Emotional Kids React Graduation (Vlog)

– (Sean) Oh, my gosh. I don’t want to know what’s in that. Oh, my gosh! – It came from the inside
of a prickly, smelly creature. – (Sean) That’s gross. Well, there’s a fake tarantula,
so I think we know how Poker Face works. – (Alyssa) Do you
want to take that shirt off? – Yeah, I do. Want me to do it right now?
– (laughter) – (Sean) Good Lord! Was this for Poker Face?
– This was for Poker Face. – (Sean) It looks like you are fine. Morgan, on the other hand,
got the short end of the stick. – Yeah, she really did.
I feel really bad. – (Sean) How did it go?
– Poker Face, coming to you soon! – Honestly. – How’s it going, vlog? Since Sean, of course,
doesn’t work on Sundays, I will be taking over
the vlog for today. If you’re wondering why I sound
like a pre-pubescent boy, it’s because I’m a little bit
under the weather, but we got tea, so we good.
We not spilling it. Let’s just go into the vlog. Syd?
– Yeah? – (Tori) I’m gonna hand you
a really big power here. I need you to take this camera
and you can do whatever you want with it.
– This is like my Oscar. – (Tori) “My Oscar.” – (Sydney) This is
the Oscar of the universe. – God, I’m sick and ugly.
Don’t look at me. – Did you guys get a new camera? Because I don’t know technology. We have to bug people. Hey! – (Brandon) You
stole the camera again! – (Sydney) Again.
I’m here to bug you. – What’s up, “Squidney”? – (Sydney) The ceiling. – Are you playing in
the tournament today? – (Sydney) I don’t know.
– Do you like Pokemon? – (Sydney) Yes.
– That’s all you gotta like. You’re gonna win, yeah.
– (Sydney) Are you sure? – I promise.
– (Sydney) I don’t believe you. – (Tori) Okay, I think
they might be ready for you in Studio One.
– (Ethan) Hello! – (Sydney) Hello!
– Hey, Tori, what’s up? – (Sydney) We have “Sydney-ception”
going on today. – “Sydney-ception”? – (Sydney) Yeah.
because I’m filming you. – Oh! – (Sydney) And you’re
supposed to be filming me. – What do you want me to react to?
– (Sydney) Um… Tori, we didn’t plan this far!
Tori, I don’t know! – (Tori) Okay, Ethan, so has
the Bert and Ernie episode been a little interesting so far
to shoot with the kids? – The one thing I was just saying
is kind of funny is it’s tough to know what wording
to use when you talk about things with kids because,
obviously, this is an issue with a lot of complex topics
and thoughts, so even words like “homosexuality,”
“prejudice” and stuff, it’s kind of hard to know if the kids
even know what those words mean, so you kinda have to pick
the simplest possible explanations for all of these things
so that they could follow along. It’s a little tough. – (Tori) Because
then it’s Sesame Street, so I feel like they get
a little thrown off when it’s, oh,
this is a kid’s show. I know when Tida was in here,
she kept on mentioning “It’s a kid’s show”
and then couldn’t super understand the real world situation with it,
which makes it a little bit harder, I think, too. – They don’t think
of real world issues as seeping into kid’s shows,
but that’s the thing is hopefully at one point
this won’t be an issue and this can just
be regular things. – (Tori) All right, well,
then it’s cool to see how the rest of the shoots
are gonna go with this then. HEY, SYDNEY!
– (screaming) – (Tori laughing) Did I mention
that we’re getting near spooky season? – Oh, yeah! Spooky season, bye. – (Tori) I’m really
in the spirit right now. – Oh, my gosh.
Don’t do that to me. – It’s so sad. I’ve been
here since I was eight-years-old. – (Tori) Since you were eight? Okay, I didn’t know it was that long. Luckily, there’s another generation
for you to join, but this is like the OG wall.
– I know! I’m very excited to join Teens React
and be part of that new era, but I’m so sad to leave Kids React. – (Tori) No crying yet, Chloe.
You have an episode to film. – I know! I can’t ruin my mascara. – (Tori) Okay, so Chloe,
how many years has it been then that you’ve been on Kids React? – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. I’m about to turn 14,
so almost six years. – (Tori) Dang! Okay, but after all those years,
what has been your favorite Kids React memory? – Oh, probably– this is
gonna sound really weird, but probably the wheat grass shot. – (coughing) (gagging) (shakily) Oh, god.
I almost just threw up. It tastes like someone
pooped in there. – I will never ever forget
that video in my lifetime. – (Tori) Do you want to sign
the Teens React wall already? – Yes!
