Celebrity College Cheating Scandal

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(fun energetic music) Hi! Welcome to the show and thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my cohosts, my studio audience. How you doing? How you doing? Okay, today let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering)
(deep rhythmic music) Thank you. Thanks, thank, you, thank you. Make yourselves comfortable. Well, you know the big story of the day. You do know, right? Yes! The rest of us struggle while the rich continue to take advantage of us. Lock them all up! (audience cheering) You know the story but it doesn’t get told until it gets told here, so come on, let’s go. (audience cheering)
(laughing) Felicity Huffman, you know, and Lori McLoughlin were among 50 people charged yesterday with this massive nationwide college cheating scandal. It’s disgusting. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I feel like all the parents should be charged. (audience cheering)
And go to jail. And go to jail and pay huge fines. And I feel like the kids will be next to be charged. I think that all these kids knew exactly what was going on. You remember what it was like when you went to college, taking those SATs and the PSATs. And then having to go to those classes, those enrichment classes, from town to town, to learn how to take a test. How dare they? (audience cheering) Well, so far, here’s what’s been said. The scandals involving 33 rich parents paying to bribe their kids to get them into some elite colleges, including but not limited to Yale, Stanford, and Georgetown, hmm. Huh. (audience laughing) At the center of a scam is a man named Rick Singer. Rick allegedly got paid 25 million dollars over seven years by rich people working this scam, working it. The first way that Rick was working the scam was he would have someone take the SATs or the Act test. I don’t know what the Act test– The ACTs. Oh, the ACTs, oh, I know that. (audience laughing) Back in the olden days, they didn’t have the ACTs but my Kevin took the ACTs so I know about that. It’s easier, the ACTs are easier than the SATs. The SATs still ask questions that a lot of people don’t know the answer to. Like they’ll ask elitist questions and then people not so elite won’t know the answer. Anyway, take the test for the kids or have the proctor correct the answers right there at the test, or go to the house and erase answers and put the right answers in. (audience groaning) This guy Rick was telling parents to lie and that their kids would, lie and say things like the kids have learning disabilities so that they could take the test alone. You know, like my kid has a problem in crowds, can he please take the test alone and cheat. The second way is that Rick would pay to bribe college coaches, the athletic department now we’re talking about, to admit that kids would be recruited as athletes and play the sports. Only, these kids weren’t playing the sports. The kids, did you see some of the pictures? They were Photoshopping the kid’s faces on college athletes bodies. (audience groaning) Like in the case of Lori McLoughlin, her kids don’t crew. She had them photoshopped on crew pictures. Yeah, yeah.
(audience groaning) Like she and her husband are the worst of the lot so far. Full House, what’s gonna happen to Fuller House? (audience cheering) Do you cancel the show because she’s a liar? I wouldn’t mind. I mean, this is terrible. Felicity Huffman is being accused of paying $15,000. This is the lesser of the two evils, they say. Paying $15,000 to arrange for a proctor to change her oldest daughter’s test answers. Now the oldest daughter is the one with the brunette hair. That’s her whole family. You know her husband, William H Macy, he’s involved. By the way, William, happy 69th birthday today. (audience cheering) So there’s their family. The brunette is the one who is, who got over with this. The blonde is smart and she told her parents, I don’t wanna be involved with this scam. I really wanna take my test, mom, dad. (audience cheering) Yeah. I wanna be honest, good for her. So Felicity was in court yesterday. They rolled up at her house like 6:00 in the morning, honey, the whole house was asleep. Both daughters were there, William H was there, he was asleep, and Felicity knew that she’d have to turn herself in but the Feds are like, we’re not gonna allow you to just drive your Volvo to the station and quietly turn yourself in. We’re gonna make a scene for all the neighbors to see. (audience