Dance Academy – Series 1 Trailer

I’ve always known that in another life, I
could fly. And that’s why, in this life, I dance. So I got in, to the top school in the country. The National Academy Of Dance. Hey, ballerina! And life is about to become spectacular. It was my year, my one shot. And I thought I was ready for anything. I didn’t have a clue. You have all been chosen from amongst thousands
of dancers. Sorry! Welcome to the National Academy of Dance. One of the most elite training institutions
in the world. Every year, girls come into this studio, thinking
that wanting to dance is enough to make them dancers. It isn’t. I don’t just dance, I want to be a principal
dancer. *sirens* Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t know, I mean, can’t I just dance? Uhh, sorry! That is so cool! I’m going to ask you something. *sigh*, yeah? Dancer or a doctor? Dancer. I don’t see why my training needs to be compromised by some country hick who smells like a sheep
and thinks she has…. Who’s that? Ethan Karamakov. I’m going to have to keep my eye on you, Tara. Thanks, mate. I’m not your mate. I love this city. Check out that view!
Excellent! Ahh, I’m going to love this exercise. You have to face your physical limitations. And prepare yourselves for a lifetime of hard
work, sacrifice and more often than not, disappointment. I’m ready.
For Dance Academy. At least, I think I am.

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  1. Soy de Argentina! Amé esta serie! Sin dudas fue la mejor de todas! 😉 Mis abrazos a Australia por semejante obra de arte. 😊

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