– Oh my God, it’s my man!
That’s my man! – Sounded like the beginning
of Jurassic Park or something. – What’s the chorus, Taylor?
What’s the chorus? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we got
a challenge for you. We’re gonna play you
part of a song and the first person who
guesses the song title and artist correctly gets a point.
– Title and artist? You have to get both?
Oh no. – I’m just gonna hand
it to you right now. For now.
– Well see. I don’t know what they’ll play.
– I got my one pointers. – I don’t know how to match
songs to musicians and also titles.
– I mean, I don’t want to be overconfident, ’cause that’s
the person that always loses, but I feel like I’m pretty
good at this. – I like these ones.
– Okay, me too. – Do you like music, radio stuff?
– Yeah, yeah. – Okay, I’m ready.
Let’s do this. Lene, are you ready?
– Yeah, I’m ready. – We got this?
– Yes. – Okay.
– May the best one win. – (FBE) Here’s you first second
of your first song. – ♪ (guitar) ♪ – I don’t even have anything.
– I have absolutely no clue. – ♪ (guitar) ♪
– I know it. I know the song,
I’m singing it, but I can’t get to the chorus. – Charlie Puth, Attention.
– Oh my God, I knew that one. – Charlie Puth, Attention.
– You’re a musician, so you know music.
– That’s my unfair edge. – ♪ (guitar) ♪ – I can already tell I don’t
know this song. – It’s a guy.
I need more seconds. It’ll come to me. – ♪ (guitar) ♪ – I know the song.
I can sing you the chorus. – I know that…
(imitating song) – Attention by Charlie Puth.
– It’s just not my taste. Know what I’m saying? – ♪ You’ve been running ’round
running ’round, running ’round ♪ ♪ Throwing that dirt all ♪ – I’m trying to think of who
this sounds like. To me, it sounds like
the Weeknd or it could be Post Malone,
but I don’t think it is. – No idea.
– No, no. I don’t have a guess. – (FBE) Let’s go ahead and
skip to fifteen. – ♪ You’ve been running ’round
running ’round, running ’round ♪ ♪ Throwing that dirt all
on my name ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you knew that I,
knew that I, knew that ♪ ♪ I’d call you up ♪
– I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. – ♪ Going round, going round,
going round ♪ – I’ve listened to the song
so many times at this point that every time it starts,
I’m like, “Oh, I know this song.” Even though I don’t know
this song. I don’t have a guess.
– I don’t know. – (FBE) This was Attention
by Charlie Puth. – I would have literally–
– I don’t even know who that is. – Those words would never
come out of my mouth. Okay, let’s do this,
but for real this time. – Now it starts.
– Now we’re ready. – (FBE) Here’s the next song.
– I just want one point. – ♪ All my ♪ – Oh no, why did I not–
– Um, no, I just know the first bit.
Yeah, I’m gonna let it go to you.
– I don’t even– – You don’t know?
– I mean, I know the song, I just don’t know the name.
– Dang it, I just need the name title. – ♪ All my ♪ – I think I just wanted to
push it before you. I’ve heard this song.
I thought I had the title, but I don’t.
– Heathens, Twenty One Pilots. – ♪ All my ♪ – Heathens, by…
– Oh, I know who this is now. – Oh my God, this is horrible
watching this slip out of my fingers.
– Heathens, Twenty One Pilots. Only reason I know that song
is because in Suicide Squad, and I hated that movie so much,
it made me hate the song. – Ah!
– So, it’s Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.
Okay. – Good, we both knew it.
– Okay, good. – ♪ All my friends are heathens,
take it ♪ – Is this Heathens by
Twenty One Pilots? – What?
There we go. – I know all the words to
that song and I knew what it’s called,
I just didn’t know who it was by. – (FBE) Next song,
first second. – ♪ (Tense note) ♪ – It sounded like the beginning
of Jurassic Park or something. – How am I supposed to
guess that? – That’s to a movie trailer. – ♪ (tense note) ♪ – No.
– It’s like a horror film. What was that?
– We need more time. – ♪ (tense note) ♪ – Backstreet Boys?
No? It sounded like the beginning
of Backstreet’s Back. – I don’t know what that was.
– I don’t know that. – I need two seconds.
Please. – ♪ I don’t ♪ – Taylor Swift,
Reputation? – What’s the chorus, Taylor?
What’s the chorus? – ♪ I don’t ♪ – This is going awful.
What is wrong with me? – ♪ I don’t ♪ – Wait, wait, wait.
(humming along) It’s Taylor Swift.
– It’s Look What You Made Me Do by
Taylor Swift. – Yeah, I don’t like
Taylor Swift. – I know, I don’t
like her either, but I hear it all
over the radio. – Okay, it’s Taylor Swift.
Look What You Made Me Do. Yes. – ♪ I don’t like ♪ – Taylor Swift, Look What
You Made Me Do. – Oh.
– Taylor Swift. She’s just a phenomenon.
Everyone knows her. – ♪ I don’t like ♪ – Is this Taylor Swift?
Look What You Made Me Do? It’s one to one, right?
– Yeah, let’s go. One point squad. – (FBE) Let’s move on
to the next song. – ♪ I don’t know if you could ♪ – Rihanna, Wild Thoughts
with DJ Khaled. Yes.
– Nice. That was good. – ♪ I don’t know if you could ♪ – This is Rihanna and DJ Khaled
or Khaleed. This is Wild Thoughts.
I love this song. This is my favorite song.
– There you go. – ♪ I don’t know if you could ♪ – Rihanna, Wild Thoughts.
I feel so bad. I feel like I’m not even
giving her a chance. – This is Wild Thoughts
by Rihanna. We’re tied up.
We did. Okay, I’m tied up.
– That was good, that was good. – (FBE) Okay, let’s go ahead
and go to the next song. – Oh my God, it’s my man.
That’s my man. Post Malone, Rockstar
with 21 Savage. Good job, girl.
– You know, yeah. – It was good.
– We were good opponents. – It was a good time. – ♪ I’ve been [bleep] hoes and ♪ – Yes!
– I don’t even know what it is.
– Rockstar by Post Malone, baby! In this game of mainstream
music, I was the one who was a little less
clueless. We’re both still clueless. – This is Rockstar
by Post Malone. I can play this all day long.
– One point squad! – Rockstar, Post Malone.
– I had no idea. I don’t even know.
– I’m sorry. It’s heartwarming.
Honestly, I’ve been wanting to do a challenge
like this for a while, so I’m really excited that
I got to do one. – Thanks for watching
Guess That Song on the React Channel. – There are new shows
every day, so Subscribe. – What songs should we
listen to next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hi, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for
watching this episode. Be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell to get notifications of
when we have new shows. Bye, guys.


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