Annoying Questions Graduates Get Asked

Complete your first year of college online for under $5,000! Visit to see if you qualify. So you just graduated. Congratulations! Now you’re ready to face … all of the annoying questions people are going to ask you. Let’s run through a few of them, shall we? Here we go. So, granddaughter, when are you getting married now that you’ve graduated? Oh, uh, I guess when I meet the right guy! All right, well, don’t wait too long, okay? Look, there is obviously an unspoken life checklist. And right after “graduate from college” is “get married,” at least according to your well-meaning relatives. Give me great-grandkids or give me death! And you can’t respond like this, but you really wish you could. So, when am I gonna get some great-grandkids? Actually, Grandpa, I was thinking of trying celibacy for the rest of my life. WHAT? No need to be crude, deary! And now we go from a question about your physical relationships to a question about your physical location. So, when are you gonna move out of your parents’ house? There’s this negative stigma around living with your parents after college, and I’ve never quite understood it. I mean, as long as your parents are willing to let you stay at home and save money, what’s wrong with that? There’s a subtle difference between a 35-year-old living in his parents’ basement playing video games all day and a responsible recent graduate taking advantage of their parents’ generosity by saving money for the future. But then when you try and explain this to people … Dude, you have gotta get out from under your parents’ wing and experience true freedom! But I have noticed that when I try and explain my reasoning to people who have lived on their own for a while—maybe they’re married or they have a kid— Just do anything you can to save your money, okay? It’s crazy out here. I want your attention! The next question you’re going to get is a little more philosophical in nature. So, what are you gonna do with your life? (LAUGHS) How is anyone supposed to answer this question? Wow, so glad you asked. Here’s a notebook that outlines my entire life. Each page represents my plan for one year. Look, it’s great to have goals, but this question is just too much pressure. Plus, the person asking is never going to be satisfied by your answer. Well, I’ve always wanted to help kids, so I’m excited to be a teacher. A teacher?! What do you wanna live on, food stamps or something? Look, why don’t you pick a more fiscally responsible goal for your life? Bottom line: the kind of person who asks this question is normally disappointed by whatever answer you give them. Oh, and speaking of jobs, here’s another question you’re going to get asked. So, do you have a real job yet? There are, like, 3 reasons why this is a really mean thing to ask someone. One, it immediately cuts the person down by implying that their job isn’t “real.” Two, it implies the person shouldn’t be working where they’re working. And three, it doesn’t consider the fact that they might like where they work. So when you get asked this question, maybe see what kind of response you get by saying this. You know, they’re all out of real jobs, so I had to go out and get a fake one. Crazy. And finally, speaking of “real things,” here’s a cute question you’re going to get asked a lot. So, ready to face the real world, honey? Your boss ain’t going to give you extra credit when you fail, which you will. You know that thing where your life didn’t turn out the way you hoped that it would so you take it out on the younger generation? This question is that thing. (LAUGHS) You have no idea how tough the real world is. Oh boy, it’s gonna knock you straight on your keister! Like, they say it as if they’re rooting for you to fail. (LAUGHING) You’re gonna be on the ground in the fetal position crying and I’m gonna be kicking you to teach you a lesson! Thanks Grandpa, that’s very encouraging. Don’t mention it. Also, here’s a card. Oh, and here’s a bonus question you’re gonna get asked a lot. So, where you going to college? Why does everyone assume you know what you’re doing for college? It’s overwhelming, it’s intimidating, and there’s just so much to consider. Thankfully, our friends at CollegePlus have the solution. With CollegePlus Unbound, you can complete your first year of college online for under $5,000. And when you enroll, you get 5 free courses, which is an entire semester of courses. So if you’re interested in doing college online and you wanna earn a degree debt-free, head on over to to see if you qualify. That’s

100 Replies to “Annoying Questions Graduates Get Asked”

  1. Does anyone else see the logic of staying home for a while after college to save money but struggle with an overwhelming sense of guilt while doing it? And wonder if you're "missing out" on things going on out there in the "real world"? :-/

  2. I've been living in my grandparent's house for as long as I can remember.
    We're three generations under a single roof, and I don't see what's wrong with that.

  3. At 3:00 you can see the lights reflected in Jordan's glasses. It lookes like Googly eyes and it's hilarious.

  4. I get asked those questions all the time.
    I prefer to answer them sarcastically though. XD
    "So what are you going to do with your life?" "Oh well I was thinking of doing this thing called living."
    "So when are you getting a job?" "When I decide sleep isn't important."

  5. YES to number two. I just don't see the point in moving out and living by myself just because it's expected…. I would miss my family and be lonely! I have a full-time job, so it's not like I'm being lazy.

  6. Grandpa Jordan's eyes at 2:59 are worth a second look. Maybe that is how they get people to re-watch…

  7. Aspiring teachers get belittled a lot, but in reality they can make a lasting impact with students for generations to come, rather than getting buckets of cash working as a hedge fund manager or what have you and wondering what they're doing with their life 20-30+ years down the road (not to say hedge fund managers can't have an impact. You can have an impact in most any position, but some jobs offer better leverage to effect change).

  8. I'm already being asked what I want to do with my life and I'm only 16. I feel like there is so much for me to do and not enough time.

