Exploring an Abandoned Detroit College

In this episode we’re continuing our exploration of Detroit’s abandoned sites with the Highland Park Community College the building began its life in 1915 as the Highland Park High School located just a few blocks away from the site of Henry Ford’s Highland Park Factory throughout the years the school would continue to expand eventually housing a junior college as well in the 1970s when high school enrollment began to drop the Community College took over the entire property it would operate until 1995 when the college ran out of students and money in its final years the building housed a Career Academy, which lasted until 2009 since then the building is sat in decay eroded by Nature and vandalism Now we’re venturing inside to discover what’s left? Thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring today’s video start protecting yourself on the web at Nord VPN comm Proper people and use the code proper people at checkout to get 75% off a three-year plan with an extra month for free Wow pretty nice always It’s got that molding up there drop ceiling was added way later it’s wide open down there too, though Does that go outside? Okay, I can see seats for an auditorium right here What is that it’s like What the heck It looks like it What down with those hooks? There’s batteries Someone built this and put it in here Oh Look these are light strings. Yeah Can we hook it up. I’m trying to plug it in this is connected. These are maybe supposed to be disconnected Yeah, maybe these go together This is cut to Was a switch here – it’s on somebody left it on a Bet the batteries are dead They were just left on they need new Oh shit part of it is on The other part it needs a little bit reworking There we go Wow Another really nice high school auditorium Very different for another I mean it’s not quite coolly but It’s still cool The winds whistling, I Hope that’s the wind Let’s head up to the second level These seats are pretty vintage looking It’s a very simple design for the chairs, but it still looks nice It’s like 50s 60s when they started to get more minimalistic, but they still paid attention to design Whereas these days it’s minimalistic with no attention paid to design really Yeah See if any keys work on these pianos this one definitely not This auditorium is part of the original 1915 high school in 1918 an entire new school was built directly to the west to meet the neighborhood’s explosive demand At first the two schools were segregated by gender and functioned independently, but they would later merge into one co-ed institution Wow, that’s a nice staircase Look at the height of the ceiling and look at the height where the drop ceiling is There’s lights. It’s really half the height. There’s lights above that drop ceiling. Yeah, there’s like a ceiling above the drop ceiling did day They just kept installing ceilings lower and lower to hide the old ceiling. No, it didn’t because you can see the seam in the paint It just had really high ceilings at first and they brought them way down Maybe because the drops uneven insulate that separately Enough to make it cheaper together. Yeah. It’s probably get up there. Oh Wow, it’s filled with papers back here financial aid admissions student services This is data Processor. Oh, yeah Let’s see how outdated the textbooks are They might not even be that old Century 21 accounted that one looks old, but this some of the geometry books that I just got a glimpse of back there 86 87, okay Wait, did we literally have this algebra book? It looks so familiar. I have seen this cover before that was the middle school algebra. Yeah I have seen this car before a hundred percent. Yeah. Oh This is so familiar, holy crap This was literally my textbook when I was in school, what years is from The profiling an updated version of it. This is copyright 2004. It literally could have been our middle school yearbook Did I call it a yearbook on say textbook? And dude, there’s like dead stock up here this boxes up here that aren’t even opened Those are language textbooks it says on the box Stay true Now is this outdoors or indoors it’s outdoors, right? Oh it is indoors Well, I’ve seen this place. Holy cow. Yeah Wow yeah, I mean They just connected the two older buildings. It looks like with this I Still have the banners for the Community College For most of its life the school is comprised of two completely separate buildings however in 1975 Juveniles set fire to a stack of mats in one of the gymnasiums and the fire quickly spread out of control The gym was a total loss. But in order to make the best of the situation this atrium was constructed in its place The elevator car is super misaligned Holy shit, it’s a triple decker Jam First time seeing a triple-decker one of these. Oh, this is the gym. He has three levels. Yeah There’s also a pool right below us to you that caught a clip. So if earlier It’s a cool gym Two tracks Or one track and a level for something else. Yeah, I’ll know it was down there. Yeah, I don’t know The curved ones the track. Yeah You want to go down those stairs and see if they lead to the pool? Yeah sure, okay This is creepy looking how it’s all caged in Hopefully, it’s still sturdy Here’s the pool I’ve got a diving board, you’re stealing the edge of it. I’m scared. It’s not hey, that one’s right Yeah, that’s gonna hurt if that falls yeah All right. Now you’re good This is the target or the tip I’m scared, I’ll do it. Yeah, don’t be scared of the tip Brian Alright is this good enough? Sure? Tie up eight feet I think so and could be twins. You don’t know him. You happened RIT when the wind picked up I think that was a drill it sound like a creaky door. It was a creaky door. Yeah, no It was that one right there, yes. Yeah, please It’d be the way but it could also be a ghost Very organized Everyone no, you look out of here. It’s just more abandoned buildings This was like a beauty classroom cosmetology, that’s the word I was looking for It’s like a machine well we cow That’s like one of those car factory arms looks like it you can program and you’ll do repetitive actions They probably had this here because it’s Detroit a lot of people teaching people that are on the side we had four of cars How about that one Not there goes well, there’s the grabby end of it Check it out you independent? Grab things it’s the port or a cup things got all the grease in there, too It’s strange for that ended up in here because it still looks like this was the cosmetology school based on what’s on the walls Step above arrest There’s workshop tables in here. Yeah, like sewing yeah sewing machines were ripped out There’s asbestos strips, what would you use these for? Use for care Crystal ball. I my investment Controls rip asbestos. Yeah, I wouldn’t touch that For making casts of something. Yeah Casting machine so maybes arts on something for