cheering) They had guns drawn and everything. They had the guns out, they put her in the cuffs, they threw her in the back of the car. They rolled the lights. The sirens were playing. And they took her in. (audience cheering) So, she’s charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and that’s punishable by 20 years in prison. (audience cheering) So she was released on $250,000 bond, which is nothing, it’s only money for the rich. That 20 years though, boy. She won’t get 20 years though. I figure they might stick her with five. Even if they stick her with three, who’s gonna be friends with these liars now? And who’s gonna be friends with their kids? And then they’re gonna have to have several seats next to Jussie Smollett or something. (audience cheering) People who play one thing but really are another. Her actor husband, William H Macy, you know, he’s on that hit show, Shameless, perfect title. Well, he showed up in court also, only they didn’t arrest him. And people in our Hot Topics meetings were like, well, why didn’t they arrest him and charge him? And I said, because this story has so many layers, they’re gonna prosecute each individual person. This is gonna be going on for years, ladies and gentlemen. And I got news for you, for you kids who are in college right now who got in legitimately, unfortunately, they’re gonna have to go through your admissions records and find out whether you cheated your way in. And then when they find out that you didn’t cheat, that you were honest, you’ll have a great story to laugh and tell. But for you kids who are cheating and lying, get ready. (audience cheering) And Lori Laughlin, her husband is Mossimo, you know him, he does those cheap and cheerful clothes at Target. We’ve all got Mossimo t-shirts and leggings and junk. Yeah, yeah, uh huh. Well, Lori and Mass are paid $500,000 to have their two daughter recruited, to play crew at USC, a good school, a hard school to get into. So Lori turned herself in this morning because last night she was in Toronto, so they were just waiting for her at the border, I don’t know. (audience laughing) And then Moss was in court but they didn’t do anything to him. They’re both being charged with conspiracy and mail fraud, and all kinds of other stuff. Here in New York, there’s this show, Good Day New York, it comes on right before us. And Lori, did you see the morning that Lori was there with her daughter, Bella, who’s really pretty? But has ugly ways, apparently, like her mother. (audience laughing) Well, there’s Lori with her two daughters, but the one, Bella, came on Good Morning, I mean, Good Morning New York, Good Day New York back in 2016. While we’re struggling to get our kids in school, here go these rich people, go. I want her to go to college. She’s a senior right now in high school and she’s doing all of her college apps right now. Oh, we’ll be finding out soon, won’t we? Yeah, so I think that’s important. It’s not something that I did, I didn’t go, so I think for her, I really want that even more. And I just feel like you should have a backup plan and a degree. (audience laughing) She wants it even more, a backup plan. So Bella, excuse me, Olivia, Olivia, everybody, she’s a YouTube star. Yeah, rich, a cheater, and a YouTube star. (audience laughing) This video is her talking about college and it had people furious. She’s since then shut down her YouTube page but we looked at the last post that there was and people were killing her. Take a look at this. With work, it’s gonna be hard. My first week of school, I’m leaving to go to Fiji for work and then I’ll be in New York a bunch this year for work, and traveling to a different country because I’m creating something with this country. And that’s for work. So I don’t know how much of school I’m gonna attend but I’m gonna go in and talk to my deans and everyone, and hope that I can try and balance it all. But I do want the experience of game days, partying. I don’t really care about as school, as you guys know. (audience groaning) (audience laughing) I mean, what more is there to say about this story? This is really disgusting. Clap if you were privileged like this richies and could do this, that you would. Be honest, cohosts, be honest. (light clapping) Okay, okay. You know, a year ago this time at the Hunter household, me and my son were at ground zero of being really happy. We applied for early admissions and when I say we, you know as the parent, you are enrolling them in those courses and they start at like 8:00 