Emma’s father is against her dream of finishing college | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Emma! What are you doing there? Clean this up now! Emma, your future
husband’s really lucky. You’re very hardworking. I don’t have plans
to get married yet. I still have to finish college. Katalino, you hear that? Can you afford it? You will just end up
getting married in Manila. So just stay here in the farm. But I have other dreams aside from being a farmer. Who among us here doesn’t have dreams
for our children? But the thing is, we can’t
afford the expenses especially in Manila! But some still managed
to graduate. Well, those who have
huge land properties. But for people like us… Yes, you could graduate, but you’d be drowning in debt. So you better stay here
and work in the farm. Am I right? Yes. But I won’t go anywhere if I won’t try. Eat some more. Mom. Why, Mom? I’m happy because even though
you’re helping us in the farm, you still prioritize
your studies. So thank you, Emma. But Mom, why is it that no matter how hard I try, I can’t feel that Dad
is supportive of me? Dear, your father
is really like that. Just try to understand him. And focus on your studies. You’re about to enter college. Your hard work will
soon pay off. You’ll achieve your dreams and have a better life. I have something to show you. Here. The application form
of the university that I want to apply for
in Manila. Really? Why? Who told you you’re
going to Manila? Dad, I’ve been telling
you about this and you didn’t say
anything so… Yes, I don’t say anything but it doesn’t mean
I will allow you. College? What for? You’ll just waste time
and money because you’ll just
get married in the end! Dad, I have other dreams. I don’t want to be
a mere farmer. Katalino! A mere farmer? Are you looking down on
the only thing that feeds you? You should be thankful
you didn’t die in hunger. And just accept it. We can’t afford what you want. You won’t succeed in Manila. Why don’t you let her be,
Katalino? We should support her! You won’t leave this place! Just stay here! If you don’t have
dreams for me, well, I have!
And I will leave this place even if you don’t want me to! – Mom!
– That’s enough! You’re too ambitious, Emma. You’re so stubborn! Go on and leave! But you will never get any
support from me! That’s fine with me, Dad. Don’t stop me from
achieving my dreams just because you failed
to achieve yours. I will succeed! I will prove to you that
I’m not like you!

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  1. Dito ako. Nanggigil sa mga salita walang mararating sa pag aaral. Mas nakakaalam pa sa pangarap ko. Imbis na kayo unang umunawa. Kayo pa mismo maghila pababa.

    Parang ako nga to.

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