Choosing a Course at Cambridge University

(playful music) – The first step towards
applying to university is deciding what course you want to study. Cambridge offers world-class teaching in a wide range of subjects. So if you love your subject
and want to explore in depth with experts, we want to hear from you. We believe the best thinkers
are flexible thinkers, people who look at things
in new and different ways and who make connections others haven’t thought about before. And our courses and teaching
encourage you to do just this. – When choosing a course, I’d make sure it’s something you enjoy, and that you’re generally enthused about, as this will help you
sustain the motivation needed to get the most from and
succeed on your course, which you’ll be studying
for at least three years. – The course structure
is something to look for. One of the things I liked
about the Cambridge course is the flexibility to
study something specific, or study something a bit broader. It can be broader to start with so you can see what you like,
and then focus later on. – Lots of graduate jobs don’t specify a particular degree subject,
and employers are looking for well-rounded people with
good, transferable skills, things like being able
to think for yourself, problem solving, being
a good communicator. – All Cambridge courses are
really good for these things, but if you’ve got a
particular career in mind, it’s worth checking out any degree or professional requirements. – Bear in mind that courses differ from one university to another. Look beyond the course title, as the subjects you want might not be in the courses you’d expect. And the same name doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll cover the same topics, or be taught or examined in the same ways. So make sure you have
a look at the details on our and other university websites. And finally, get along to
some open days if you can, where you’ll be able to meet
staff who teach the courses as well as current students. Here there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered,
get a feel for the place, and help you make your decisions. We’re sure Cambridge
has a lot to offer you, and we look forward to
hearing from you soon.

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