Alone | DigiPen Institute of Technology

I’m Evan Davies. I’m the technical director for team Jace, and this is our game, Alone. Alone is a 2D top-down roguelike, stealth game, where the player must escape a dungeon while avoiding guards and other creatures. In Alone, you use your senses in order to detect and avoid being detected. Alone is unique because we have dynamic lighting that allows the player to hide in the dark to avoid being detected. And, as well, it provides this unique visual landscape. So my favorite part of the game is the ending. After “stealthing” through all of the level, you finally get to this one level, and it’s completely different. When you finally open the doors, it’s just … the light is so blinding. You’ll go through the door, and there’s a really nice choral ending. Thanks for watching. This is Alone.

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