Binghamton University Move In Day

Music . . . Hi. I’m Harvey Stenger, president of Binghamton University. It’s Move-in Day, the most exciting day of the year. It’s going to be a great weekend to make new friends, have some fun . . . I’ll see you around campus. Welcome to Binghamton! Music . . . Make sure you have fun . . . What’s one thing you couldn’t leave home without? I could not live without my track spikes cross-country spikes. My Narwal. I could not leave home without Gold Fish. One thing that I couldn’t live without is my New York giants football. I couldn’t leave home without my favorite stuffed animal; Pinkie. A box of Samoas. These are delicious. My shoes. My Kurig. Go Bearcats! Music . . . Welcome to Binghamton! One thing that we need at college, One thing that I should not come to college without . . . is my Honey Nut Cheerios. My pillow pet. His name is Perry, the platypus. My chapstick. I cannot live through college without my hangers. One thing I couldn’t come with . . . Ah, what is it? Ah, one thing that I could not come to college without is my pillow. My sister Sarah. I love him. Music . . . One thing that I could not live without, is Fruit Loops. My cell phone. I have to always have it with me. A picture of my beloved cat . . . Kitcat. (He’s so cute!) Wait. What do I say? Wait. One thing that I couldn’t live without is my TV. (Laughing) Harry Potter. Waffles, I guess. I’m not too sure. Yeah. What’s a Bearcat? So, I think as seniors, we kind of already know, what a Bearcat sounds like. Ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Alright! Rawrr!

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