Backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah

– [Male Voice] Let’s try to make him jump. Go. (soft thud)
– [Female Voice] Yeah. (rythmic electronic clanking) (repeated thudding) (leaves rustling) (dog barks) (rhythmic tapping) (soft thuds) (soft whirring) (loud thud) (soft whirring) (clanking and banging) (yelling) – [Male Voice] Go. – [Unison] Yeah. – [Male Voice] Go. – [Female Voice] Wow. – [Male Voice] Yeah. (thump) (metallic whirring) (loud clattering) (hollow thud) – [Male Voice] No. (metallic clattering) – [Male Voice] Oh. (loud thudding) – [Male Voice] Go. Awww. (laughs)

100 Replies to “Backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah”

  1. Now RT will upload the last 20 seconds using the title "American robot failures". Coming from the country that couldn't manufacture any decent computers in the 80s. NOT EVEN FOR it's military….

  2. 0:37
    What I imagine what's going through bot's mind:
    Leaves leaves leaves leaves everywhere on everything leaves leaves I walks in leaves leaves play in leaves walk in leaves leaves.

  3. Not looking forward to this backflipping off a roof and onto my head because I forgot to pay rent one month.

  4. MIT wants to replace with an original animal ??? … Do you know … If you have the ability to create a perfection … Never create it .. that's the beauty of nature.

  5. 0:51 The "you've killed me" act could be improved. It needs to "die" like a robot with weird mechanical spasms and sparking electrical noises, not like a Bollywood actor.

  6. Anyone see black mirror, all they need now is to throw some gatling guns on this bad boy and a self destruct grenade in case you do think you can defeat it and wallah, the end of humankind 😉

  7. Just commenting here to be once known. Lived a life, got us some robots, the end will be this cat-robot looking fucker doing backflips on my corpse.

  8. 1:27 – what it will look like 50, I mean 3, years from now when an 8ft tall one gets hit with a pulse rifle in the robot vs human war

  9. Great job, dude. Some robot activist is going to see this and propose a new law preventing humans from kicking robots.

  10. I love the exposed shoulder/hip joints. Also can I ride an oversized version of one of these? I want actual horsepower in my transport.

  11. People will look at this footage someday like the way we look at old clips of the Wright brothers flying their glider at Kitty Hawk.

  12. So, in the future if I won't pay Robot tax how many of these will come after me?
    Give this cheetah and BD's robo's AI and boom we have Skynet.

  13. MIT just CANNOT wait for guns to be mounted to these cheetahs in the future and their use when fitted with AI to control and kill people. Has no one at MIT read Isaac Asimov? So short-sighted and unaware of the history of the technology-military paradigm. But, sadly, each generation has to learn the same old lessons, again and again and again.

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