  9. I can really relate to this list! I think this is more of '' annoying questions you get asked in early adulthood'' Oh there are LOTS of moments i wish i could say to someone

    '' Look, life is not a checklist and what works for one person doesn't work for another. Every life is unique and we have to see everyone's life as it is. Everyone does different things to contribute to this world, and it is totally ok if someone's life doesn't fit the societal '' checklist''. The thing is…I don't know when i am going to get a ''real'' job, i don't know when i am going to live on my own, i don't know if i will ever be in a romantic relationship or get married…i can't answer what i am doing with my life in just few sentences. Besides, If i knew the answers to all those questions, life would be boring, wouldn't it?''

    i think the best thing for us to do is to live and let live.

  10. I graduated 5 years ago and I'm still getting asked these questions. I'm changing my job/career path. I actually get people asking me if I'm going to teach and when I give a very emphatic "no" they look at me like I'm from outer space.

  11. At first I thought they did something to Grandpa Jordan's eyes when the lights were reflected in his glasses…

  12. Pretty much spot on! 8 years ago when I was graduating high school, I had decided to not go to college because I wanted to take the money I had saved and start my own business. When I would tell people this, they would get so mad at me and tell me if my business didn't work out, I would need a degree so I could get a "real job"… My business is successful and growing every day! I was pretty sure if I worked smart, worked hard, and didn't give up, my business wouldn't fail! It was the only thing I could imagine myself doing. College is great, and I sure hope if I every need surgery, that my surgeon has a degree! Haha! But it's not a must for everyone.

  13. That (most if it) also applies to when you finish high school?
    What do you wanna study for (at least) 3 years, pay thousands for dollars for and be expected to do for the rest of your life??!
    Dude! I'm 17/18! I don't even know what I wanna eat for breakfast tomorrow!

  14. American college is too expensive. I know from looking at other countries and their colleges they don't take that much to run by far.

  15. I love this! I literally JUST graduated and this is basically my family! My favorite was "I'm gonna kick you when you're down just to teach you a lesson!"

  16. I remember when I got my first job, that grown ups (Usually the REALLY old ones) kept telling me "Welcome to the REAL world." I was 17, and I wasn't complaining about my job (I was actually glad to have some money to spend), so I am still confused as to why they said that

  17. while i do enjoy education, and i do enjoy blimeycow, i doubt i'll be convinced to sign up for a year of online college from a blimeycow video. sorry guys but tone down the advertisements a bit

  18. Haha! I laughed so much at 2:55. One of my professors never went a day without mentioning that "in the real world, they ate me for lunch". He constantly gave us assignment sheets with lots of typos, and was the laziest grader I have ever seen in my entire educational career. Wonder why he got "eaten for lunch". hmmm

  19. Ugh! I hate it when people ask when I'm going to get a real job! Yes, I work at a camp. Yes, it is actually year-round. Yes, I really do love it. Thank you very much!

  20. Jorden that red and white shirt u wear a lot on these vids u should turn into a blimey cow shirt with y'alls logo on it and sell them at TTD

  21. Try telling your Asian grandma that you are not interested in marriage and Apostle Paul said it's ok. That deadly "I'm so disappointed in you".

  22. Awesome episode! My favorite quote "..when you fail. Which you will!" (~3:00) and the whole "where you going to college? get out of the house? along with the real job" are three of the things I get a lot

  23. I read this somewhere and I have actually have done it. When someone ask you what college you are going to and what you are majoring in say, I am going to Monsters university to major in scaring kids.

  24. The only question I've gotten in the 7 months I've been graduated so far is "Are you going to college?" And when I answer no "Why not?" And "Don't you want to have the 'college experience?'"

  25. 1:14 I thought of Best Player no one remembers that film it's actually the best Nickelodeon movie I've seen

  26. LOL my mom asks me
    and im like

    And my mom says im living with her and dad until I get married. The thing is, what if I don't get married until im 30 or something? I may (probably) not be like my parents, getting married as soon as a graduate college. And here's the worst part-

    I'm only 13.

  27. Ugh I hate when people r telling me what college I'm gonna go to …like who cares as long as I get a good education.

  28. I just graduated college 3 weeks ago and have been asked all of these questions a million times by every single person I met…

  29. Why am I always falling into the big head kid category aka psychopath? I'm possessed by satan and have lost all ambitions and faith in my future.

  30. Im working full time and living with my parents still. One of my older friends from work always says "STAY WITH YOUR PARENTS AS LONG AS YOU CAN!"

  31. I'm 36 and I still live with my parents. I have aspergers so it's a little harder for me. I also like it here it's a nice house. I hope to find someone and get married one day and have a family.

  32. Very relatable! I just graduated high school and I've already been asked most of these.
    ESPECIALLY #3!!! 😩

  33. The whole staying at home stigma is annoying to me too. I'm 19 and making a very respectable income, but am trying to save up a safety net, so the few hundred bucks a week I'm saving is helpful even though I'm paying rent. It's really the most sensible thing to do at this point.

  34. when my relatives ask when I'm finally getting married, I usually tell them "when I finally find someone I can realistically image being with until I die because I want a lifelong commitment" …it usually puts an awkward end to that, as there literally isn't a single non devorced person in my family over their mid 20s on either side

  35. Me: I'm taking a gap year abroad to gain perspective and experiences!
    Every adult: that's a horrible idea. Go straight to college and immediately be swallowed by crushing debt and expectations.

  36. I got that "real world" one a lot before I even entered middle school. I have specific words for people who ask that, and none of them are very nice.

  37. Good thing my grandparents aren't like this except one of them put her husband keeps her in line by saying smart things like you. Thanks

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