Alfred’s iMBA Experience: Graduating with his son

It was truly awesome taking this program together with our oldest son Kevin. He and I have an awful
lot in common. He has two degrees from the University of Illinois, both of them in
electrical engineering– far smarter than I am. But how cool it was sitting in class with him and we would look at each other
and you know there was a chat session where we could send chat back and forth
and both of us had the privilege of being in naval aviation for most of our
career, and in naval aviation you do a lot of talking with your hands and so
sometimes we’d be online and might send him a message with hand signals and he’d send me a note back and it was just kind of cool there was an intimate bond there
the went beyond just the topic of the day in the MBA but it was it was a lot
of fun and I feel deeply privileged to have taken a major portion of this
course with with our son.

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