art This is the casting machine I Mean there’s other reasons to make casts Oh, it’s dental molds right here oh shit. Yeah Wow So they use this bestest awesome these You put espress this in your mouth they literally just put asbestos in everything back then just cuz It was like a selling point of things back then it was good when I had asbestos Yeah Look at these Are these like finished ones it’s got like teeth in there. So someone already had done the cows Gnarlie is that that’s the asbestos tape. Oh, yeah too late Oh There’s boxes of it in here look at these there’s whole boxes of it all stacked up hundreds Yeah This room is cool too welding Welding laughing this is still up welcome new welding students Handwritten copies I earn my teachers would do this in high school too. Couldn’t bother typing In a welding class two things no beepers No radio or television any size Confidently any sizes added on so that’s how you know, they had an issue someone brought in like a tiny TV. Really I Think the funniest thing is no beepers that shows how old this is. No dancing. No concealed carry weapon Push buttons, no razors no finger blades. No, no What is this lot no extracting swords Extract keys. No clubs baseball bats or black checks, you know, this guy had some issues he had add on to his yes What comes up number four? Ropes nose, no crack nose candy. It says no. It’s a six crack sir. That’s a syrup crack No smoking. Crack Sade says anything nose candy smack This guy actually at someone smoking crack in his class or just I think he says tongue-in-cheek This is probably the teacher’s desk in here the thing they welded this in this classroom Are just instructions for learning well Back before the internet now, you can just go on YouTube and learn how to weld Components of a barbecue pit display I Guess one of their projects was to make a barbecue pit Quickly They might have had a mechanic’s shop back here if we can get into it No, okay force it open perseverance How to open the door perseverance works Yeah, we got a jig sticker definitely a mechanic shop It’s the exhaust vent Is this an upside-down car what the fuck I Didn’t know what it was at first. It’s a lights off. It’s a fucking car flipper around your thing What do you can call this? The car goes onto it and it flips It’s just like learn pieces of the car because it’s attached to the frame so the car can come off this So you can see the suspension and see Because if this was a real car flipping it upside down would fuck with all of ya All the door panels are off on this side. See it’s like cutaway so you could see the window motors and the rocks the regulator’s You could see how it works that’s pretty crazy it’s locked up Look at this thing right here Oh, it’s starting. It’s turning the car fucking can turn by hand close the door Turn this Care clothing gets hitting something over there At the end wash that in you hit something I hit something this thing just ain’t want something. It’s not touching anything I saw it move. This just came off. Oh Shit yeah, why don’t you push the others hall? Okay, I’m pushing down be careful it’s fucking fucks It’s probably hanging this way for a reason. Yeah, it’s not gravity. It wants to be yeah All right, what kind of car was? Think they would have calibrated it in the center of gravity so that you could the motor would do the least amount of work. Yeah Yeah, this is definitely a lecture hall, wow this drop ceiling looks dumb though it cuts off the top of the curtain it really does Do these still pivot properly Then you get a hashtag Full of desks though Come and do it or and this is the first thing you’d see The staircases were sealed off not like sealed, but Isolated from the rest they could section them off for security. Yeah See the more detailed ceiling in this hallway also I’m surprised that I ain’t just put the drop ceiling below this thing and cover that up. It seems like something they would do Wow get your money Wow Oh Aren’t you the cool So hold on here, oh one of these old blackboards spins around Is it locked yeah, you gotta loosen them That’s probably enough there. There you go Students write these To the funniest person I’ve ever met there’s names on the Friday’s Yeah, that’s like a maintenance access I think having numbers oh, yeah, they’re numbered Probably actually original lockers Yeah, Wow, it’s like built into the wall hooks Yeah, this place would look so cool and it was all original Yeah, probably to say well you think about everything back in the day was small, you know, like people were smaller This is a big room Wow, this looks like a science room Either Is there more back there And this thing looks freakin old Falco precision Maybe a sterilizer or something Look at this, there’s a lot of cool shit in this room right here. This – oh That whole thing is filled with these you could make a water-cooled PC loop out of these, uh, Where I saw Bobby annuals for our old Apple monitors, yes Just monitors this monitors Wow Racks on racks There’s a random examination table right there with a chair just chillin on top of it This room is cool. Hello. It’s a lecture hall. You know, what are these computers here? They probably aren’t supposed to be here They just put them here These are the swims the swivel chairs As the Sun was beginning to set we decided it was time to make our way out Today Detroit’s population decline has begun to stabilize and the city appears to be getting back on to its feet Many areas have been revived and derelict structures are being demolished all across the city Although it’s disappointing for us to see as explorers. The truth is it’s a necessary step in Detroit’s recovery Abandoned buildings are a huge drain on the city’s police and fire departments as well as other municipal services They’ve only just begun to make a dent. However And it will take decades to clean up the entire city before that time comes a return visit is definitely in order Thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring this video Nord VPN makes it extremely easy to secure yourself on the Internet by using military-grade encryption to ensure your connection is private This is extremely important if you’re connecting to any public networks, the encrypted connection hides what exactly you’re doing online? So your ISP or firewall can’t block any specific connection They’re simple to use applications that allow you to connect to one of their thousands of servers in over 61 countries You can even choose a different country and as far as your connection goes It will be just like you were there perfect to get around region restrictions nor VPN is giving our viewers 75% off a three-year plan with an extra month for free go to Nord VPN Dot-com slash proper people and use the code proper people at checkout That’s Nord VPN. Dot-com slash P. Ro PE our PEO ple or click the link in the description

