All the girl talked about was how rich she was and her shoes and how she made a journey in her uggs style whatever designed by so and Michael kors style costs 400 and etc. Everyone hated it and you could definitely. Talk about entitled. Sheesh.

  9. I wasnt able to go to my middle school graduation because I failed one class. also I couldn't go to my elementary school graduation because of vacation

  10. I watch Ginger from middle school to highschool, and changing outfits along the way.

    Pure happiness.

  11. ياربي ليه ماترجعون نكلودين السعوديه الي بدال امبيسي ٣🙂😭😭

  12. The fact that Lois wishes that her connection with her daughter doesn’t get distant as she goes through one of her challenges in her life gets to every single time.

  13. Please release the series on youtube, this is the best quality I have ever found it in. I'd love to buy this one, I'm sure many others would too, there are plenty of Nicktoons that would be perfect as digital releases.

  14. I remember watching this when I was in high school myself. Throws me so much back and bring the memories.
    Also GTA San Andreas debuted. I was in summer break. Man, those were the times.. (it's been 15 years since then – unbelievable)

  15. In elementary school I scored 99 percentage on my sat. I scored 90 on the asvab. I was so ready to leave but my e x said don't go and I stayed.

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