– (Tori) Okay, sweet. Let’s go do that then.
– Okay. I’m so excited! – (Tori) All right, Chloe.
– Okay. – (Tori) It’s time! You kept the heart! Wait, where’s the old one? It’s right there. Did you sign it when you were eight? – Yes. – (Tori) And then now,
though, almost 14. – Oh, my goodness! – It’s actually officially now. Welcome to the Teens React cast.
– Thank you! – (Tori) Lucas, look at me. When did you get those?
– I know! Look at the little–
– (Tori) They’re blue. Dang, when did you
become such a style icon? – I’m gonna be like
one of those fashionistas. – (Tori laughing) Ooh! Okay, well, you’re running
to your shoot right now. – Yeah. – (Tori) Do you want to take
the camera from me? – Yes! – (Tori) Okay, I’m gonna
give it to you now now. – (Lucas) Okay, um, there we go. We’re gonna go–
– (Tori) We’re headed downstairs. Oh, my god! Hold that safely. – (Lucas) Did you know
that when I go to Teens React, I’m gonna be here
for a decade and a year? – (Tori) Whoa! When you go to Teens React,
you’re gonna be here for a decade and a year? – Yeah, because I’m
gonna be here for 11 years when I go to Teens React,
and a decade is 10 years. – (Tori) Dang! Oh, here,
take it from me. – (Lucas) Thanks. Hi! – (gasping) Lucas, you’re back!
– (Lucas) Yeah. So–
– (Tori) How was the tournament? – (Lucas) Um, I did good, shockingly.
– (Vartuhi) You did? – (Lucas) Let’s put this facing me. – (Tori) I like that you’re
debuting the glasses on today’s episode though. – Yeah, I need them for
the screen and the reading, so– – (Tori) Ooh! – (Vartuhi) That’s
a really cool color, Lucas. I have blue glasses just like that.
– (Lucas) Thanks! – (Vartuhi) You got style. – (squealing) I don’t
want to look at it! Stop! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Waaaaaah! – (Tori) Micah can’t hear
anything anymore because of your terrifying screams. Brando?
– Yes? – (Tori) So I don’t know
if you know or not– you probably do though
because you work here, but we’re uploading on Snapchat
now the “Do They Know It” stuff. – I heard! We’re on the discovery page now. You can watch our shows on Snapchat,
which is really different. – (Tori) See, and I want
to look it up, but I’m gonna need you
to hold the camera because I need my hands.
– Okay. Yeah, that’s fine.
Let’s do this. – Okay, thank you.
– (Brandon) Yeah. – Because I just thought it was cool
because I know we’ve been doing stories and stuff
on Snapchat for a while but we haven’t uploaded
our episodes onto this– – (Brandon) Isn’t
it crazy that you can– we’re putting a show,
a full 10-minute episode from FBE on Snapchat that
you can watch on the super go. – Awww, it’s like as soon as
you type in FBE, it’s right there.
– (Brandon) Oh, look, it’s Luca’s face with the “Do They Know It.” – (Tori) That’s so sweet. Okay.
– (Brandon) Whoa, what the heck? Who worked on this? – Because I know Luke worked on it,
our post department and stuff like that,
so it’s cool because they had to make sure that
they made a template and framed it right
so that way it could fit in the Snapchat form. – (Brandon) Because
our shows are shot wide, so basically they
have to make this so you could just focus on the kiddos.
– (Tori) Exactly! – (Brandon) I can’t wait
until they do it with maybe of the College Kids React
episodes might be fun to watch. – It’s nice to see
the end product come out so nicely.
– (Brandon) They basically have to edit the same episode twice,
one for YouTube, and then one to put online.
– And we upload on Facebook and a bunch of other platforms,
so this isn’t even the only thing we’re doing.
– (Brandon) Jeez. Y’all working so hard.
– Mwah! So good. So good. – (Ethan) What’s up?
– (Tori) SQUIDNEY! – (screaming) Why
do you do this to me? – (Tori) I had to do it again.
I had to do it again. – No, you didn’t.
– (Tori) It was Ethan’s idea. – Why do you do that to me?
What did I do? – (Tori) I’m getting you
prepped for the spooky season. – Well, the spooky season
is on my birthday, so you can’t do that.
It’s against the law. – (Tori) Oh, okay, you’re right. I’ll stop now then. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYDNEY!
– (moaning) How did I fall for it again? – All right, y’all, so that’s it
for today’s vlog. I hope you enjoyed it. The kids are an absolute crack up
and I love whenever they’re filming. See you next time.
Peace out, everybody!

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