Do College Kids Know What Thousands of College Kids Are Watching On TV?

– Ooh, I don’t know this one at all,
but this one bops, this one hits. – Yeah, I love it!
Let’s go, plus two! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’ve got
a special episode of Do They Know It?
– Cool! What do I not know?
‘Cause I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t know. – (FBE) So we reached out
to our FBE fans and asked them what shows
they are currently watching. Over 1600 college kids
answered our survey, and so today, we’re gonna see if you know what
college kids are watching. – Oh, okay. Dang, I don’t know if I’m gonna
do good at this. – I feel like the only thing
that’s gonna throw me off is that I don’t really watch shows,
like I watch YouTube a lot. – (FBE) Here’s how this is gonna work. We picked the six most common answers
for this episode. We’ll let you first
predict seven shows you think will appear. Then for each show’s theme song, you’ll have the opportunity
to get two points. One if you can correctly name the show
and two if you predicted it. – Okay. – (FBE) Here’s your whiteboard.
– Thanks! Alright, do I just write
seven TV shows down? – (FBE) We’re gonna play you
the theme songs for the six most popular shows
starting from the least popular and go to the most popular. But when you write your order,
it won’t matter. If it’s on your list,
you’ll get the point. – Okay, I gotta do Stranger Things. – Alright, I’m gonna, I feel like
everyone’s watching 13 Reasons Why, except for me.
– Euphoria! I’m gonna put that down.
I’ve seen one clip, and it was about Larry Stylinson
and it was weird, but I like Zendaya. – I know The Good Place
just had a new season, so I’m gonna throw
The Good Place on it. – I don’t know if Grey’s Anatomy
is still on air, but I see people talk about it
all the time, so maybe? – SpongeBob, because I feel like
we’re all childish as [bleep], and we watch SpongeBob still. – There’s one where
there’s two brothers, Supernatural,
is that what it’s called? Yeah, people [bleep]
love Supernatural, is that still going on though? – I know Riverdale probably will. I know there’s Stranger Things,
Euphoria. – Riverdale, Stranger Things,
The OA, Pose, American Horror Story, Keeping Up With The Kardashians,
and Shameless. – So the seven that I put down
are 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Stranger Things, Bachelor,
Euphoria, Dear White People, and America’s Got Talent. I feel confident about
the first five, so we shall see. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – This feels like light and mystical.
I don’t know what that is though. – It’s very relaxing. – This sounds like it could be
the theme song of like a medical show. – Oh, is this Grey’s Anatomy? Oh, I don’t know what that is.
What? – I for sure don’t know this. – Oh, Good Place! Damn, I love The Good Place too,
I didn’t even think of that. – The Good Place!
Yeah, I love it, let’s go! Plus two! This is such a funny show
and I’m pissed that it’s ending, but I’m happy, ’cause they’re ending
while they’re on top. – (FBE) Alright, so, do you know it? – No clue what that was. – I have no idea what that is. – I feel like it’s probably
more of like a comedy. It seemed like it wasn’t like serious
or dramatic. – Maybe like The Good Place?
Is that… – (FBE) Holy forking shirtballs,
you got it. – Cool, okay, what the heck? I didn’t even know I knew that. – Oh, absolutely, I knew
there was a reason why I resonated to it! – Dang, I knew, I was like
trying to think of that, ’cause I definitely seen it
all over Netflix. – I knew that it’s a successful show, but I didn’t think that it was
that big among college kids. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Okay. ♪ (playful music) ♪ Whoa, that took a drastically
different turn than I thought it was going. – What is this? – ♪ Nobody knows ♪
♪ Where they might end up ♪ ♪ Nobody knows ♪ – I feel like I’ve heard this before. – Is it Euphoria? It sounds like what I think
Euphoria is in my head. – Is this Euphoria, I don’t know, I never watch the show,
I just know everyone’s watching it. – I have never heard this before. – (FBE) Alright, do you know it? – It sounds familiar,
but again, I have no idea where this is from.
– No clue. – I have no idea
what that one is, but I like that sound. – I feel like probably drama.
It seemed like a drama. – Is it Grey’s Anatomy?
– (FBE) Yeah. – Really?
Oh, nice. (laughs) – Oh! Grey’s Anatomy’s
got a great intro song. – Oh, I’ve heard of
Grey’s Anatomy, what the hell? I auditioned for that show. (laughs) I didn’t know it had
such a big fandom. – Oh my God, that’s been on
for like 30 million years. – That show’s still on the air,
after like 15 years? Man, they must have saved
so many lives. – Grey’s Anatomy is huge,
it always has been, and I think it always will be. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (intense music) ♪ – All of these aggressive manly shows. – Kinda western-y. – This is more suspense/drama. – This feels like
Dog the Bounty Hunter, or something like that. – [bleep]. This slaps! – Raw, I like it! What would give that vibe? I don’t know, Sons of Anarchy? – (FBE) Alright, do you know it? – I’m gonna go ahead
and guess Better Call Saul again. – Seems like an epic type
like show, maybe sci-fi. But I have no idea what it is.
(laughs) This is so hard, I’m doing so bad. – (FBE) So this is Lucifer.
– Oh [bleep]! I watched the first couple
episodes of that. It was really good. – The Satanic vibe that’s going on,
I’m into it. – That’s such a random show. God, I would never have
predicted that. – Oh, you know what? I was gonna put Lucifer too,
because I saw that on Netflix, and I heard that it was like poppin’. – Wow, I haven’t hit
one of these marks at all, but I’m sure there’s someone at home
who has a similar list as me, so if you’re like me, keep going! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – This reminds me of like spy music. – It sounds like a comedy spy show,
you know? – Ooh I don’t know this one at all,
but this one bops, this one hits! – I’m doing terrible on this episode!
