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  1. And with this, my friends, the weekly schedule is briefly coming to a pause as I recover from the last three months of marathon-sewing-filming-costume-college-prep and amass new video stock. Weekly things to return anon!

  2. I recently discovered your vlog. I must say I am blown away. While stationed in Europe I became interested in period clothing after a visit to the Victoria and Albert museum in London. I originally was there to look at the work of Grinling Gibbons, who is probably the most skilled wood worker/carvers to ever live. Anyway, I love what you are doing. Please accept my absolute fascination of your work. Keep it up.

  3. I don’t know any of you people (though I feel like I do now) and yet I got weepy by the time you were at the airport heading home. I love this kind of friendship. Oh my heart…🥰 and I need way more footage of you ladies in these creations; they are everything. Especially Red Death (that was barely a peek!) and Lady Sherlock, Gentleman Jack et al..

  4. In my opinion, costume collage is just basically like Comicon but for costume makers, costume creators and seamstresses. And some cosplayers. It looks fun! I shall have to check it out next time I'm in Los Angeles.

  5. WE (my conference buddies and I) get together and show off our hand fabricated unique physics attributes demonstrator models… as close as real physicists get to 'feelies'.


    This looks incredibly cool!!! Now I wanna go to Costume College!!!

  7. Darn those times when someone has your name. I had to stop myself from responding every time 'Constance' was said. 😀 Maybe I will have to see about coming to Costume College in 2020. This looked like a blast!

  8. So the part in this video where she showed the red carpet event literally gave me vibes of one of the fabled Freddie Mercury Parties and now I wanna go to Costume College

  9. Oh! I am looking through this hoping to see me! I remember seeing you before the Welcome Party, but I am so sad that I missed your Masque of the Red Death on Saturday! I will have to see if I can meet up with you next year!

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