Charlie Puth Reacts To College Kids React To Charlie Puth

– (FBE) We wanted to show you
some videos from early on in his career when he would actually
upload acoustic covers to his YouTube channel.
– Ugh, this is gonna be rough. Ugh! – (Sheila) He reminds me of
a young Justin Timberlake. – That’s the day-making comment
right there! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ ♪ I warned myself ♪
– (Jeannie) I don’t know this person. Or wait, the voice
sounds so familiar! – (Elise) Oh, is that Charlie Puth?
– Mm-hmm. – (Austin) Oh, I love Charlie Puth.
– Nice! – (Sheila) He looks so different. – ♪ That I’ll do it one more time ♪
I do look different. ♪ Don’t trust in myself ♪ – (Brandon) So far,
I’m really liking this. – (Austin) Is this just you
showing me his music videos, ’cause that’s gonna be a great day.
– Yes! – (Austin) Yo, I’m gonna say this
like 20 times, but he is so [bleep] good
and underrated. – (laughs) The first time I ever saw
myself on this show, it was for “See You Again”,
and Wiz Khalifa, and everybody, of course, knew Wiz,
but I was like brand new, and nobody knew me, and everybody was like
“Oh, I know Wiz, but I have no idea
who that kid is, who’s that kid?” And now every single,
it’s kinda wild to see that everybody has
something to say about me now. – (Kostas) He always has
the gnarliest like guitar riffs, or like just melodies in the back. – Mm-hmm, it’s a little bass synth
that I downloaded on the internet for like five dollars.
It’s the bom, bom, bom, and I put some like distortion on it, and apparently people like that.
That’s so nice of them. ♪ First to put my hands ♪
♪ Around your (gags) ♪ – (Dominic) Oh my God.
(Charlie laughs) – I’m like, I knew everybody
was gonna have that reaction when I, like, that throat choke
was like the first thing that I sang into the song
at that second verse, and I knew that everybody
was gonna be like either weirded out by it,
or in love with it. Nothing in between. ♪ Why is no one supposed to know ♪
♪ I shoulda known that was a lie ♪ – (Mikaela) I’m into the visuals
of this video. – (Dominic) This is such a crazy video. – That was so much fun to shoot. I love everybody’s reaction
that it looks different. We wanted to really kinda
shock people with this song. It sounds completely
different than “Attention”. It sounds completely different
than anything that I’ve ever done, and it’s kind of like a jolting
reintroduction to the world. So this is exactly
what I planned. ♪ Warned myself ♪
♪ That I shouldn’t play with fire ♪ – (Sheila) Mmm, he reminds me
of a young Justin Timberlake! – That’s the day-making comment
right there. – (Sheila) I like Charlie Puth,
I like his lyrics. He’s very good at writing,
he’s very good at describing like everything relationships,
he’s very good at it. – It’s interesting,
somebody asked me the other day “can you just like make something up
and put it into a song?” And the answer is no. That’s why my lyrics are like really
literal, maybe sometimes too literal, because I’ve gone through
everything that you hear in every single one of my songs.
I don’t really know how to hide it. – (Chelsea) I like that he’s
coming out with more music, too. Like, you know,
’cause he started just, at least for me, just hearing him
on other people’s tracks, and then to hear him
get his own music and his own style, he’s just,
he’s really talented. – Yeah, we’re about to
overload people with music. Not overload, but we’re about
to put the most music I’ve ever put out
after this song, we’re gonna put out another song,
and then after that song, we’re gonna put out another song,
and then the fans are literally gonna decide
what the single is gonna be. – (FBE) Charlie’s actually been
one of the more requested artists for us to cover for a while now,
so we’re gonna show you a medley of some of his past hits now.
– (Kostas) Love it. – Ugh, mm-mm.
I hate this song. Ugh, I mean, I, no. – (Elise) Here it goes! (sings along) ♪ I’m only one ♪
(Charlie laughs) ♪ Call away ♪
– ♪ Only one call away ♪ You know, it’s crazy, because
when I play this live, like I’m about to,
I’ll play it in Brazil for like hundreds
and thousands of people, it’s so different,
and I make it, I’ve adjusted the arrangement,
but like just looking at ugh. You know, I guess you
have to start somewhere. – (Brandon) The style’s
a little different from the first track we listened to. – ♪ We don’t talk any more ♪
I like this song. – (Sheila) Ooh, this my song! – ♪ We don’t talk any more ♪
– (Mikaela) Oh. – So this is the first song
where I started to get in my own way,
my own element. This is the first song that
I felt comfortable showing people. ♪ Used to do ♪ – (Austin) Yo, I stan him
so [bleep] hard. – (laughs) I wanna meet him. ♪ We don’t talk any more ♪ – (Jeannie) His songs
are really relatable. – Yeah, I literally take a sentence
that people say, like “we don’t talk any more,”
and then you put melody on top of it, and then bam, there’s a song. I literally, when I make a song,
think about people reacting to it before the song is even written,
so this is super fun for me to watch. I was just telling my mom
on our way over here, that I remember when you guys
were just starting out, ’cause I was like a YouTuber.