(laughs) – Oh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! – Oh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
♪ Duh-nuh-dut-nuh-nuh ♪ [bleep] I completely forgot
about that too! The internet literally saved that show
how could I forget it? – (FBE) Do you know it? – I have no idea what that is. That sounds like
a reality show though. – Yeah, I don’t know
what it is. – I’m gonna guess
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? – (FBE) This is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. – That’s still on too?
(laughs) Oh my God! I think I assume at this point
like everything’s off the air, and it’s just re-runs. – I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think it’s one of
the best written shows ever. I like shows that can make you care
about stupid characters and like give them layers
beyond just like (laughs) he’s silly and dumb! – I really need to like
start watching more shows, ’cause I don’t know anything.
(laughs) ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (mysterious vocal music) ♪ – Okay, I’m pretty sure
I know this one. – Is this what I think it is? – This is like unlike
any other theme song. – That’s cool, I like it. – I feel like Kid Cudi’s
about to start humming like hmm! (laughs) – Is it the OA? – I feel like that’s 13 Reasons. – Is this Euphoria? – I’m pretty sure this is Euphoria. – This is beautiful. (laughs) ♪ (musical chime rings) ♪
– Whoa, leveled up! Okay. I have no idea. – It’s still not giving me
hints to the show. (laughs) I miss like old theme songs
that would like have the name of the whole song,
like they’d rap it. – (FBE) Do you know it? – Absolutely no idea. – Is it the OA?
– (FBE) That is incorrect. – I’ve never seen Euphoria,
but it sounds like that has like Euphoria
written all over it. – This one’s one of my
all time favorite shows right now. It’s Euphoria.
– This one’s Euphoria. – (FBE) That is correct!
– Yay! (laughs) – The one on my list! – Such a good show.
I’m so pressed, I didn’t put Euphoria,
and I know this won’t count, but I have to do it for myself
and for my community, because that show is for us by us. – It’s been influencing so many people
with like the way they dress, their makeup,
everybody’s been talking about all of the actors
and the characters from it, so this one does not surprise me
whatsoever. – I blame myself for that one,
’cause I should’ve known. I should’ve known, like,
I know that it’s a really popular one too,
like everyone’s been talking about it. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (mysterious music) ♪ – Got it. – Yep, I knew it, I knew it!
Of course! This has, I knew this was number one. – I would’ve been shocked
if this one was not on the list. – I don’t know how they did it
with this theme song, but like this song as a whole
is its own pop culture icon outside of the TV show even. – This is the whole reason
why on YouTube, so much like synth wave I feel like
is coming back. – Pach-oom! – This is a cool song. Sometimes I don’t even skip the intro,
’cause it’s just cool. – Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch! – When I hear this, I think
“aw man, here we go again!” What kinda crazy stuff
are they whippin’ up this time? – (FBE) Do you know it? – It was Stranger Things. (laughs)
I told you! I was like if it’s not Stranger Things
I’m gonna lose my [bleep]. (laughs) – It’s Stranger Things, we got it. – This one, I do know.
Stranger Things. – Number one on my list,
and it was number one. I should get like
one extra heart for that. – I love that show so much. I feel like they did
really good with season three, and I’m really excited to see what
they have in store for season four. – That’s one of the only shows
that I like actually watch when it comes out,
’cause everything else I watch has just already been out
for 10 years. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) How do you feel
you did in this challenge, and with your TV knowledge in general? – God, I’m awful! (laughs) The one of the shows I guessed,
I don’t even watch. – 90% of the shows
that were just played that were the top, like,
I had never even heard of them. – I guess when you find yourself
with so much variety on those streaming platforms, you always just go back
to the one show you really enjoy. You know, and I think
a lot of us do that. – When you was in high school,
it was so much easier, ’cause all you did was just
go to high school, come back, look forward to your show
every Saturday or whatever, but like once you’re in college,
things just catch up with you and it’s hard to watch shows now, especially when it’s like
episode by episode. – Younger people are now wanting shows
that have a lot more substance and that really make you think, and I feel like that’s a good thing. We’re headed in a good direction. – (FBE) So finally, what do you
wanna say to the FBE fans who participated in this episode
about their selections? – You know what, thanks
for giving your two cents, even though I really sucked today. (laughs) I’m gonna have to
watch a couple of these shows to catch up with you guys. – Hey, thanks a lot for participating!
I appreciate all of you. Maybe read a book. You guys can name seven TV shows,
come on! That’s way too many TV shows. – I’m honestly really upset
that you guys didn’t have Post, American Horror Story
or Riverdale. You guys be watching the [bleep]
out of Riverdale, and don’t act like you don’t,
because I know you do. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching this episode
of Do They Know It? on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe, ’cause we have new shows
every day. – If you liked this episode,
then hit that like button. – Let us know down in the comments
how well you did in this challenge. – Bye guys!
Go watch Euphoria! – Hey guys, Miya here from FBE. Make sure to join our newsletter
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  2. 1) The Good Place
    2) Grey’s Anatomy (absolute fave)
    3) Lucifer
    4) Brooklyn 99 🤪
    5) Euphoria, literally has the best songs bc of Labrinth
    6) don’t watch it but Stranger Things

