Congratulations Graduates!

(uplifting music) (Cheering) It was incredible it was a lot of work
you know, but we put in the work and we made it. I’m very excited to be here
today. (cheering) Definitely recommend coming to Wake Tech for other students. (cheering) I had been here one time before years and years and years ago and left, went to Colorado, came back, now I’m 37 and I got my degree so very happy. (cheering) The teachers they’re amazing. Everybody’s amazing. Very excited it’s been a long journey. Definitely past anatomy and
physiology that’s all worth it. The professors, the tutors that we have
working with friends have been having it encouraging for all of us to to work
hard, work on the team, and finally make it through the test. We’re super excited! (uplifting music)

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