ECU Graduate School Testimonials

One of our goal is to try to develop the students and provide the students with an experience that will allow them to transition to the work world. We get to know the students from an academic perspective and on a personal level. East Carolina University has helped me grow as a scientist and as a person. It has had a huge effect on my ability to mentor other people, and I don’t think I would have never gotten that had I not come here and met my mentor and the experience that I’ve had here. We want to supply them with an education that will be applicable to any environment. I teach in the physics department, and I really enjoyed teaching, I found that out while I was here, and being among those teachers who have had all this experience, and I really enjoyed being immersed in a culture that has that edge over me because it’s a challenge for me. One of the best things about this program here at ECU is that there are so many opportunities outside of just being in the classroom. This program really does prepare us as professionals for the field based on the field work that we get to do, compared to other programs we really are so much more active. We have worked in Bermuda, a number of islands in the caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and we’ve had a number of exciting publications come out from our students, and among them, just one of them, Bayless Brooks, The Quest for Blackbeard, which is now in the local bookstores. The physical therapy students, we all got together, and we went out to Black Jack Community Church one morning, and we did assessments on them throughout the day. So essentially on the members of that church, we just volunteered and were able to practice our different assessments on them. We have a hundred percent pass rate first time on our national board exams the last four years, in fact the best first time pass rates of any program in the state. Just to know that one day I’ll be able to help people, and treat them and diagnose them, and that’s what it’s all about.

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