CSUN Graduate Profiles: Paulina Silvia

I’m a first generation student and I I
came to CSUN because I CSUN had the most welcoming environment you you
could just see like the diversity around the campus instead of feeling isolated
it made you feel like wow I found a place where there’s other people like me. My mom she was like a store manager she
started learning English when she was like five months pregnant with my
little sister and it’s just like seeing my mom walking
like in the rain it was like that’s where it really is like they really
place that emphasis my parents like were just telling me like you know
different avenues that I had to take but CSUN gave me a full scholarship I’m
the president of pre-law Association now I’m also the academic senator for the
College of Business for Associated Students president Harrison like we I
work closely with her through AS and we had a dinner with her one time and she’s
just during the daca uncertainty she was so for like making sure that daca
students and undocumented students were just protected
I was lobbying for the DREAM Act I was working with other organizations on
campus creating plans of action to advocate against the halting or a
termination of DACA Professor Goldberg who told me you know you just need to
focus on yourself there you have to look for your future she gave me like some
lucky pencils and she just really taught me how I had to prioritize myself and
she was like a huge factor in me going to law school because she was my first
business law professor just want to show my parents you know like everything you
sacrificed like it was worth it

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