100 Replies to “Banned University of Lincoln Advert 3”

  1. Im starting at Lincoln next week . just stumbled across this and im expecting this will be in our training induction I hope .. how to zombie kill . This is brilliant

  2. I saw this when I was in year 11, found it awesome and then forgot about it. 4 years later guess where I am….studying media production at the University of Lincoln. I swear I didn't plan this guys!

  3. I live in Lincoln and this just completely solidified my decision to go to uni here. Also I missed the book signing in Lincoln which was literally today. Well technically yesterday, but still

  4. I attend the university I can confirm the lectures are on fire and we regularly fight zombies and dinosaurs

  5. The funny thing is, I go to a drama group at Lincoln Uni and last year we made a zombie romantic comedy musical called Bite Me. Just…I want to die.

  6. Not only do I live in Lincoln, but I go to Lincoln university. All I can say is that me and my friends tied my flat mate's hands to a bed and left him there for a day.

  7. I saw these adverts when you released them 5 years ago, now I'm applying for university and honestly I'm gonna follow my 12 year old self's dreams and try to get into Lincoln.

    for the memes

  8. They were gonna kick him out for making these videos until they became popular. Then magically he went from close to expulsion to face of the uni's film course.

  9. Just got back from one of those university prospectus days for second year college students, picked up a Lincoln one and here I am.

  10. honestly the best promo this university has ever gotten. their film course must be massively oversubscribed

  11. Soooo I was looking into enrolling at the University of Lincoln, then these ol' gems popped up.

    Long story short, I'm definitely enrolling at the University of Lincoln.

  12. Fuck I watched this video for the first time 6 years ago. Now I'm going to study at lincoln next month wtf.

  13. It's funnier because I'm actually planning on going to Lincoln university and this advert makes me want to go even more

  14. I was born in Lincoln in the hospital there my old mum and dad was going to call me after that place but decided to call me Ethan then when I was a month old I got taken to Scotland

  15. Well shit, I didn't know he went to the university of they're here as well! What a small world we live in, aye?!

  16. "Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination during the Zombie Apocalypse in April 1865."

  17. I can picture him being given money for a serious ad then showing it to whoever gave him the money and them just saying: “for fucks sake, Thomas!”

  18. The awkward moment you want to go to sixth form but you know that if you don't go to Lincoln you'll be attacked by zombies sent by TomSka

  19. I saw this 4 years ago…

    and i’m joining university of Lincoln this september. why did this actually work

  20. Who in their right mind would ban this? I'm already in college and this makes me want to transfer to Lincoln! This advert is literally perfect!

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