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  5. Everything is vandalized and everything of value is stripped, but it's in Detroit so nobody touched the books. The new in the box foreign language textbooks might sell on eBay, but nobody touched them, because they are books and it's Detroit. I saw a video where a guy bought a house in Detroit, he came back 2 weeks later and someone stole the bricks off the side. All the bricks were in the ally next to the house on pallets shrink-wrapped, ready to be picked up. Nobody touched the new language books.

  6. "@24:55 "You'd think they would have calibrated it at the center of gravity so the motor would do the least amount of work." Yeah, and also so if the motor broke while someone was working on it, it didn't roll back upside down and crush somebody's hand. However this is Detroit. The mechanical teacher probably doesn't know what a center of gravity is. It's an auto mechanic class, not an engineering class. The teacher probably only had a GED.

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  9. Thanks to Coleman Young, Drugs dealing and no jobs, corrupt cops, high murder rate , Kwame Kilpatrick this is the result.

  10. Another sad abandoned school video. But if people don't move back to Detroit and if local police and local/state government along with new types of businesses don't invest in the city you can't put asses back in those schools! As an auto technician, that area you guys visited doesn't look like a typical auto shop. It looks like they were early training kids who clearly weren't going to college to work on the auto assembly line in or around the state of Michigan. Judging by the equipment they had the school shuttered that course in the early 90's a decade before the school closed. But in general it looks like they blocked off sections of the school as it went into a slow decline, kinda like what they do dead malls do today.

  11. Huh. They were taking apart a '91 Mitsubishi Galant in there. I guess they were teaching people how to do rust repair or sandblasting, because that's the only reason I can think of to put the car up on a rotator dolly like that. Even missing the parts you guys were pushing around nineteen hundred pounds of metal, plastic, and rubber. Not a bright idea.