on a Saturday morning when all you wanna do is sleep. You’ve gotta wake up and take your kid there. And then the courses are like two hours a piece and very expensive, I might add. And then you sit in the back of a parking lot because what’s the point in going home? And you’re reading your morning paper and talking on the phone and stuff. And then you’re cracking your kid’s skull because you want them to write the right essay, the correct subject. And then you’re staying up until like 2:00 in the morning when you gotta be here for a live show, moisturize and stuff. You’re staying up cracking skull because there might be words misspelled or he didn’t use his thesaurus, or he’s not taking it as serious. And then all of a sudden, he gets it. One of the smartest things that my husband and I did, and I have to say, we first of all told him where he was going to school and that he wasn’t going to school in Florida. Where he was going to school, we dictated that. And yeah, you say of course but at the end of the day, he wore us down by selling us his smartness. Like, mom, dad, I got this, mom, dad, I got this. After a while… (audience cheering) After a while, me and my husband were just like, okay, he’s got it. But if he doesn’t, we’ll crack his skull. And so, he chose his school and we were like, mmm hmm. Mind you, we had taken him prior to the other campuses of the schools we wanted him to go to. And he walked around the campuses like, mmm hmm. So at the end of the day, he chose Florida, he chose his school, he chose everything. And so far so good, but damn it, man, damn it, man. You know what, it almost makes you not even wanna go to college and I know what they say, oh, you have to go to college. I graduated from college but I gotta tell you something, college is overrated these days. (audience cheering) It’s expensive, it’s judgemental to get into. You drive your parents crazy, you break their retirement because parents borrow from their retirement to send you to school. And then if you don’t earn that money, then the parents are stuck working forever and you’ll never… Anyway, this is what kids should do these days, this is just me thinking. If Kev was a sophomore in high school right now and I’m seeing this story, I’d be like, you know what, it’s time to hatch a family plan and me and your dad are gonna help you with it. But you’re gonna be one of these kids that becomes like a Zuckerberg or something like that, without going to college. You get on there. You know, these kids are making money without even going to school. And all you gotta do is have a plan. Forget college, that’s all. (audience cheering) As if I wasn’t mad enough about that, then I had to find out about this Bachelor. Did you watch? (audience groaning) Ugh, I wasted a whole season watching a show that I was never invested in to begin with. (audience laughing) So Colton ended up getting Cassie back, they are together. They will go on and get married, they’ll have babies, they’ll have a spinoff show, all right. And he’s still a virgin! And he’s still a virgin. (audience laughing)
And he’s still a virgin. And then this Hannah B, she’s the next Bachelorette. Well, she’s the one who lost to Cassie. And she’s a mean girl, she’s a beauty queen girl, like oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re not as beautiful as me. Like she’s a mean girl. So when they first said, I started falling asleep. I watch The Bachelor. I had the most delicious snack. I had, do you like a patty melt? (audience applauding) Well, I had a patty melt on the rye bread, accompanied by a large order of buffalo chicken wings, fried hard, deep, deep in the barbecue sauce, and I love the dressing that goes along with it, not ranch, bleu cheese. And I don’t know where Serendipity 3 gets the bleu cheese but I suspect that they have ties to Bleu Cheese Mania. So I’m eating and I’m watching and then I fall asleep. And then I wake up and I hear, Heather B, excuse me, Hannah B is the new bachelorette. I was like, that’s it, I’m done, I can’t wait until tomorrow to come talk to you, done. Anyway, so let’s talk Jussie Smollett. (audience cheering) The other big story, I’m sorry we have to talk about it again but this is what people are talking about. All right, this is gonna be short though. He showed up to court yesterday. He didn’t have to show up. He strutted like George Jefferson. (audience laughing)