Like a real YouTuber in 2008. I remember seeing these videos
from like the early days. It’s really nice to see
how much its grown. ♪ You just want attention ♪
I like this song. – (Chelsea) Yes, ah,
I love this song too. – (Austin) I [bleep] love this video
so much! – This was the hardest video
I ever filmed in my life. I was propelled mid-air at 6 AM, right when rush hour’s
starting to happen in Downtown L.A. with a harness around my
private area. (laughs) Record label was very afraid
of this video, and they were very happy
that it was well received. – (Sheila) He’s like
a young Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake does those
same kind of moves. (Charlie laughs)
– Look at, what am I doing? It’s so okay, keep going. ♪ Is it real or just for show ♪ Ugh!
– (Dominic) Wow. – He said wow. – (Dominic) Suave.
– Suave! (laughs) ♪ I will fall to the ground ♪ – (Austin) (sings along)
♪ On my knees ♪ – I love that melody. – (Austin) I love his yellow shoes. – (Mikaela) I love this video! – I look so different with hair.
– (Sheila) The queen! – That’s so crazy. – (Brandon) You can see like
there’s been an evolution to his music from the beginning.
– Yes. Every song is so different
because for about four years, I’ve really been trying to
get to the point where I am now. Like “I Warned Myself”,
and all the music that’s about to follow that now,
there’s gonna be like super consistency
like what I’ve always wanted in myself as an artist. I never really got
a chance to do that, because I was traveling
around the world. I had to find my sound,
it took some time. So when I look at all these videos,
I see such a different phase of my life
in every single one. – (Jeannie) (screams) I love this!
I love his music. – She just did a little screech!
(screeches) She hit a E flat.
(screeches) – (Austin) He’s very much
a solid musican, and a solid artist, and I would,
I don’t know this for a fact, but I would bet that he plays a large role
in producing his own music, and you can tell,
because it feels very much like his hand
is the biggest hand in the pot. – He’s very intuitive.
He’s right. I put the whole record together. I guess that’s why it doesn’t sound
like everything else, ’cause it’s truly my personality
in all of these songs. So I’m really happy that he
had that assessment. – (FBE) Wanted to show you some videos
from early on in his career when he would actually upload
acoustic covers to his YouTube channel – Ugh, this is gonna be rough. – (Mikaela) I didn’t know that! – And we’re gonna
get through it though, we’re gonna do it.
Yeah. Ugh, I’m just not gonna listen.
– (Sheila) Ooh, he’s a baby! – (Jeannie) Oh my God,
he’s wearing a beanie! – Ugh, that was in
my apartment in Boston. Eesh, I, why did I,
why did I wear that beanie? Ugh!
– (Dominic) Wow. – Ugh!
– (Austin) He’s good. – I like his voice,
he has a good voice. ♪ I’m gonna fly like a bird ♪
– (Austin) ♪ In the night ♪ So good.
– Oh my goodness. Why couldn’t I have
just dropped the key? – (Elise) Go off, Charlie! – ♪ From the chandelier ♪
♪ From the chandelier ♪ – (Sheila) That just sounds so good.
– Thank you. I appreciate all the nice comments. I had just finished college.
I was living at home. I was making periodic trips
to New York, to L.A. I was waiting outside
of record labels, sometimes I would wait outside
for like six hours, and they wouldn’t even see me. I had no idea that record labels just wanted to hear
original music of mine, so I started writing
more original music after this video,
after I shot this video myself, and that’s, I mean it didn’t nearly
get as many hits, but it got a lot more attention
from like the music insiders. So it was right after this video
is when I went out to L.A. for the first time,
and then I wrote “See You Again” and all the songs,
so it’s pretty, as much as I cringe watching this in my torn off shirt,
it’s pretty significant point in time. – (FBE) When did you first hear
about Charlie Puth? – (Dominic) I feel like,
if I’m correct, it was like a Wiz Khalifa song. – (Elise) “See You Again”
with the Fast and Furious movie. Then I got into “Attention”,
then I got into “Voicenotes”, and then now I’m like
a pretty big fan of Charlie. – (laughs) That great! – (Sheila) That collab with Selena,
and they put you know, “We don’t talk any more.”
I started to look him up, and I started listening to his music,
and I just really yeah, he became one of my favorite artists.
I love him. – (FBE) As a college kid, he grew up
mostly during this digital age. How important is being YouTube
and social media savvy to getting ahead in this industry? – (Dominic) Oh, it’s super important. I mean, first of all,
if you have the talent, let alone, like you’re gonna
get discovered regardless. – (Brandon) Previously,
there’d be bands or artists that would have to perform
at like solo shows and get popularity by word of mouth. – These are really smart kids. They have great intuition.