  12. Asbestos tape has a high volume of asbestos, making it more dangerous than some of the other asbestos products that were historically used in homes and buildings. … This tape is often labeled “dust-free,” because the asbestos fibers are less likely to become airborne, but this doesn't mean they are safe.

  13. Often white in colour with a fibrous appearance, asbestos containing duct tape usually contains high levels of asbestos and is dangerous (friable) to disturb. Generally, it's thick compared to modern duct tape and simply peeling it off a surface can cause asbestos fibres to suspend in the air.

  14. I see potential. Self- sufficient artist colonies.
    Ps- I've worked in auto industry with those robots. The grabby things. Lol. I've been one of a group of several people standing around doing nothing at time and a half pay while the engineers tried to fix these damn things. Efficient? Yes. A small percentage of the time. But, it's inevitable that we humans are eliminated from the manufacturing process.

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  18. It is located in Highland Park Wow! my mom went to school here and they use to have headstart classes, I attended. I remember my mom took me to class with her, she was taking her finals, and I wrote all her answers on the chalkboard 😂😂😂😂😂 I later went to a grade school named Cortland right down the street from HPCC, it is also abandoned now 🙁

  19. damn you guys need to be way more careful, asbestos is no joke, people have gotten mesothelioma just from being around people that worked around it and had it on their clothes. i wouldnt be grabbing any of that shit with my bare ass hands much less breathing the air in there. A lot of these old ass buildings were built during a time when asbestos was commonplace too, and now they are decaying, get the point….

  20. I do not know if anyone mention is previously but that upside down car is on what's called a rotisserie. You're be able to flip the car over upside down or other side for your convenience

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  23. It's just sad to me because in its hay day Detroit was a booming city. Now look at it. I watch a yt channel called The Shea Show and he lives in Detroit. He drives down the street and all you see is abandoned house after abandoned house

  24. Technically, Highland Park is it’s own city. This city is situated within the city of Detroit as is the city of Hamtramck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamtramck,_Michigan. You also might have noticed that the street signs colors are different. Detroit is green and Highland Park is blue. Industrial flight and population shift to the suburbs hurt both cities. However, both cities have very well to do locations within their city limits. Boston Edison, Indian Village, North Rosedale Park, Rivertown, Sherwood Forest, Palmer Woods, Cork Town and the University District are very stable and affluent. All of Detroit isn’t filled with “urban decay”. Detroit has less than half of the populous it’s once had back when all the majority of American’s automakers and factories were within it’s limits.

  25. It is sure sobering to see what happens in a place where there is no economy. It was impossible for the properties to be sold, and abandonment was the only option. It is also amazing to see now large and fancy some of those buildings were! They followed the same standard that was followed on cars. Bigger is better!

  26. Whenever people visit abandoned sites it always amazes me the amount of financial, and confidential papers that are literally just left there. Peoples social security numbers and bank info are still left behind. How do businesses, school districts, etc get away with just leaving all that stuff without properly destroying it? That should be the very first thing to go whenever a complete shut down is imminent.

  27. @23:20. Its a "rotisserie". Many shop classes had them. Many restoration shops still use this exact model for frame up restorations.

  28. Donald Trump says he gonna bring Detroit and Ohio back to its former glory! Better ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES Mr. President! You got lotsa Demo first! I used to live in Windsor Canada as a kid and would go through the tunnel to spend much time in Detroit with my; "then" GF. Dad worked at Chrysler Plant in Windsor. So sad to see Poor Detroit in such shambles, it was getting pretty rough back in the early 80s. but man look at it now!

  29. 23:10 This is a car rotisserie. These are great when you doing a full body restoration as you can more easily paint the underside of the car and perform any necessary metal repairs.

  30. Just an FYI 23:06 This is called an automotive rotisserie…yes much the same that is on your BBQ except you don't eat it when it is done. 🙂 It is used for body and frame restoration so it eliminates the need to hunch over to get down to the lower half of the car or climb ladders to get to the top of the roof. Simply rotate the car to the desired position so the work was right in front of you. Just an added FYI there is not suppose to be a drive train in the car while it was on a rotisserie. This is actually a high end unit as some have a hand crank with gears to turn the car around. This one is electric with a motor to spin it.

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