Very disrespectful. He had a crew of people. Everybody’s got their sunglasses on. You know how disrespectful that is. A beautiful cashmere coat, no doubt. And he was only there, he showed up for a hearing where the judge ruled that the cameras would now be allowed in the court room. (audience cheering) We will definitely have to watch that with a good snack. Anyway, Jussie didn’t have to be there at the court but people are saying that he’s saying, Jussie is, that this is his way of showing up to show everybody that he’s confident, that he’s innocent, that he didn’t do this. Jussie, you messed up. And the court system’s gonna get you and we’re all gonna be watching. (audience cheering)
That’s it with that. There’s some black actresses that are calling for Hollywood saying that Hollywood does not have enough black hairstylists. (audience applauding) Wow. You know our friend, Yvette Nicole Brown? Well, Yvette started the controversy when she posted, most black actresses come to a new set with their hair all ready done or they bring their wigs and clip ins with them. It’s either that or take a chance that you’ll look crazy on screen. I’ve heard this a lot and I’ve seen this a lot and this actually is not an old story, in terms of actresses and stuff. I don’t know what the union says and you can have a black person do your hair and it still looks jacked up as well. But I know if you’re on a popular show and your hair is being fried at 425 degrees everyday, even the best hair is gonna thin out and break off. Like wigs and clip ins are the best thing ever. So I’m glad she’s talking about this. She’s not the only one though. It’s not just like black actresses. I was watching Tucker Carlson last night. I know, I don’t agree with the things he says but I gotta tell you something, I don’t know what system that is on top of his head. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) And his hair gets bigger and thicker with every episode, every episode. And then remember back in the day, the legendary show, Divorce Court, used to star Judge Mablean Ephriam and the judge was fired from Divorce Court while it was a hit with the ratings because they said she was a pain in the neck because she would hold up production getting her black hair done by, I don’t know whether the stylist was black or white, her black natural hair done. So they’re curling and curling. They’re like, Mablean, you’re holding up, this is costing money, you’re holding up time. And then they finally said, well, you’re fired. And that’s when they brought in Marilyn Milian. But this has been going on for a really long time. I just say, you gotta just surrender to the clip ins. Look, those Housewives, Lisa Rinna, she’s got beautiful hair but she uses clip ins, I see clip ins in that. Not all the time but she uses clip ins. And Lisa Vanderpump uses a variable, no, she uses a partial, it goes all the way right here and then the rest of this is her natural hair. Partials and clip ins and stuff. It’s not just for black people anymore, that’s all. (audience cheering) Two people I admire that got me to where I am in my head, Oprah and Howard Stern, I always tell you that. (audience cheering) For two very different reasons. Howard Stern has a new book coming out, it’s like number one on Amazon, it’s gonna be number one for a long time. Everybody’s gonna buy this book. It’s his first book in over 20 years and it’s called, he still looks good, doesn’t he? Yes! It’s called Howard Stern Comes Again. Well, they say… (audience laughing) No, that Howard’s been gone, stop with the laughter. (audience laughing) Howard is so Hollywood right now that this book is gonna be, this is what you’re gonna, and Howard, I love you, but since you’ve gone Hollywood, everything that you say is so predictable. Every story is gonna be about, you know, oh, I love this one and then we went on their yacht. He’s a Hollywood insider now, which sucks because you started like me, being of the people. But at some point, you sat behind that microphone for too long and now you are the people. And for somebody like me, like it hurts, I’ve been on Howard’s show twice and this, I often get in the streets like, Wendy. (audience cheering) Wendy, we heard you on Howard, it’s on YouTube. Anyway, if you’d like to get this book, and you should get it, it hits shelves in May. (audience cheering) Well, that’s it for Hot Topics. But don’t you worry, we got more great show. The star, Ryan Destiny, is here and she’s the star of the show Star. But up next, celebrity fan out. So grab a snack and come on back. (fun exciting music)
(audience cheering) (soft lighthearted music)