They’re real, all of them. I’m like really listening
to everything they’re saying. – (Kostas) When you go to these
big record labels, they’re looking at your numbers. There’s a million people
with an amazing voice, like what’s separating you
is like oh, you already have a built-in fan base? Like, you understand how
to interact with people and how to separate yourself from
like quote-unquote “the competition”. That’s what they’re looking for. – Wow, I feel like I’m learning. (laughs) They’re so,
they’re all so well-spoken. – (FBE) Do you think
that it’s important that an artist is the songwriter
as well as the performer of a song,
or it less about that authentic voice, and more
just about how good the music is? – (Chelsea) Yeah, I think
it just depends what you’re looking for in music. It is really beautiful to think oh,
an artist can write this themselves and it’s coming from them,
and it means that to them, and I think if you want a more
personal connection it’s better. But if you just want to
listen to music, then it doesn’t matter. – (Mikaela) All I care about
is like oh, if this music is good, but I know a lot of people
are like “oh, well they’re a better artist,
because they wrote it.” – Sometimes it’s just about
the artist being there. Like with Katy for example,
she wrote the title, “Small Talk”. She came in and said “I wanna write a song
called Small Talk.” And we basically worked around that. Their being, their presence,
their energy actually adds a lot
to the making of the record, if that makes any sense. – (FBE) Charlie Puth announced
that the single, the first one that you heard today,
is the first of three to come. So after listening to that first one,
are you excited about the next two? – (Chelsea) Yes, I’m super excited.
I have to download all of them. – (Dominic) Yeah.
– (Kostas) Yeah. I’m excited to see
what the other ones sound like. – (Elise) Yeah, I look forward
to the other two, definitely. – (Mikaela) Very excited, ’cause
what does he do? He makes bops!
– (Sheila) Yes. I’m like ready, I’m excited. – When did people start
coining the term bop? – (Brandon) I’m gonna like
check him out. – Wow! And he’s, I can tell, he was kind of
on the fence a little bit. He was thinking about it,
but awesome. – (Austin) I’m gonna probably
go home and listen to the one I just heard again. Just so I can really absorb it. – (Jeannie) Yeah, he’s just got
such like a distinct vibe, that I haven’t heard
in another male artist from like this generation,
so it’s, yeah, I love new music, and I’m excited.
– Wow. That’s the greatest compliment
I can recieve. That’s really awesome. – (FBE) Alright, so first of all,
tell us what it’s like to see people who are
very close in age to you react to you and your music. – It’s really exciting to know that
people my age like my music, and I made, I think I had
concocted some of these ideas, these song ideas
while I was in college too, so it’s kinda cool to see
college kids reacting to me. I remember when you guys
had just started your channel. I think it was around 2007, 2008? So I’ve been with you guys
for the very beginning. I never thought that I would be
behind this white table, talking about myself. – (FBE) So can you tell us who some of your favorite YouTubers and biggest influences
on the platform were, when you were growing up? – Oh my gosh. Um, well you guys, Fine Brothers. There was Dave Days,
What The Buck Show, there was Nigahiga. The way that they showcased themselves
as a brand, I learned how to do by watching them. So I learned a lot from them. – (FBE) Alright, so in addition
to you mentioning that “I Warned Myself”
will be the first of three singles to be released from your
upcoming third studio album… – Yeah. – (FBE) Is there anything else
you’re able to share about what you’re working on
right now? – I will say that the two songs
that were gonna come out after “Warned Myself”
are different, but they’re all once again,
married to each other, like every song I put out,
there’s a common theme. No one will ever have heard
music from me like this. – (FBE) So finally, you’ve had
quite an amazing story, and we’d like to know
how it feels when you reflect back on being a kid
who would make jingles for YouTube channels
you enjoyed watching, to where you are now,
on top of the music world? Is that kind of wild
when you stop and think about it? – It is wild, because I do remember
the type of chair, the texture of the chair
that I was sitting in at X, Y and Z record label. And now I’m signed to
one of those record labels too. So I mean, it was just
a matter of proving myself but I was having fun, most importantly
along the ride, and that’s what I would say
to everybody who wants to pursue music, or being an artist
as a career. Just don’t worry about
being successful right away, and just enjoy the ride. I’m happy that they helped me
to get where I am right now. Hey, it’s Charlie Puth here. Thank you so much to FBE
for having me here. It was really awesome to see
all of your reactions, and kind of reassures me
that I’m doing a good job. I’m really excited for you to hear
what’s coming next. Make sure you go listen to
“I Warned Myself”. It’s out right now,
go watch the video, and then look out for the next songs
that come out after that.

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