  3. Okay but I wanna know why nobody knew the grey's anatomy theme song. I mean its so iconic. How can you have watched grey's anatomy and not know this song?

  4. When some of them didn’t know the theme song for like my fave shows I was like getting so mad 😂 especially euphoria cause labrinth is a goddd like I listen to that score so much

  5. I’m yelling at the screen “GREYS ANATOMY, GREYS ANATOMY” when the song comes up 🤦🏻‍♀️ how did they not know it?

  6. He is SO Right about riverdale like you just keep seeing it but it is like crazy and weird. Then you are like what is going on, where is this going. I don't wanna watch it but i do. No idea why .

  7. This list confused me no one I know watches any of these shows and I’m in college!! Maybe one or two from the list and that’s the shows that’s been on for a while.

  8. I hoped “You” would be on there are you kidding me that show is insane!!! Literally everyone I know has seen it!! And if you haven’t highly suggest!!!

  9. I think we are at the point where there is so much content to consume, that we no longer have that effect like in the past were everyone has seen a particular show and can relate to each other in that way. Like 90's kids can all relate to having watched the same shows back in the day.

    Now everyone just hand picks what they like best and become isolated from each other when it comes to TV shows. That's why fandoms are a thing now, because people seek out others who have the same interest in a particular thing. It's harder to find people we actually know who have the same enthusiasm for a show that we do in our every day lives.

  10. you know youre obsessed with a show when you get so excited and get goosebumps over the intro, I listen to the euphoria and stranger things theme song on 10 hour repeats fr ughhhh I love

  11. I swear I'm the only fricken one in the comments that is gonna say this: AHGGGGG …..why no my hero academia……..only Tom put it on his list but still I wasn't on there….*cries internally*

  12. Wait did they forgot to cut in the supernatural part because the theme wasn't played but it was on the list in the end I'm confused

  13. I'm only 11 and I watch those shows except for Euphoria.
    Also if you know these quotes like this comment "NINE-NINE" and "Plus Ultra"

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