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  1. Personally I think an education isn't necessary to make money, but I want to be a scientist, and also an on-site veternarian for stranded marine mammals. I need my education, and I don't mind going broke for it. Also people forget that financial aid is there, raise your child to work hard, make good grades, and overachieve, and they will have a full ride.

  2. I dont think kids should be charged. Only parents. Most kids really trust their parents and will not stand up to them

  3. I know what Lori did was WRONG but come on she didn’t kill anyone and she’s not doing drugs. Why take away the entertainment part away from her. She tried to get her child a better education, which was very wrong the way she did it. Nobody is better than anyone else. Everybody fucks up

  4. Maybe if they taught their children values and not just give them everything they want they might actually try hard in school.

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  7. They’ll find a way to stay out of prison.

    College is overrated. Too expensive for a piece of paper saying your proficient in a subject but you can’t get a job in your field.

  8. What is an elitist question? They are on a standardized test because they are meant to compare you to another student at the same standard. If you score lower, it is because you are not standard. Don't blame your failures on things you can't control.

  9. I wonder why the Singer guy ratted everyone out🤔 I mean he must’ve gotten caught up & granted immunity maybe ? We all know rich folks have been scamming for yrs but it’s crazy to actually see it out in the open.

  10. I'm only surprised it took so long for this to be exposed there are thousands of deserving students with the grades to get in college but can't afford it. Sallie Mae and wealthy people wanting their kids to have a title are taking a place of deserving student's that can't afford to attend.

  11. This College Cheating scan is being dealt with very well, these people are criminal and are being treated as criminals. They have not only degraded a College diplomas value, they have stopped many smart kids from going to a good school, shame on them.

  12. If you can’t say nothing nice about Lori Loglin then don’t say nothing at all you are so mean with what ever you mostly say

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  14. Kids in college PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CHINESE BIRTHING CENTERS IN AMERICA!!! Chinese people are TAKING YOUR SPOT IN COLLEGE BECAUSE THEY STEAL AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP! That is a multi million dollar business robbing American kids of thousands of spots in universities across America! It’s an ongoing crime! CHINESE BIRTHING CENTERS! Chinese women come to the US while pregnant to give birth to babies and get them citizenship. Then when they are 18 they come back to America to go to college! Take college spots and jobs!! It’s a scam! Wake up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT TOO!!!

  15. How can you say forget college? College helps develop communication and other skills. I did home school SAT and ACT prep at the kitchen table with my kids because we couldn't afford those expensive classes.

  16. Thank you dad, for paying my tuition and thanks for the State for paying half of it as well so I can get into college. I may not have graduated from a fancy schmancy university but I'm glad to be a State scholar.

  17. Please—rich people have been doing this for GENERATIONS!!! They are just making these people an example because they are celebrities….doesn't make it right but let's just be real…I doubt it will ever stop…

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  19. I'm just like, how is this fraud case punishable by 20 years in prison but there are still rapists and child molesters out on the streets… let's talk about the real problem, the judicial system.

  20. I never understood WHY people Can't Just Go to College and take the Classes without having to Go through the Hoops Just to Get in?? I never Understood that . I Should Just be Allowed to Go Take Classes to the College of my Choice as long as I Pay for it and Work Hard to Learn and Pass the Class.

  21. If any regular person would have done these crimes they would have been locked away for YEARS! Now because Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty she's getting off with just a few months with an ankle monitor at home! What a disgrace. Talk about a two tiered justice system.

  22. Paaaaalease people are acting like as if they wouldn’t do this same thing, firstly parents always want the best for their kids, they where probably looking at their futures and how this could impact their careers. Secondly as for the guy getting bragged if I felt like I could make 25 million dollars out of something like this I would do it. People are just jealous that they didn’t think of this first, but anyone would do this.

  23. If I was American, I doubt I’d stand a chance getting into on of your ‘elite’ schools, but I’d rather have a degree at a crappy uni than live my life knowing I got there without any of the hard work others had to put in.

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  33. I took 4 different College Entrance Exams in 2014 and genuinely passed 3 with hard work. That is not impossible.

    And recently, I took up a Law Student Admission Test twice. One for the mandatory State's test and the other for the school that I wanted to attend to. Passed both at first try. Again, that is not impossible. Just strive and work hard.

  34. Well Wendy little did you know! White privilege plus wealth will not give you 2 or 3 yrs in prison as it should be if we’re talking about « FAIR »

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